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Teal Ombré Hair Extensions

Teal Ombré Hair Extensions -

Happy Teal Thursday! Today I’m featuring some Teal Ombré Hair Extensions that I purchased on Amazon a few months ago. They’re really pretty and they’re a fun way to add length or color to your hair without the commitment.

Teal Ombré Hair Extensions

These are super inexpensive, like $6 and they’re made from Japanese Kanekalon hair (synthetic). You can’t style these with heat. But for fun (not for daily use) they’re great.

I bought ‘Dark Green to Light Green’ which is really dark turquoise to light turquoise, aka teal. To me it looks like teal to aqua. The width is 10 inches and it fits around my head comfortably. It attaches with wig clips that were sewn in. It’s 21 inches long. For my taste, it’s really long, but I love the colors. I also purchased their ‘Dark Purple to Light Purple’. I have to say that I absolutely love the 10 inches width, but I think I’d be happier if it was only around 16 inches long.  I love that I didn’t have to dye these myself to get colors that work with my hair.

So if you want to add color to your hair but your work won’t let you, I think clip ins are a good way to go. The link above takes you directly to where I bought them on Amazon and they have over 20 choices available. However, if you don’t like their premade choices, I highly recommend I Kick Shins for custom orders. I’ve ordered from her many times (you can see a set of my hairfalls here). Or you can always check on Etsy, as I’m sure there are sellers there who will do custom clip ins.

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What do you think of clip in extensions? Any new teal lusts?



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  • SIX DOLLARS???!!??!???!! OMG best investment ever. The colors of the extensions are totally vibe~ing with your hair! Love it! 😀

  • I’ve never tried extensions, but I love the idea of them. Love the shade of these!

  • Those are some awesome extensions – and wow so inexpensive! They look great. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever seen more “fun” colored extensions before. 🙂

  • wow! Love how these look on you 🙂 I’ve never tried hair extensions of any kind. I’m too low maintenance with my hair. I’d just pull them up in my ponytail haha!

  • Beautiful: You look a mermaid. I’ve thought about getting something like this, but my hair is really fine. Clips don’t like to stay in it. These are inexpensive enough, maybe I’ll give one a whirl.

    • Thank you! These are like wig clips, so they stay in really well in my hair. I think my hair is fine textured, at least according to my stylist, but it’s not as fine textured as my husband’s hair. This type of clip might work really well for you.

      • Thanks for the info! I went ahead and ordered the Wine Red, and the Black and Wine Red ombre. It was less than $15 for both. I’ll let you know how I like them.

  • I think I Kick Shins will make long hairfalls. You might also be able to find some on amazon. Thank you for the compliment! I love how it looks with the extensions.

  • Clip-ins are much easier than the braid extensions I used to get (before the fancy Fusion Hair Extension, lol). I have really long hair though, did you notice any super long that was just as affor… never mind lol, me asking you to do my work for me. Der. (guess I could of erased all that; but than this “comment” wouldn’t have been as odd, entertaining and ADD-easque). ? Anyways, before this becomes longer than your post, I want to tell you that your hair looks beautiful. The instant the pic loaded I said “Ooo, its long. Super Pretty”.

  • What fun! They look fantastic. What a great way to make an instant change

    • Thanks Allison! I always advocate clip ins or wigs for people who don’t want permanent color change but want to have some fun.

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