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Surprise Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Surprise Party

Sunday evening after Brittany’s awesome CVS Salma Hayek Nuance party, I went to a Harry Potter Surprise party. It was for a friend of a friend. Since I didn’t find out about it until I got to their place Sunday, I was ill prepared. I’m a Ravenclaw girl (and I even made a Ravenclaw costume years ago, which included sewing my own wizard robes), and the guest of honor was also a Ravenclaw.

We played some amazingly fun games like Pin the Tail on the Wizard, where the hosts actually created a picture of the guest of honor as a Wizard and blew it up (you can see it above) so that we could do this.

Emerald Slytherin Shoes

My friend Melissa made her own Slytherin shoes (which have also been used for Christmas shoes, Poison Ivy shoes, etc). She was set for the event.

Quidditch match

We also played a Quidditch match. They had painted raw eggs gold and had people balance them on spoons while running an obstacle course on brooms. It was hilarious.

Butter beer was made and butter beer cupcakes were included, too. It was a lot of fun, especially since I didn’t really know anyone other than my friends that I went with. The guest of honor loved my hair and asked if I had dyed it that way specifically because of Rainbow Dash. I told him no, that I just loved rainbows 😛

Have you been to any theme parties lately? Do you have any planned? I’m pretty sure the next theme party I’ll be attending is a Mass Effect Theme Party.


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