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Scenes from Premiere Beauty Orlando

I can’t believe I forgot to post the rest of my pictures from Premiere. I hope you enjoy checking them out.

They had many, many shades of Zoya, and huge bottles of Zoya remove.

I purchased some polish from Venique, which I will be reviewing.

This was a demo by Babyliss Pro.

This was a wall of Borghese products.

They were extremely happy with the fact that Kristen Steward loved their products from the MTV awards.

One of the many Brazilian blowouts going on.

This is the CND shellac powder, mixed with the gel, to create beautiful designs.

It really looks like a jar of mineral makeup to me.

Safia got her nail done and the design turned out beautifully!

The CND nail tech had lovely nails with metallic accents.

The Cailyn booth was intriguing. I’m always curious about claims of 24 hour wear.

Doll Hair Care had fantastic models and costumes.

All the Color Club!

I loved this bizarre costume. No idea what booth or brand she was working with though.

We met the lovely people at the Dadi Oil Booth 🙂

Yes, they were tall.

I loved their makeup. I have no idea what brand they were working with.

I have no idea why these men were airbrushed for Keratin products, but I approve.

I loved the outfits these ladies were wearing, especially the blue and gold. The black skirt was really cute.

This was just one section of the Jane Iredale booth. It was fairly large.

One of the many places showing off cool techniques, Natura.

O2M and lashes. There were countless lashes.

I tried the Pure Illumination gloss, but wasn’t really impressed. It came off on my teeth almost immediately after application. Yuck. So I wiped it off.

Temptu had a large display, too, but they weren’t as packed as the Dinair booth.

Random and pretty.

Loved the costume!

Brittany ran into a friend of hers from high school!


I loved these shoes!

I loved this lady’s dress. Yes, I’d wear it.

You know I loved the Black 15 in 1 products.

This was the awesome lady that spoke with me and Kimberly.

These were the beautiful women of Stila.

There were a lot of wholesale private label makeup companies there, which I had no interest in visiting. However, I really liked seeing the Stila ladies and talking to the women at Jane Iredale. I’m still keeping an eye out for the Jane Iredale BB cream.

Finally, my favorite part! I’ve got pictures of me with the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida.

Me and my partner in crime Brittany. Ack, not a good smile on me, but Brit looks great.

Lovely ladies Brittany and Kimberly together!

Me with Kimberly!

Kim’s necklace and nails and shirt match! And there’s Dawn Catherine peeking behind Kimberly.

The Fashionable Safia!

Me with the lovely Toni.

Brit, me, Cristina and Kimberly!

In my opinion, events like this are only fun if you go with people you know. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the event on my own.

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