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Static Nails Wild One Mani

Static Nails Wild One Mani

Not too long ago I picked up the Static Nails Wild One set. 2 Wild One nails, 2 black glitter nails, 16 matte black nails, 2 leopard print nails, & 2 black swarovski nails. The nails are stiletto shaped, which is really cool because I’ve never had stiletto shaped nails before. Also, the underside is red.

Static Nails Wild One Mani

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Static Nails

Static Nails Wild One Mani Static Nails Wild One Mani

Static Nails Wild One Mani

The sets range from $14.99 to $37.99. I’m a sucker for all the ones with swarovski elements because I’m attracted to the shiny.

Static nails are cool because you can shape them to make them fit your nails. You an also file them down to a length you prefer. You can even paint them if you want.

Now, these nails are super long for me. Long enough that I can’t type on my laptop keyboard with my nails at this length. I kept these on for about an hour, realized I couldn’t really function with them, and took them off. If I wear them again I’m going to have to file them down to a shorter length that works for me. They look awesome but I’ve never had nails this long in my life. In fact, one of the perks of having PRK done means that I can let my nails grow as long as I want without having to worry that I’ll gouge my eyes out when removing my contacts since I no longer wear contacts.

The first time I wore Static Nails, I wore some from the Bad Gal set. Those nails stayed on for 2 weeks until I took them off. I was impressed at the fact that they didn’t budge. While I didn’t take a hot bath with them, I did shower and do dishes with them with no issue.

Removal is pretty easy. You soak your nails in warm water and then gently use your nail to lift up the edges. An orange stick works pretty well too. The key is just soaking and being patient. The Static Nails glue seems to be special because it dissolves completely with the water and your nails aren’t damaged when you remove the glue and nails.

Because I’ve enjoyed wearing my Bad Gal and Wild One set, when I noticed Static Nails having a sale recently I purchased a few more – Electric Nights, Galaxy and Get Spotted. I like the ease of application, the way the nails stay on so well, and how easy they are to get off.

If you’re looking for a fun and different way to do your nails, you might love Static Nails. I know I do!

What do you think of Static Nails?

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  • I love the look of these. I can’t ever seem to get fake nails to stay on unless they are acrylic though. Any suggestions???

  • I haven’t tried these but I have tried Jamberry and loved em, I had pretty much the same experience: super easy, stayed on for at least 2 weeks and longer and easy to remove; only difference being your static nails are way more hardcore and much prettier. Jamberry has a really good variety of designs, but they’re only 2D ?
    (Was just curious, in your nail polish pictures a lot of the time you have a beauty item in hand; is it to give the pictures a little extra beauty, or do you use em them to keep your hands from shaking and help prevent getting a blurry pic, lol. Made me laugh when I saw your post because I was recently taking pics of my nails and had such a hard time getting a good picture with my annoying shaky hands, it was driving me nuts. Was finally able to get decent ones when I was holding on to something, lol).

    • I use them so that I can hold my fingers correctly. I have curved pinky fingers and holding onto something lets me space them out a bit.

  • I love how these look on you, especially that shape! It’s my favorite nail shape 🙂

  • I’m totally deciding whether or not to treat myself to a set. On the one hand, I never do fake nails, on the other… maybe that’s because I don’t have any???

  • Your nails look totally kickass! I was oohing over them, and my son looked over my shoulder, and proclaimed them “epic.”

    I’m so excited about this post. I love the idea of a product like this. I used to do my own nails with something similar in the 1990s (only the glue was permanent, not pop-off), but the company stopped making the thicker nails I needed.

    • Their glue is really nice. I don’t know how they did it but it doesn’t ruin your nails at all. It’s not like how gel nails will rip up your nails. I think you would love these!

      • It sounds perfect. I’ve always had thin nails, and I’m a biter (hence why I keep acrylics on at all times). I have to have something over them to keep from nibbling, but I miss all the funky colors and manicures I used to give myself.

        • If you get clear nails, you should be able to paint whatever color you want over them. I’ve done clear gels before, and just repainted them a ton.

          • I change the polish myself sometimes, or take in my own polish. I get fancy designs, “gems,” etc. often, too. It would just be nice to save the expense of having someone else do my nails. I haven’t mastered doing my own fills yet, but I can certainly cut down and shape a false nail, and paint it.

  • lol girl you didn’t give yourself enough time to get used to them! It’s toootally weird having long nails at first but I promise after a day you get used to them. I had acrylics for the first time at pretty much the same length. It was weird at first but you get used to it!

  • Wow these are awesome! I’d love to play with these but a) I wouldn’t be able to do this myself and b) I have silk wraps on my nails so the woman who does mine probably wouldn’t want to stick these on over that. But I love them! I’m still wondering if I can bring some of those Hello Kitty NCLA nail wraps to my salon and have them put those on. They’d probably have a fit (they like to apply polish FAST).

    • They come in shorter sizes that fit me pretty well too (which is what I ended up purchasing more of). I like nail wraps, but the only ones that fit me are the Kiss nail dress. Every other brand is HUUUUUGE, too big for my small nail beds. When I have to cut down every single nail wrap to fit my nails, it’s just not worth the effort.

      I haven’t tried the NCLA ones but they have so many great looking patterns. I’m not sure what silk wraps are, gonna google that 🙂

      • Artificial nail enhancements – I wouldn’t be able to have nice nails without them! It involves horrible things like glue, a brush-on gel, smelly chemicals, and silk. I’ve been doing it for years. My nails were very thin and wouldn’t grow in the first place so that’s why I started. My nail beds are wide so I bet the NCLA wraps would work for me . . .

        • Oooh ok! I take biotin to help my nails grow strong and my hair grow faster. I think most nail wraps are super long / super wide.

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