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Why You Shouldn’t Order from

Why You Shouldn't Order from

Why You Shouldn’t Order from

Today I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t order from, unless you want to have a similarly disappointing experience like I did. A few weeks ago, something horrible happened to one of my high school friends and she was hospitalized. She was devastated by the experience. Once I found out, I immediately called to order flowers to go directly to her in the hospital. I wanted same day delivery and I paid extra for it. I called at 12:15 pm EST on a Friday (because trying to order through their site there was an issue) and was assured by the person on the phone that they would be delivered the same day. I gave them the hospital address, and my phone number, and told them to call me if there were any issues.

I assumed the flowers would be delivered. They were’t delivered. No one called. I checked the tracking on the website. No update. I called that evening trying to find out WTF happened. had no idea why my flowers weren’t delivered and no one called me.  I was told they’d be delivered Saturday. Saturday rolls around and they aren’t delivered. I call again and had no idea why they weren’t delivered and why no one had called me. Saturday night they tell me that they couldn’t deliver the flowers because my friend had checked out of the hospital. I asked why they didn’t call me for her home address. They said they had no idea why. I asked that they deliver the flowers on Sunday. They said that wasn’t possible, but that they’d deliver them on Monday. I told them that this entire situation was unacceptable. They offered to refund the same day shipping, since they didn’t deliver that. Then they offered a 50% refund on the flowers. I still wasn’t happy.

They eventually delivered the flowers on Monday. They told me that they’d issue me a 100% refund. They offered to send me a $20 gift certificate. I told them I would NEVER do business with them again. They repeatedly failed to call me. They repeatedly failed to deliver in the stated time frame. I told them that having the flowers delivered was something very important to me because of the tragedy that had befallen my friend and that they had ruined this for me by failing to deliver in the time frame I paid for. Their customer service couldn’t give me a reason as to why they failed to contact me, over and over, or why they failed to deliver.

While this was happening, I tweeted at them. I was flooded with tweets from other people who had OTHER issues with Many of you complained of dead flowers being delivered when you ordered through them. Between my own personal experience during a critical situation with my friend and the things other people shared with me, I cannot in good conscience recommend their service.

I have always, in the past, used Edible Arrangements to send things to people. It didn’t seem right in this time of grief for my friend to do that, but I will do that in the future. It’s inexcusable to me to order flowers for same day delivery, and then not have them delivered for several days.

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  • Yep, I’m not surprised at all. I also had some horrible experiences with them –flowers that looked half dead or the bouquet looked nothing like the picture online (cheaper flowers were substituted in), will never ever use them again!!

  • That stinks. I used them a very long time ago, over ten years and I don’t remember the details just that it was a day late, I was very angry BC they were for my moms birthday…& I never called them again.

  • UGH. I’ve had similar experiences, and now search for work done by local florists on Bloom Nation. I’ve had pretty good luck using their services. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. 🙁

  • There was a time I worked in customer service for 1800Flowers. They are a terrible company and the options for ordering are deceptive. I highly recommend using Yelp to find a local florist directly. Or contacting one you know because chances are, they will be able to directly send the order to another florist in the location of the delivery. So sorry things didn’t work out with your order as sending flowers is often the ONE thing we can do from far away so we need it to go right the first time <3

  • That is a pretty horrible and embarrassing situation to be in – to not contact you and be totally indifferent to your situation is inexcusable. You wonder why they are still in business if that is their idea of customer service. I am pleased to hear that your friend is better, but you did not have to go through all of these problems.

  • How terrible! I am so happy that you shared this dreadful situation. I have seen their ads many times and have considered using them, I am now so happy that I use Teleflora for all my flower needs. I have literally placed an order here in Arkansas paid the extra for the same day delivery and they have been delivered in NY and hour and a half later. I am glad that they refunded your money but I am with you on the point that it is still just not acceptable! I am glad your friend is feeling better but very upset that you had to go through so much Drama and trouble to do something nice!!

  • While they may not have a fancy website, I almost always prefer to call a local shop where I want flowers delivered. This is a win for everyone #shoplocal

    • Yes, shopping locally is great when you’re in the same city or even state. It just sucks when I’m in Florida and she’s in the Midwest and I don’t know what’s local to her at the hospital, I thought that was the answer.

