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MAC Feline vs. Urban Decay Perversion

I wanted to do a comparison between MAC Feline and Urban Decay Perversion. They’re two of the deepest black eyeliners I’ve ever seen.

See how they compare to one another!

MAC Feline is $14.50 for .05 US oz and is LE but it’s been repromoted a few times.

Urban Decay Perversion is $6.13 for .04 US oz. and is only available in the Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary set currently. If it becomes available in the normal pencils it will be $17 for .04 US oz. (The set contains 15 pencils and a pencil sharpener.)

I also swatched MAC I Get No Kick and Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy for you, since I have both. I Get No Kick is slightly more of a pinkish beige, while Midnight Cowboy has a bit of tiny gold sparkle. Otherwise the colors look very similar. I think they end up having the same effect on the lower water line, which is that they brighten the eyes.

Unfortunately for me, the MAC formula just doesn’t work with my oily lids. To do this comparison, I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance to both eyelids. Then I applied Urban Decay Perversion on one side and MAC Feline on the other side. I also applied a coat of Cover Girl LashBlast Volume mascara. After the first picture was taken, on the UD side I applied Midnight Cowboy to my lower water line and on the MAC side I applied I Get No Kick.

As you can see, Feline transferred onto my crease/browbone after just a half hour. Perversion didn’t budge. Both colors are gorgeous, deep dark black. You can see Midnight Cowboy on the Perversion side but you can barely see a hint of I Get No Kick on the Feline side.

You can’t really see I Get No Kick after about an hour, but Midnight Cowboy is still going strong for me. There was the tiniest bit of Perversion on my right crease, while there was a ton of Feline on my left crease.

When I went to wash the swatches on my hand off, Feline and I Get No Kick came off fairly easily, while I had to get soap and a wash cloth to take off Perversion and Midnight Cowboy.

I’m really glad I did this comparison between MAC and Urban Decay. I used to think that perhaps my MAC pencils smudged because I didn’t use eye shadow primer. Now I think it’s just because they don’t work well with my body chemistry and my oily lids, even with primer.

I think both brands of pencils are nice, but Urban Decay’s pencils definitely work better for me.

I know I would definitely repurchase Perversion and Midnight Cowboy again. I wouldn’t repurchase Feline and I Get No Kick, though they are both pretty colors, as they just didn’t work well for me.

What do you think of MAC Feline and Urban Decay Perversion? How about I Get No Kick and Midnight Cowboy?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • Feline does the exact same thing for me! It transfers to my crease-upper lid area almost instantly, even with primers. I gave up trying to make it work. Some eyeliners just do not “settle” including MAC pearlglides and Feline..

  • I think more people have a problem with the MAC then they let on. I always hear, “oh yeah it’s awesome cause it smudges” but it smudges! I guess if you are going for a greasy 80s look that’s awesome but for the rest of us… I don’t have super oily lids and the MAC transferred on me pretty badly.

    • Hm, see, half the people I talk to say they have no problem, so I just assume it’s my oily lids. Smudging is definitely not what I want 🙂

  • I’ve never used either of them (MJAC is to expensive in Brazil, and we don’t have UD), but eyeliners very rarely smudge on me like that. I guess I’m lucky!

  • Great comparison! I have the exact same problem with Feline as you. It smudged so fast on me that back it went to the MAC store. So disappointing!

    Perversion looks like the perfect black pencil. Now I’ll just have to wait until it makes the permanent line.

  • Thank you! this was exactly the comparison that I was looking for. I have feline, but it migrates all around my eye within an hour.

    Now I just have to hope UD will release Perversion as a stand alone color.

    • I’m glad you found this helpful! I have a feeling that Feline works perfectly well on normal to dry lids, and just doesn’t work well on my oily ones.

  • I love the UD liners . I’ve used a lot of other brands , but i finally got the right one and it’s from UD . They are smooth and do not irritate my eyes .

  • I have a similar problem with eyeliners because of my similarly “hooded” eyes. In fact, I rarely ever bother with eyeliner on my upper lashline anymore because they all transfer onto my upper lid/crease area (just like in your pictures above). Sadly this includes UD 24/7 liners for me:-( The only eyeliner that I have found so far that works on me is the MAC Superslick eyeliner, but it’s hard for me to apply liquidy eyeliners so I never feel like fighting with it, lol. IDK, I guess I’m just impossible to please! *shrug*

    • Normally what I do is wear gel eyeliner on the upper lash line because it doesn’t transfer. Maybe try that and see how it works? I use a sonia kashuk angled eyeliner brush to apply it and it works pretty well 🙂

      I normally use pencils on the water line and lower lash line.

