Phyrra Says Vol. 33, Extremism, Cruelty Free, Sephora, Ark Survival

Phyrra Says Vol. 33, Extremism, Cruelty Free, Sephora, Ark Survival

Phyrra Says Vol. 33, Extremism, Cruelty Free, Sephora, & Ark Survival. I basically rant a lot. Then I rave a lot. I love Ark Survival. Except for its combat, which sucks. It sucks so bad. But the dinosaur taming? It’s awesome. It’s the most fun that I’ve had with animal taming in a game since Monster Rancher. And yes, I still think Monster Rancher is better than Pokemon.

What are your favorite Steam games?


  1. I have that same shirt, yay Maleficent. I only get angry with vegans if they force their carnivorous pets to be vegan too (If you don’t want to feed them the diet they need, please go adopt a bunny or something)

  2. I truly love that you don’t push your choices on others and respect what other people choose to do

  3. Considering she (KVD) is selling a brand/product, I was a bit surprised by the way she went off. II don’t anyone is responsive to the extremist approach, especially when it comes to vegetarianism/veganism as it’s such a personal choice. I agree with what you said, give people the options and they’ll come to their own decisions.

  4. I feel you. There are certain issues I’d rather not touch in respect to other’s lifestyle choices. I stopped eating meat/poultry/seafoods last year but I’m not in the position to question other people. We are all gifted w/ freewill.

  5. I haven’t been a fan of her since her comments that got her kicked off the tattoo show. I thought I was missing out on some of her products b/c I refused to buy them. This reaffirmed my decision not to by anything by her.

  6. I love Sephora for their points, but if I have to go in store I love Ulta because they are less bitchy and their rewards are better. However, if I can order online I am a happy camper heeheh.

  7. I completely agree with you about extremists who pontificate! A total turn-off for me!

  8. Will you boycott Kat Von D products now that she’s come out with this extreme post? I shop at Sephora the most because you get to pick your samples (as dinky as they are) and it comes fast. Ulta is just so slow in shipping.

  9. Being opinionated is possible while still being respectful. I wish more people would understand this! I have such mixed feelings about Sephora’s points. I shop there because it is convenient and carries the brands I wear the most (NARS and Becca). But the lack of value in the perks is frustrating. I can’t get over your brows. So fantastic!

  10. Agree – I don’t like to deal with extremists of any sort, either. And, yes, “You do catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar!” <3

  11. I totally agree with you. I saw KVD’s post on facebook but didn’t watch her video. On one hand I can understand how vegans feel, but on the other I don’t. We don’t eat a lot of meat, but do eat some. I’ve been trying to switch over to more vegan things, like recently finally got the kids off milk. Took forever to find a nut milk they liked, but it happened. I love my cat to death even though I eat meat and use animal products. Eating meat doesn’t mean you support animal cruelty. I don’t like extremists when it comes to anything, it just pisses people off to have stuff forced on them. You would think people would learn. XD

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