  • So sorry this happened to you…that is so unacceptable. And really, a $20 gift certificate? What kind of apology is that?!

    • Yeah I thought that was especially ridiculous. A $20 gift certificate to a site that I will never use again because they screwed up a time sensitive delivery from me to an important friend.

  • I’ve had some similar problems with 1800 flowers in the past. I started using FromYou Flowers instead and not only are they much cheaper, (especially rush delivery) they’ve had top notch customer service so far.

  • I’ve heard of people getting dead flowers from them. My husband ordered from them once for me last year and never again. They sent flowers without the note he typed in. Instead they wrote THEIR OWN NOTE and signed it “Secret Admirer”. It was the bouquet he chose for me, thankfully, or who knows what he’d have thought. They claimed he never wrote a name and when people don’t sign their name it’s automatically secret admirer. No explanation on wtf the note was all about, though. They’re just awful there. Ed. Arrangements effed up last year too BUT their CS made good on it FAST, same day, and they were super nice. I’d recommend them.

  • I’ve had similar experiences and often the flowers that arrive are nothing like what was ordered. They say the flowers may vary, but the arrangements are completely different.

  • I remember reading about your experience on FB (I think it was there!). So disappointing. I’ll definitely steer clear!

  • I’m glad to hear that your friend is doing better! I would recommend ordering from Farmgirl Flowers. She’s based out of San Francisco and can overnight arrangements. She offers beautiful flowers from American growers. I’ve been using her for the past few months and my mom has been over the moon happy with them.

  • I’m so sorry about your friend, and glad to hear that she’s healing. You’re an awesome friend for trying to send her something so nice. I had a similar experience recently trying to order flowers for my (blood) aunt’s mother-in-law’s memorial service. I ordered through the floral service listed on the funeral home’s memorial page. They specialize in condolence flowers. I ordered a full day and a half before the memorial service. The service was in NH, where she lived. My aunt and her husband live in OH. The morning of the memorial, I get a call from the floral company saying that they can’t fulfill my order and what do I want them to do. Apparently the local florist who had accepted the order didn’t bother to check that they actually had the flowers in stock, which they didn’t. They also didn’t let the floral service know about this until about 45 minutes prior to the memorial starting. They asked me if I wanted the flowers delivered to the family’s home instead, so I told them, “Sure, if you can ship them to Ohio, because that’s where the family lives.” Rep: “oh.” They apologized up and down and sideways, but I don’t understand why they don’t follow up with the shops who take the commissions until it’s way too late. And I knew it wasn’t that rep’s fault, so I wasn’t mean to her, but all of the “remedies” she kept trying were totally useless. If the shop had let me know sooner, I probably could have at the very least arranged for *different* flowers to be used, which would have been FINE. But since they waited so long, it was impossible for them to make a substitute arrangement and get it to the funeral home on time. They gave me a full refund, but considering my aunt thought I’d blown it off at the time, a refund isn’t really fully putting things to right.

    I’d have been *furious* at them if they’d told me that they’d refund shipping/delivery, but only 50% of the flowers for a SERIOUSLY late delivery.

    • They ended up refunding 100% after they delivered, but I felt like it wasn’t enough. They couldn’t offer me an explanation as to why they never contacted me and I had to keep contacting them. The only person from their company to even issue me a genuine apology was the girl on Twitter. I am SO SORRY to hear what you went through. That’s awful. I agree with you, a refund did NOT put things right for me.

      • I’m glad they eventually did a full refund, because offering you that 50% was total crap. The reason people send flowers is often times a very important one. You’d think they’d be aware of that fact, and as such be respectful of it. I just don’t get it.

  • I had a similar bad experience with them years ago. They take incompetence to a whole new level and no amount of complaints seem to faze them. They are impervious to anyone’s distress.

  • I really hope your friend is doing better. I am so sorry that this was added on top of the issues she was facing.

  • I’ve never used them. Now I never will. What you describe is unacceptable!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I wish her healing after her experience.

  • Always order flowers through a local florist. There are SO MANY reasons why a local florist is preferred. First of all, they want to impress you with the flowers they deliver. Second, some floral deliveries are actually fulfilled by local florists, anyway, and they are often instructed by The Big Floral Companies to fill in cheap flowers wherever possible. Third, you get a person who is actually there with your flowers. Fourth, and importantly for me? There’s no exorbitant shipping fees (though you should offer to put a tip for the driver on your card.)
    Here’s what I do: call up a local florist, tell them how much you want to spend and ask what flowers they have in stock. If there’s anything you don’t want (eg. baby’s breath) let ’em know. I’ve always had spectacular results with this.