  • Me and MAC have parted ways….i think i now only own 4 lipsticks of theirs. Overpriced, overhyped and not that good.
    Reallylike UD 24-7 pencils because they last on oily lids and watery eyes. I can apply Zero on my waterline and it will still be there after a good few hours..
    Btw is Perversion darker than Zero? cos zero is really black as it is lol

  • Every liner I’ve ever tried (including the UD ones) transfer onto my upper lid to some degree or another, because of the shape of my eye. My skin is actually very dry, but my lids are normal. I find smudging the liner & then putting a bit of shadow over the line helps to set it enough that I no longer get that line.

    • I often use gel eyeliner on the upper lash line so I don’t have any transfer. That helps a lot too. I bet putting Sugarpill Bulletproof on top would help 🙂

  • im still a fan of the avon one you saw on my blog 🙂 but thats for this I didn’t get the pale MAC one and sort of wished I did, I am lemming the UD set but no idea when it will launch in UK!

    • I KNEW I’d seen a black avon supershock gel pencil somewhere, but they never released on the USA site, so I could never purchase it. It did make me try the grey one, Steel and the golden one Bronze.

      I hope it launches in the UK soon.

  • I love my feline except for the blob in the inner corner of my eyes within like a half hour. I have similar problems with UD liners too unfortunately. I guess it is just me! ( or people like me, lol).

    I personally did not like I get no kick. It didn’t want to show up on my lower water line so I wonder if I will have better luck with Midnight Cowboy.

    • Eek that’s no good! Yeah I thought I Get No Kick would be awesome. I had trouble getting it to show up on my waterline but it was beautiful swatched on my hand. Midnight Cowboy shows up no problem.

  • Lucky. I’ve been looking for an extremely black liner and they only have Perversion in that set. Hopefully it will be released on its own.

  • I had the same problem with the Feline pencil. I have yet to shell out the $17 for the UD ones, but I have a Hard Candy one that works pretty well so I’m sticking with that for the time being.

  • It’s really interesting to see the comparison, especially when I have MAC Feline now as well.

    I found that I didn’t get as much transfer as you did – only a slight amount, and it migrated out of the outer-v corner of my waterline, but otherwise it actually stayed ON my waterline all day, whereas my UD pencils have never done that.

    So I think on me, Feline sticks around better, and I don’t apply a thicker line anymore so the transfer isn’t a problem. I love it when you review products I have because it’s interesting to see reviews from people I trust and how the product works differently on them.

    I’ll be stalking eBay for Perversion though!

    • Same here! I love reading about different experiences with a product, because they do work differently for different skin types.

  • I love when you do comparisons like these! They are super helpful since I am just starting to really expand my collection and prevents me from a lot of trial and error. Obviously not everything that works for you would work for me, but I at least have an idea of a good product to try first.

  • I get so tired of the MAC-ophiles out there who ‘only use MAC’ when there are so many other great options. I like this comparison as I’ve been eyeing the UD liners for a bit. Thanks for showing the wear and tear lol.

    • I used to think MAC was the be all end all of makeup, and now I know that there are a lot of great brands. I’m glad this comparison is helpful 🙂

      I know my eyelids are an extreme case, since they’re so oily, so I thought it would be good to test out the wear on them.

  • And here was me thinking my eyes were freaks!
    I’ve actually seen a fairly hefty undercurrent of dislike for the UD eyeliners, but for me, they’re one of the only pencil liners I can use on my lids without making a mess (or getting seriously irritated eyeballs-Ow!) and they’re the only ones which have a chance of clinging to my incredibly soggy waterline.
    Great review, I’ve been meaning to try more MAC liners for a while, now I think I may just stick to my tried and tested UD!

    • I know a lot of people don’t like the UD pencils, but for me and my body chemistry, they wok really well.

  • I have the same problem with the Feline pencils. Back when I thought that MAC was the end-all, be-all of cosmetics glory, I thought that maybe that’s just what all eyeliners do! Obviously, I now know better. 😉

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