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Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set

As soon as it went live, I purchased the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set. I’d been waiting for this set ever since I first saw it previewed. Predictably, I drooled over Perversion, Asphyxia and Binge, but also over Midnight Cowboy.

The set comes with 15 pencils, and a double barrel sharpener.
The colors are:
Perversion – blackest carbon black
Midnight Cowboy – beige with gold sparkle
Asphyxia – pinky iridescent purple
Baked – bold bronze
Binge – navy blue
Rockstar – darkest eggplant
Corrupt – dark metallic brown with silver sparkle
Stray Dog – shimmery brown taupe
Uzi – gunmetal with grey sparkle
Bourbon – brown with teeny gold glitter
Electric – bright aquamarine
Mildew – deep green
Ransom – bright iridescent purple
Stash – dark green gold
Zero – zealous black

If I were designing the kit, I’d have probably switched Mildew for Covet.

I was really unhappy when I went to swatch because  3 of the pencil tips broke on me! I’d never had that happen with Urban Decay before (but pencil tips breaking seems to keep happening to me lately). Asphyxia, Baked and Midnight Cowboy were the three that broke on me.

Yeyo, Flipside, Electric, Lust, Ransom and Zero have been shades I’ve loved for quite a while. With the new shades, I really love Perversion, Uzi and Midnight Cowboy. I’ll be doing a comparison for wear and migration on me with Perversion vs. MAC Feline. Asphyxia is pretty but it’s really hard to get it to show up the way I think it should. This makes it very similar to the eye shadow of the same name. Uzi is a really nice dark grey. Zero has been a staple for a long time for me. Ransom I love for its iridescence. Binge has potential. Rockstar is pretty, and it leans more plum than the brown that it shows in my swatches.

I now own more brown eyeliner than I’ve ever owned in my entire life. Corrupt is nice. Stray Dog is really unusual. I like the look of Bourbon, believe it or not. Stash is really pretty, but I like greenish golds. Mildew is a nice green. Baked is an amazing gold. I love Midnight Cowboy. It’ll be great for the lower water line. I may end up doing a comparision between it, Vincent Longo Jay, MAC I Get No Kick and MAC NC15/NW20. Electric always makes me smile.

The set retails for $92 and ships for free from

I’ve reviewed the 24/7 liners before and I have always loved them. My experiences with them have always been positive since they stick around on my oily eyes without migrating all over the place.

I think this is a fantastic set of liners. I can only hope that Perversion, Midnight Cowboy, and Uzi will become permanent liners sold separately.

Product was purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • I hope Perversion ends up available individually. I’m disappointed that they could have made their black liner so much blacker but gave us Zero. I thought Urban Decay was suppsed to be edgy, so why wouldn’t they want their most readily available liner to be the blackest black? I probably sound kinda crazy even saying that but it irks me for some reason.

    • I think it eventually will end up available. And yeah I don’t know why there’s such a difference between Zero and Perversion. I’d have skipped Zero and just gone for Perversion.

    • exactly my issues with UD liners- even in Phyrra’s fantastic swatches, shades like Uzi, Asphyxia, Ransom, Binge, Rockstar, Straydog, Stash and Mildew go on much sheerer than they really should. And how can UD even call Zero black- look at it up against Perversion! I don’t blame you for being irked 🙂

      • But I have to admit, before I tried Perversion or Feline, I thought Zero was awesome!

        Of course, I tend to use gel eyeliners on my upper lash line and pencils on my waterline and lower lash line, since I always felt like gels stuck around longer.

  • Wow, that’s an amazing set! But a lot more money that I had at the moment.
    I will have to try out a single one sometime, although I worry because I suspect my eye lids are on the dry side…

  • I have had my eye on these as I have most of them in mini form which are really annoying to use! However they are quite expensive to get in Canada, though I suppose shipping from Sephora has improved….it used to be a $30 flat rate to Canada regardless of what you bought. Also, it will take forever to get over the border. Anyway, thank you for the swatches, I have never seen swatches for Asphyxia, Mildew, Stray Dog, or Perversion.

    • Some of the shades are new and exclusive to this set. I think Asphyxia Stray Dog, Perversion, Midnight Cowboy, Corrupt and Uzi.

  • I’m lusting over this real bad. I just cannot rationalize spending that kind of money right now for anything other than gas and groceries.

    Awesome swatches! I would like to get my hands on midnight cowboy. I don’t have a color like that…. ooohh yum!

    Thanks for the swatches!

    • i agree with you … I LOVE urban decay 24/7 liners … but feeding myself and paying my bills is more important to me as well … i’ll just stick to dreaming about it … and enjoying the liners i do have 🙂

  • OHmygod I need this set! But damnnnn I’m gonna have to save up for it. Thats alot of scratch at one time…

  • I am so excited for this set! I am waiting for them to release it on Sephora so I can use my gift card. It will be my birthday present to myself 🙂

  • Are they waterpfoof like MAC’s eye kohl and Stila smudgstick ?? (I mention those two because my waterlines tend to water A LOT and they’re the only ones that kinda stays on !!) Od.

    • These actually last on my waterline, where the MAC pencils I own do not. So it’s probably up to your individual body chemistry.

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