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Taking Your Hair from a Pixie to a Bob

From a pixie cut to a bob
September 2013 – April 2 – April 24

I wanted to talk to you about taking your hair from a pixie to a bob. In September 2013 I cut my hair very short, into a pixie. I love the style and I’ve done pixies on and off for a very long time. I decided sometime in November that I was going to let my hair grow out a little bit. In January I made growing my hair my beauty resolution for 2014. All I’ve done since then is have my hair shaped to help it grow longer. I’ve been taking biotin to help with my hair growth. My hair started to reach that perfect long, shaggy length that I like at the beginning of April, but I patiently kept waiting. I got my hair cut about a week ago and it is finally shaped into a bob. I also added a long fringe and ditched my asymmetrical one.

Patience, which I do not have in abundance, plus biotin and eating healthy have all been my friends to growing my hair out. I’ve also added a ton of hair accessories to my arsenal to help keep me from hacking my hair off at the awkward points. (See my How to Gracefully Grow Out a Pixie Cut for tips). I have a lot of cute headbands now, which will work when my hair gets longer, too.

I’m really happy with my hair at this length, especially since it is finally all one length around. No more mullet in back!

Are you in the process of growing out your hair? What are your tips?

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