Embellish Perfume

Embellish Perfume

As you know, I normally prefer foodie scents. I like my pumpkin, pineapple, vanilla, and marshmallow. Today I bring you something different – Embellish perfume by B Fragranced. B Fragranced (owned by Alpha Aromatics) is cruelty free.

Embellish retails for $54.00 for a 1.7 oz. bottle and $76.00 for a 3.4 oz. bottle at www.bfragranced.com.

It’s described as
Classy, Romantic and Glamorous… all characteristics of a sophisticated lady. An indulgent, light, fragrance, Embellish infuses sparkling notes of apple and peach with a splash of citron. Effervescent notes of jasmine and honeysuckle balance the base of soft amber and sandalwood.

Embellish Perfume

I like the simple, square packaging and fuchsia pink color.

As you know, scents are very subjective. Perfume smells different on everyone based on personal body chemistry.

When I first spritz it on me, I smell sweetness, almost like a foodie scent. Then I’m hit by the honeysuckle and I can’t really detect jasmine. Later I pick out the hints of amber and sandalwood. Finally it mellows out until I can only pick out amber. I really like it on me. One of my favorite indie perfumes is made of black cherry and amber, and it mellows in a similar fashion to that scent.

I really like that it doesn’t smell overly flowery, since I really don’t like super strong floral scents. Give me sweetness any day! I love sandalwood, but I don’t really detect any strong notes of sandalwood in this scent.

While I applied it sparingly – a spritz on each wrist, it did last about 4 hours on me. The throw wasn’t very big when applied like this, not until I was within a foot of someone. Dave really liked how this smelled on me.

If you like sweet scents that mellow out to amber without ending up powdery, this is definitely a perfume to check out. I really like it.

You can read about what inspired this perfume in an interview here.

What type of perfumes do you prefer? Foodie, floral, woods, spicy or clean?


  1. I am a citrus person, kind of foodie also but definitely not a sweet scent fan. This looks super feminine from your description!

  2. I love sweet, some floral and clean scents and sometimes musky. The packaging in this is pretty!!

  3. I’m a spicy oriental fragrance fan but I like amber & sandalwood. Love the pink!

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