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Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks Review

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks Review Video Swatches

Happy Tuesday! Today I’ve got the Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks to show you. I picked these up two by two,  so I figured it’s time for a review. These are not smudge proof, budge proof, or kiss proof. They are, however, quite long wearing and pigmented.

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is cruelty free and all liquid lipsticks are vegan.

$12 each for 7 grams of product

Pretty Zombie

Isododecane, Dimethicone, Vegetable Glycerin, Castor Seed Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Carnauba Wax, Mica, Titanium Dioxide. (May Contain: FD&C Blue #1, Iron Oxides, Magnesium Myristate, D&C Red #7, D&C Red #27, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #5)

Shades Available
3 Witches – deep purple
Purple Poison – pinky purple
Potion #9 – pastel purple
Blue Moon – cotton candy blue
Black Cat – matte black
Pink Potion – bright pink
Spellbook – deep pink
ZomBettie – pinup red

Pretty Zombie Lipstick Swatches

L to R – Blue Moon, Purple Poison, 3 Witches, Black Cat, Ofra Surfer’s Paradise (orange), MUA Criminal (bright pink), MUA Kooky (red violet)

Makeup Geek Golden Barcelona Beach Tutorial
Wearing Black Cat. See the tutorial.
Pretty Zombie 3 Witches Vegan Liquid Lipstick
Wearing 3 Witches. See the look.

Pretty Zombie 3 Witches

Wearing my Bunny Paige Spiked Heart Necklace and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Blue Moon Lipstick
Wearing Blue Moon. See the look.

Pretty Zombie Blue Moon

Pretty Zombie cosmetics Purple Poison
Wearing Purple Poison

Pretty Zombie Purple Poison

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My Thoughts on the Colors
Purple Poison – magenta, reminds me of OCC Hoochie
3 Witches – deep blue-toned purple
Blue Moon – bright turquoise blue, kind of like Sugarpill Afterparty for your lips
Black Cat – black matte

Bonus Shades in Video
MUA Criminal (pink)
Mua Kooky (red violet)
Ofra Surfer’s Paradise (orange)

I love the formula on these liquid lipsticks. It doesn’t dry my lips out to where they’re coming off in strips, which the old long wear lipsticks used to do to me.

I’ve worn these shades for over 8 hours without needing a touch up. On the 5th of July I wore Purple Poison to a party and was gone for over 8 hours. By the end of the night when I finally was back at my home my lips still looked great. I had to use makeup remover to get Purple Poison off of my lips. And I’d been eating and drinking at the party. The day I filmed this video I had Blue Moon on for over 8 hours, it barely showed any signs of wear. I’d worn it through dinner without issue. A tiny bit of residue did come off on my glass, as well as the back of my hand. This has not come off on my teeth, which is I’m always paranoid about.

My only complaint is that the company is frequently out of stock, so I feel like I’m constantly stalking the website waiting for items to come back in stock. I want to pick up Pink Potion (out of stock) and ZomBettie.

What do you think of Pretty Zombie Cosmetics? Do you like these liquid lipsticks?


  • Nice formula
  • Long wearing
  • Nice colors – both unusual and ‘normal’ colors offered
  • Reasonably priced


  • Frequently out of stock

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  • 3 Witches looks so gorgeous-it’s sometimes hard to find purples that are true purples, & not red undertone plum colors. Especially mattes. I ordered it about a week and a half ago & still haven’t gotten it-I’ve heard they’re really slow with shipping & not very good customer service, so I hope that it comes soon! I think the site said they’re based in Florida, & I’m only in PA so 10 days is really unusual for that close of a distance. But did you seem to have any issues regarding that, as far as shipping times & customer service? I haven’t gotten any sort of email saying it was shipped or tracking # or anything like that either, just an order confirmation from right after I ordered it.

    • Hi! They shipped slow but they were within the stated timeframe. However, I’ve heard on reddit that they have been shipping very slow.

      • Ok thanks, that makes me feel a bit better, I know it’s not just my order that this happened with. I’m just anxious to get it-like I already said, it’s so difficult to find that exact type of purple, so there aren’t many other options. Though I did see this one on instagram that looked identical to 3 Witches, & I assumed it was, but when I asked the person they said it was some brand called Dose of Color. But they were sold out of most of the colors, plus it was more expensive than PZ.

