Hello Kitty Black & Purple Purse

Since I’m no longer so annoyed by my Shoes.com fiasco, I decided to give them another try. They’d sent me a $30 coupon, so I ordered this adorable Hello Kitty Crossbones Bag. I placed my order on Jan. 5 and I received it on Jan 12, within the stated timeframe, even though I was notified that my order might be delayed due to snow in the southeast. (In fact, right now there is apparently snow in every state in the USA except for Florida.) This bag reminded me of the days when I wore black and purple or black and red all the time. While I’m glad I branched out, it made me smile to see it! It’s so cute. Also, it’s huge! It’s more than big enough to hold my normal purse full of stuff, including my kindle in its case.

You can see how big it is with me wearing it.

I’m happy that my order arrived. I’m happy I was notified that a delay could happen due to weather. I’m happy I received the right item this time. So that’s a definite improvement over being sent the wrong pair of shoes twice. However, I feel the need to point out that good customer service should always entail good communication (i.e. if the item is going to be delayed, the customer should be Β notified), as well as receiving the right item. Those should be a given.

What do you think of the purse? Do you tend to buy larger or smaller purses?


  1. De-lurking immediately to tell you how completely awesome and cute your bag is, and also, you. ];D Glad you had a better experience this time, that shoe thing was just ridiculous. Cheers!

  2. ohhhh I LOVE it, I love Hello Kitty! black and purple haha, it has it all πŸ˜€
    I used to wear HUUUGE handbags full of stuff but they caused me neck pain, and now, if I use them, they have to be like empty if I want to keep my nake safe hehe. I have some hello kitty handbags at home, one is enameru (is enamel the word in english?) pink, other one is little beige and then I have this awesome toki doki black hello kitty one which is amazing!

    1. Mine is only big so it can hold my kindle πŸ™‚ I’ll take a pic sometime soon of what I put in my purse, so you don’t think I’m crazy πŸ™‚

  3. What an adorable bag! I love the color scheme. And your new hair looks great, by the way ^^

    Though, there’s snow in every state except Florida? o_o Even Hawaii?

  4. Medium sized. AND a small tote bag for the journal, calendar, water bottle and umbrella (hella rain here and more to come). I have to cull every so often or there will be 10 lipsticks and 5 glosses in there!

    I carried the same pewter-colored one for 5 months until I was sick of it. Now it’s a white one with black patent buckles and straps. Next: RED!

    1. Woot! I like the changes πŸ™‚ I was carrying that teal-blue purse until the strap broke at dragon con and then I was using my Dakine blue/teal/green striped bag until this one.

  5. What a cute bag, and black/purple are my favorite colors =) I usually go for a small/medium handbag, I have an old rule that I should be able to at least fit a CD case in it and be able to close it.

    Since I usually carry it around in my hand I don’t want them too big. My current handbag is the Autumn Joy from Fiorelli, which I will use until it falls to pieces so I can buy a new one =)

  6. The purse is adorable!! I’m not generally a Hello Kitty fan but this si different. Also love the color & how well it goes with your new hair which I am REALLY liking!

  7. That is the coolest. purse. ever.

    I usually like a medium sized purse and owning multiple purses isn’t really my thing so I tend to just buy one purse and use it until either it breaks or I get bored with it πŸ™‚

    I could see that purse and I settling down for a long happy life together!

  8. Really beautiful! I usually go for the bigger purses, I don’t always have time do to my make-up before leaving the house, so my make-up bag is pretty big, and I always like to carry a book, and a notebook with me.

    1. I always carry a notebook as well πŸ™‚ and a brush, wallet, comb, mirror,and a bit of lipstick.

  9. I adore this! It goes great with your new haircut too.

    I tend not to buy purses, but I receive them as gifts frequently. I prefer a mid-sized bag. I struggle with wallet-purses because they won’t hold all the essentials, but I find if I carry a bigger bag, I will fill it. And haul everything around until I have back pain. And also, I can never find anything because my purse is full of chopstick helpers (because they are funny) and tiny rubber penises (also funny) and random playing cards I’ve picked up off the street, and library books, and a camera….

    In my group we frequently will have a random “weirdest thing in your bag” competition. My fiance usually wins. Sometimes we modify it to be a “who has the most lip products” if it is all girls.

    So that was off-topic, but currently I am carrying a medium clutch that I did buy, from the thrift store. It has a carpet bag kind of fabric, and deep brassy metallic piping and handle.

    1. I used to like wallet purses but now I Want to carry my kindle all the time so I need a much larger bag for that! Wow your purse has awesome stuff in it!

  10. That bag matches the Hello Kitty Hard Rock Cafe shirt I got in Osaka last year! I may have to purchase one myself. Though I must admit, my Hello Kitty gag reflex hasn’t recovered from that horrible episode with the Millionaire Matchmaker (I was bored ok?) with the woman who was totally Hello Kitty everything.

    Anyway, I think this bag looks awesome on your arm and you’re totally working it!

  11. The bag is so cute but you know what I loved the most in your pic? Your beautiful smile <3

  12. I use large purses but I’ve somehow collected a gaggle of tiny ones. My friends refer to my everyday one as Felix’ Magic Bag. I use the wee ones to organize all the junk in the big one.

  13. that is a-freaking-dorable! Seriously. a triple threat in my book. 1) Purple 2) hello kitty 3) skulls. I must own this. ! gratz!

  14. Super cute bag!

    I know you posted another post about getting your hair cut and I did not comment there–your hair is ADORABLE like that! I know you went with Olivia Wilde (Quorra in Tron) thing and I love it on you! Just wanted to let you know πŸ™‚

  15. Such a cute bag, I love it! πŸ™‚ The combination of black and purple is one of my favorites! πŸ˜‰ I prefer big bags that hold a lot of stuff haha!


  16. Totally adorable! I would totally carry that if it was a bit smaller. It’s cute, but not ‘cutesy’, which I like.

    I usually carry what’s probably considered a ‘medium’ sized bag, although I have a few larger and right now I’m carrying a small Coach pouch that’s a few years old. I usually bring a smaller bag when I travel and I still haven’t changed since I got home from Chicago. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I used to carry wallet sized purses, but now I want to be able to carry my kindle in my purse, so I’ve gone larger and larger.

    1. I did! I blogged about it when the sneak peak happened last month, and I saw that it’s out officially today πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I think it’s adorable for every day use and having black and purple again makes me happy.

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