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TomboyX Christmas Collection & Chosen Family

TomboyX Christmas Collection & Chosen Family

TomboyX Christmas Collection

The TomboyX Christmas Collection is here! TomboyX hired me for their Instagram campaign to discuss Chosen Family for the Holidays. I wanted to share the photos I took for the campaign with you, as well as share a coupon code: CHOSENFAM15 for 15% off site wide now through Nov. 24.

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Mickey is wearing Skull Print pajamas and I’m wearing holiday Unicorn Print pajamas.

Chosen Family

Goth Pajamas Unicorn Pajamas Gender free pajamas Goth Pajamas TomboyX Christmas Pajamas TomboyX Christmas Pajamas TomboyX Christmas Pajamas

Chosen Family

The last two photos are my favorite from my TomboyX Christmas Collection & Chosen Family set.

Family is more than blood. Chosen family is very important to me. When TomboyX gave me the opportunity to talk about my chosen family, I jumped at it! I’m a huge fan of their incredibly comfortable clothing & how they are inclusive for all genders, sizes, & bodies.

I live far away from my bio family, but I’ve built up quite a network of Chosen Family here in Florida. My closest friends – Mike, Jessie, Kim, Eric, Mickey, Nick, Melissa, Sterling & Carlye – make up my Chosen Family. I’ve been close with most of them for 15 years. I also have amazing Chosen Family that is not local – Jen from My Beauty Bunny, Krissy, Nicky, April & Jace. When I need help, they’re here for me. Whether I’m celebrating a success or going through a difficult time, they’ve always got my back and vice versa.

I spend time with my Chosen Family whenever I can. From days like today where I’m just chilling with Mickey (pictured with me), to having Family dinner to catch up on things with Mike, Jessie, Kim & Eric, traveling to Scotland for Jen’s wedding, or going to the beach with Krissy & April, they make life better.

Just because your bio family may not be close to you (geographically or for other reasons such as lifestyle choices), it doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Building your deliberate Chosen Family is life changing and I recommend it to everyone!

As you know, I’ve suffered a lot of loss in the past year and a half. I don’t know where I’d be without my Chosen Family. They’ve sat with me through my grief, comforting me and reminding me that this too shall pass, without any toxic positivity. I love them.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable, gender free pajamas and underwear, you need TomboyX

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  • How gorgeous! You added a parti-colored standard to my favorite online dogfam! The pjs and the sentiment are great and too true. The brown face and ears are just elegant. What a darling heart. Love seeing your poodles get in on the action.

  • I always say that family is love not always blood. Great if blood keeps the family bond but love withstands many of life experiences as well. I have a wonderful love and a few blood family…love and acceptance for being yourself is what family is

  • This spoke to me deeply!! I am still dealing with the fact that my family isn’t my family and learning to build new connections, so thanks for this post! Your happiness inspires me <3

  • I feel you! When I moved to the US, I left behind my whole life, including all of my friends and family. I have met some amazing people here who are now my chosen family 🙂

  • This was such a fun photo shoot! Love how cozy you both look. I agree, family doesn’t always mean blood related. In fact, some family members can be vicious so I’d rather be with friends who respect and love us no matter what.

  • You two look so cozy and happy together. I love how your new dog knows to snuggle up with you. Choosing a family can bring so much love into your life.

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