          • Oh wow, thanks! Yeah, I’d never heard of DoC, so that’s helpful to see swatches & comparisons to PZ. It looks like 3 Witches is slightly more richer & vibrant than the DoC one. I hope it doesn’t come to having to get my money back though-I mean, as good to know that it’s through Paypal so I don’t have to worry about it, I just really want the item! So I hope it doesn’t come to that. It’s only been about 11 days, so hopefully it’ll be soon.

            • Yes 3 Witches is deeper and richer. Colour Pop also makes awesome lipsticks (though they’re not long wearing like this, just normal lipsticks).

              • Have you tried the NYX Macaroon Lippies? I was thinking about getting Purple Poison in the future after 3 Witches comes & if I like the formula & wear, but from photos, Purple Poison looks like it’d be very similar to NYX Macaroon in Violet, which I already have.

  • I just got in the mail purple poison and 3 witches! I can’t wait to wear them!!! (considering that I’m from Latin America) they took forever to get here, but they’re so worth the wait! thank you so much for the review!!!

  • I haven’t tried this brand (yet!) but WOW, after seeing those swatches I need to check them out! I love liquid lip colors that dry down to a matte finish and these colors are AMAZING! I love every single one! Black Cat looks perfect – I need it! I love black and gold together – the look you did is gorgeous! (I’m checking out that tutorial next!) I don’t own a TRUE blue based purple like 3 Witches in a matte finish so I’m excited for that color! Purple Poison is so gorgeous – I can see myself wearing that A LOT! Super pretty! And the blue the blue!!! Blue Moon is so…wow, just wow! I can never have enough blue lip colors and Blue Moon is a stunner! I am so impressed with all 4 colors. I can’t wait to check out their site. 😀

    Ofra Surfer’s Paradise looks like an amazing orange – have you tried the Kat Von D Ever Lasting Love Liquid Lipstick in A-Go-Go? It’s sooooooooo orange and matte. It looks like it could be the best orange matte ever. I’ve been wanting to try some of the new shades but L.U.V. and Vampira have been sold out so I’ve been waiting to order.

  • Pardon my french but Holy Shit I need to get Purple Poison… it’s gorgeous. I haven’t used anything from pretty zombie cosmetics… I always thought this was pampered zombie when I read… but haven’t heard of them in years. Awesome swatches 😀

  • I don’t know how you do it but you rock these shades (that sometimes I look at like WHOA) so absolutely stunningly!! I love the bright blue lip on you!

  • WOW, those look super pigmented! I don’t think I’m brave enough to rock any of these colors (except maybe Spellbook), but they will look stunning on the right person.

  • My only complaint is the lack of diversity on their instagram. Customers shouldn’t have to twist a company’s arm to post WoC, which is what it took customers by complaining to get both PZC AND Lime Crime to finally start posting people who weren’t ghostly pale. It’s just good business to show a product on multiple skin tones!
    Otherwise, its nice there is an affordable while-still-indie alternative to LC. 3 Witches is a really interesting color, I’ve seen it photograph almost indigo! Truly indigo lipsticks are hard to find :(.

    • It’s not indigo, though sometimes on video it looks indigo! It’s truly a dark blue-based purple. It matches very closely to my Pravana Vivid Violet hair. Love it!

      As far as their Instagram goes, I’ve seen mostly pale, with a bit of color thrown in here and there.

      • It’s one of those colors I like in theory and on other people but I don’t think it would work on me. Same with Potion 9.
        I do hope they broaden their spectrum of customers represented. I think the problem is they repost the same people over and over, that’s why there isn’t much variation in skin tones. Maybe it will happen as they get more popular. I’m looking forward to seeing what colors they will come out with next!

          • I’ve seen several people with good followings AND great application where I think, “Why don’t they repost them?!”. They don’t post very frequently either. I don’t know what their process is, but they are missing out on a lot of good free promo images!

  • Excellent review- thank you!! Especially as I found a stockist in the UK and ordered 3 Witches and Black Cat on Saturday. I thought they were budge proof, so I’m glad I watched this before my lippies arrived. I have to have Purple Poison and Zombettie next. OMG, seriously, I love this Blue Moon Lagoon look so much, the colours are absolutely gorgeous on you! (MUA are cruelty free?)

  • After seeing these, I am imagining all the possibilities for a creative shoot (says the makeup artist in me).

  • I think the Black Cat makes you look very sultry! But that Purple Poison…… WOW THAT LOOKS GORGEOUS ON YOU!!!! I love it!!! And I will say to you what my Mom used to say to me……

  • Great review!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I love these sahdes!
    super cute on the pics!

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