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Serenity Dental Ivorie Tooth Whitening Experience

Recently I had to have some dental work done. I hate medical procedures (and I lump dentistry under that umbrella) and sometimes they cause me stress. I researched my options and chose Serenity Dental because they seemed like they would be sensitive to my anxiety. I am so glad I made this decision! After getting my dental work done, I opted to try out their 15 minute tooth whitening procedure they called Ivorie.

Teeth Color Scale

This is the teeth bleaching color guide. My upper teeth matched up to a 14 and my lower teeth matched to a 16. While it wasn’t bad on the scale, it was definitely dingy. The lightest on this guide is a 2 and it goes up in increments of 2.

My teeth before the procedure
My teeth before the procedure.

Here are my teeth before the procedure. You can see that they’re dingy and could use a good cleaning.



Me during the procedure.
Getting lightened.


For this procedure I put an upper and lower tray in my mouth filled with a clear, very thick fluid. This didn’t make my mouth water or drool or anything like the fluoride trays do. Before the tray goes in your mouth, Vitamin E is placed around your lips, too prevent them from drying out and chapping during the procedure. Big red protective glasses are placed on your eyes and a big blue light thingie (technical term) is turned on and placed right in front of your mouth. A timer is set for 15 minutes and it chimes at each minute. When it gets down to 10 seconds, it chimes every second.

After the procedure
After the procedure.

Here are my teeth after the procedure. They’re a 6!

Here's the comparison from the chart of my after color with my before colors.
Here’s the comparison from the chart of my after color with my before colors.

Remember, my top teeth started at a 14 and my bottom at a 16. My teeth ended up at a 6. I was very pleased with the results.

This 15 minute procedure was not covered under my insurance, so it cost me $100. However, I feel it was well spent. This is the first time I’ve ever had my teeth lightened. There was no discomfort before, during or after the procedure. In my opinion, the results were great.

Would I recommend it?
Yes! If you want brighter teeth, more even colored teeth, I think this is definitely a procedure to consider. I highly recommend Dr. Nilash Patel, because he’s very kind and considerate.

Have you ever had your teeth lightened? What procedure did you try?

Procedure paid for by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • I’m totally satisfied with your comment,A white smile sends out a strong statement of confidence, good hygiene and healthiness…..So all that things that protect your teeth must be important for you…I like this beautiful post…

  • With ZOOM whitening, it is essentially the same procedure, but it is four 15-minute sessions. It seems to me that they just do one session for this 15-minute procedure you had done, and they use trays to hold the bleach on your teeth instead of applying it directly to your teeth. The results look great, and for $100 (considering we charge $499 for a full hour ZOOM session and take home bleaching trays) that is a great deal. I’m a dental assistant, so I’m always on the lookout for scams and try to warn people against them, but this looks legit! Again, awesome results.

    • yerawizard_kristen I think they said that the Zoom was more painful and different types of trays? I had 2… sort of like a mouth guard things in my mouth filled with a very thick, peanut butter like substance. And thank you! I’m not afraid to smile now!

  • Wow, what great payoff for a 15 minute procedure! I’ve never whitened my teeth, but I’ll definitely be looking into it now that I know the process doesn’t take hours and is painless. Keep smiling!

  • Wonderful results!  I will definitely ask my dentist about this.  I had “trays” made years ago but if I use them more than 2 days in a row my teeth hurt.  I’ve heard Zoom whitening can be painful, so this might be a good option for me.

  • Wow, that’s a big difference! I’d be happy to have brighter/ whiter teeth, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be a 2 (or probably a 4) on their scale – that kind of white looks artificial to me. The 6 you are looks fantastic, it’s pretty much the ideal, I think 🙂

    • Emi at Project Swatch I agree with your entire comment! I lightened mine for my wedding using Crest Whitestrips, and periodically use them now too (though not as consistently, lol). But being a devotee of dark chocolate, red wine, and tea has the disadvantage of being tough on tooth colour!

        • Phyrra Laura Rizzo Emi at Project Swatch  Yea they’re not ideal- I find that they slide off sometimes and do taste bad. If I can drop $100 I’d love to get my teeth whitened like this.

    • Emi at Project Swatch I am happy with my 6! I might make this a yearly thing I do. I couldn’t believe how much my teeth lightened, how it was painless, and how quick it was. I felt it was $100 well spent. I’ve been smiling more!

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