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Urban Decay Everyday Smoky Look

Urban Decay Everyday Smoky Look -

Today I’ve got an Urban Decay everyday smoky look (well, slightly smoky) to share with you using the Naked Smoky Palette. I have to say that I had issues with getting Combust to apply evenly for me in the crease and on the browbone, but I was able to blend it out ok. I’m not sure if it was me or the primer or what. I had a bit of fallout from High and Armor. However, High and Armor were definitely were definitely pigmented and easier to apply. Black Market was perfect for smudging at the lashline. Thirteen didn’t have enough shimmer for me to highlight with so I layered Dose of Colors Pearl Dust on top. What can I say, I need my shimmer!

Pr + purchased by me.

Urban Decay Everyday Smoky Look

In case you missed it, check out my first look at the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette! You can also see side by side swatches of the Kat Von D Innerstellar with the Naked Smoky, in case you prefer Innerstellar.

Urban Decay Everyday Smoky Look - Urban Decay Everyday Smoky Look - Urban Decay Everyday Smoky Look -

Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Party Pink Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Party Pink
Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Party Pink

Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Party Pink

Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion
Urban Decay Combust (Naked Smoky) – center of lid, crease and browbone
Urban Decay Armor (Naked Smoky) – inner lid, outer lid, lower lid, blended up into crease
Urban Decay Password (Naked Smoky) – lower crease blended up onto the hood
Urban Decay High (Naked Smoky) – center of lid
Urban Decay Black Market (Naked Smoky)  – smudged at upper and lower lashline
Urban Decay Thirteen (Naked Smoky) – inner corner and under eyebrows
Dose of Colors Pearl Dust – to highlight at inner corner and under eyebrows
Sigma Unclouded Pencil – lower waterline
NARS Eye Paint in Black Valley – to blend in lash band at upper lash line
Senna Cosmetics Ash Brown brow pencil – brows
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Granite
Ardell Demi Wispies (Fantabulash Tape)

Cover FX CC Cream in N-Xtra Light mixed with Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in N10 mixed with Life’s Entropy White Elixir (applied to face, neck and chest (all 3 are vegan)
BECCA Undereye Brightening Concealer – under eyes
NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder
Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Video
Dose of Colors Pearl Dust – highlighter

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Liquid Lipstck in Party Pink

To me this is definitely an office-friendly, everyday slightly smoky look. It’s not something I normally wear. I did find the color hues worked nicely together, but the formula on Combust was not fun to work with on my eyes. Once I had Armor blended up into my crease and I layered Password on top of Combust and Armor, Password seemed to blend ok into those colors.

I’ve been hittin’ the retinol hard lately and I have to remind myself that my skin will look worse before it looks better. Ug. Let me know if you want to know my current skincare routine that includes retinol (aka what I use right now when I’m not testing new skincare products).

I’m really happy that I decided to splurge and buy several of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Liquid Lipsticks, even though I own a fucking ton of liquid lipsticks at this point, because I greatly prefer her formula to most of the others. My favorite liquid lipstick formulas currently are Fyrinnae (see my review), Jeffree Star (see my review) and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I think they blow LASplash out of the water. They’re better than the Kat Von D’s, which are ok. The Dose of Colors formula was meh for me, but I’ve heard that it’s improved. I haven’t given it a try though. I really don’t reach for my LASplash, Pretty Zombie or Dose of Colors at all, which is sad, because I spent a ton of LASplash colors.

I love Party Pink. It looks to me like a darker version of Colour Pop Scandy on my skintone. I think it’s a beautiful color that really brightens up my face. It makes me happy.

What’s your favorite liquid to matte lipstick formula? What do you think of my first attempt at Naked Smoky?

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  • Whatever you did to make it right, worked. This is a stunning look. I think this brings out the beauty of your eyes.

  • Sorry the quality wasn’t there, but you still pulled off a lovely look. The Party Pink lip is perfect with it.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah I was just surprised by how difficult it was for me to get Combust to look right. I almost whipped out Walk of Shame (Naked Basics) to fix it, but then made myself stick to just using this palette. I’m terrible about that to be honest, I RARELY do eyeshadow looks with all the colors from one palette, but I wanted to see if I could accomplish a good look and I think I achieved that 🙂

  • This smoky look really suits you Phyrra – those cool toned colours are yours (and mine!). And I agree with you, it is an everyday office look. But I don’t think this palette is the same quality wise as their original Naked 1. Which is a shame.

    • After wearing some of the colors, I’m definitely somewhat disappointed in the quality of the palette. I feel like some of the shades are good though – the shimmery shades. Definitely not what I initially thought in my First Look video (and I’ve updated that post with the info). It’s kind of a sad thing, because there are not enough cool toned palettes out there. I didn’t find Naked 2 Basics to be the type of cool tones that were flattering on me. These are more flattering but not all the shades work the way I think they should.

      I do really love the cool tones. I think these sorts of greys work so well for us 🙂

      • It’s interesting you say that about the quality because Christine from Temptalia found the same thing. It isn’t really as smoky a palette as it could be by including those brown shades. UD should know by now that so many beauty bloggers are going to be all over their products. I totally agree with you about the lack of cool toned palettes – if colour pop can do it, so can UD.

        • I’ll have to go check out her review. I love her reviews. She is WAY more methodical and critical of palettes than I am. I definitely am more ‘I love UD!!!!’ and it takes me awhile to go ‘heeeeeey, wait a minute, this isn’t working right.’ In fact, I often assume I’m just not using the product correctly rather than it’s a product error.

          Yeah I really feel like the brown shades don’t fit. I’m not upset by the gold because I love that color with my eye color. I do feel like the taupes in there are going to be really popular. I know a lot of Phyrra fans adore taupes (I’m lookin’ at all you Darling Girl lovers out there.), so i can see it having appeal for that reason.

          I wish more cool toned palettes existed!

  • I’m so glad you did this Everyday Smokey look. In spite of the issues that you had with the formula, it is a stunning look. The shades or shade combinations are beautiful. For me, less sparkle is better so I’m kinda glad to hear that you had to add more shimmer 😉

  • I really like the look you created with this new palette. I think it is perfect for everyday.

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