    • That’s a great idea. The problem for me was I’m in Florida and she’s several states away in the Midwest, so finding a local florist by the hospital in another state was not something I could easily do. If it had been here in Tampa, it wouldn’t have been an issue, I could have easily found a florist.

      • Oh, I forgot to mention that! This is kind of a bother, but it’s what I do: call the hospital and ask the front desk who usually delivers to them. Their gift shop will be their first answer (haha) but they’ll often supply a great recommendation.

        And so sorry this sucked so much for you and your friend. I’m sure your friend is totally grateful for the thought!

      • I totally agree about using a local florist!

        That is a good suggestion to call the hospital. I know my mom has also asked the florist she uses here (in Dallas) if they have a recommendation in another city. Sometimes they’ll know someone, especially if you’re trying to deliver in a major city.

        I have used ProFlowers before and had a good experience if you can’t track down a local florist.

  • I’m sorry about this whole fiasco. They are supposed to be a reliable company. I’ve gotten flowers from The Bouqs sent to me and they were gorgeous and timely. I hope your friend is doing better. She knows it’s the thought that counts.

  • Very sorry to hear about your friend. When I’ve ordered from them in the past the flowers have arrived limp and practically lifeless and they had to re-send. Other times the size of the bouquet was tiny and not as big as the picture showed. 🙁

  • First of all, I’m so sorry about your friend. 🙁 And I’m sorry you had this experience! I also tend to use Edible Arrangements and generally my experience has been fabulous, but you’re right, sometimes it just doesn’t seem quite as appropriate as flowers–in which case I use a local flower shop if I can find one. I’ve had one poor experience with 1-800-flowers and never gave them a second shot. Now I’m glad I didn’t!

  • I’m so sorry about your friend, and hope she’s doing okay now.

    I can tell you about a couple of times 1-800-Flowers messed up big time. My dad passed away in September of 2013, and our office manager where I work immediately ordered flowers for his funeral services on behalf of all my co-workers. The flowers never arrived. Frankly, I would have given anything to listen in on my office manager rip the 1-800-Flowers people to shreds, she’s a tough cookie, and she was livid!

    The second instance was last Mother’s Day. I ordered what I thought was going to be a big lovely bouquet for my mom to arrive the day before Mother’s Day, because I didn’t know what their Sunday deliveries would be like. My boyfriend and I were headed up to mom’s place to spend the weekend with her, and she knew we were coming, but the flowers were supposed to be a surprise. Well, the flowers arrived on time all right, and you should have seen them. For all the money I spent, they were mostly baby’s breath, a few crappy carnations, and one single droopy rose stuck in the middle. I’ve honestly bought nicer flowers from bodegas here in NY. I was furious! My mom was touched of course that we surprised her with flowers when we were going to be there for the weekend anyway, but I was mortified. I was like, “Mom!! Look at these crappy flowers! I’d be embarrassed to give these to someone I *don’t* like, let alone someone I love!”

    Do you see the picture of the flowers in the pop-up ad (because we’re talking about them)? That’s what I was lead to believe would be the size and the lushness of the flowers I ordered. They weren’t even half that size.

    I don’t know if FTD still does flowers online, but I’ve had good experiences with them, nice flowers, and no ordering or delivery problems.

    • For me, this page keeps showing me either all Sephora Perfume ads or Edible Arrangement ads. LOL.

      Thank you for your kind words about my friend. I’m so sorry to hear about your father and his funeral. That’s so ridiculous!

      The story about the flowers to your mom being droopy / dead is the one I’ve seen the most from people tweeting at me. It’s why I decided I should share my less than stellar experience.

      Thank you for the suggestion of FTD, I’ve never heard of them.

    • I’ve used FTD in the past, though it’s been awhile. I always had good luck with them, too.

    • She’s doing better and taking it one day at a time. I just was so angry that the flowers weren’t delivered the same day because I felt like it made me a bad friend, when I immediately ordered them as soon as I found out what happened. If I lived in the same city, I’d have immediately gone to the hospital. But I’m several states away.

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