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Phyrra Says Vol. 24 Rants and Raves

Phyrra Says Vol. 24 Rants and Raves

I’ve got a Phyrra Says Vol. 24 Rants and Raves to share with you. This is a personal update. Feel free to skip. I bitch about foundation and the lack of pale shades in the vast majority of brands out there (which is a different, lesser issue than the lack of foundation shades for deeper skintones), how much I hate Pantone Marsala, and the gym. And yes, my eyes stayed dilated for over 24 hours. I’m apparently very sensitive to that. Yuck! I rave about how awesome IPL treatment for rosacea was for me and Ghoul School. I share sad news about my grandma’s declining health. I share my LASIK consult experience. Also, I clearly need to keep water in my makeup room to sip when I’m ranting. If you’ve tried PRK, please share your experience with me!

Phyrra Says Vol. 24 Rants and Raves

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I’m wearing LASplash Ghouish on my lips. I have Crow’s Toes Nidavellir topped by GlitterDaze Moonlit Mermaid on my left hand and Nidavellir topped by GlitterDaze Essence of a Unicorn on my right hand. My necklace is Bunny Paige. My eyeshadow is Darling Girl Ghoul School, inspired by Monster High dolls. Tutorial soon.

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  • YESSSSSSS regarding the lack of foundations for fair skinned ladies AND deep skinned ladies! It is extremely frustrating. >..< 🙁

    ~ends rant and continues watching video~

    OMG I am…speechless. I have Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. *so incredibly grateful that I have a truly excellent doctor who is helping me* I can’t even imagine…the eyes…OMG CLOCKWORK ORANGE THINGS NOOOOOO!!!! >.< I have an astigmatism so my vision is meh but it's not like not being able to see large clock numbers. OMG (((HUGS))). D':

    Oh my…your grandmom. I am so sorry. My grandmother passed away 10 years ago. It was very…_______. <~~~leaving that space blank because there is no word in our language for the pain and sadness of losing someone. I definitely think it is great that you are talking to her a lot though! 🙂 I think that is all we can do. Spend as much time with our loved ones as possible. Make as many memories as possible. And always remember them. I wish I had better words but…I am hoping you get to spend more time with her and that you get to make some happy memories. <3

    • I always look forward to your comments <3 I have had my thyroid tested twice and it's on the low / normal end. I still think I have a thyroid issue, but I've finally lost 3 pounds by increasing the amount of protein that I eat daily. I'm still working out 3 to 4 hours a week but I really believe that I just need more protein to see weight loss, along with my weight lifting.

      My eyes are sooo much better now. I am so glad I got PRK corrective vision surgery.

      I take Buspirone daily which helps me tremendously.

  • I’m so sorry about your Grandmother. I’ve lost all my grandparents and all I can say is a loss hurts – but it does get better with time.

    I also started following you because you are fair skinned like me and you really helped me gauge new foundations to see if it was worth a try. I’m more neutral to golden fair but paler than mac nc or nw15 and have the same problem with the lightest shades of a particular brand being too orange (or also too pink). Right now, Revlon colorstay buff is spot on if blended with a foundation brush and I use translucent setting powder (the lightest, Ivory, is too pink).

    You are so brave to have Prk! I can’t wear contacts because I cannot touch my eyes and freak out whenever the eye doctor has to do anything that means touching my eye. I can’t even give myself eye drops!

    Good luck with your surgery and I hope things get better for your Grandma.

  • I tend to wear a mix of Missha #13 and #21, most foundations are orange on me. Not always happy with the coverage, but it works for now.

    Lighter coloured eyes tend to stay dilated for longer, sometimes over 24 hours. (I am an Optician, this is a fairly common question).

    I feel for you with the not being able to see without correction. I would LOVE to get LASIK, but after seeing my brother have complications, I’m not so sure. He is older than me and had a lot worse RX (+5.50 -2.50cyl), so maybe I wouldn’t have as bad.

    • My eyes were still dilated at the 24 hour mark, and took a few more hours after that to look normal. So crazy!

      I’m scheduled for March 6 for PRK. I’m excited but nervous.

      I’m pretty sure I tried Missha #13 and liked the texture but it would be too dark on me now.

      I know I constantly rave about Cover FX, but if you like the Missha you would probably love the Cover FX CC Cream 🙂

  • I recently lost my grandmother as well so I understand the pain and confusion of dealing with it. She wasn’t well and was showing signs of dementia, so I also had to deal with the idea that she was just going to suffer if she stayed alive much longer. Grief sucks.

    One of the reasons I started following you other then your awesome taste is because you are slightly paler then I am so I can give a good judgement if something will work for me when I start buying foundation again.

    • Happy to help! I think I’m going to make a video where I show different foundations on my face to give an idea of how they match (or don’t match) my skin.

      I’m sorry you lost your grandma, especially with the circumstances. I can definitely relate.

  • I’d like to see Cover FX release the N Xtra light! I’m happy we have a few options to lighten foundations up, but I definitely feel for ladies who don’t have those same options to make theirs darker, or to tweak it golden or pink enough to get a good match.

  • I love your pic today. You are soo beautiful Courtney. Your head band makes me think of The Statue of Liberty with the spiky studs. It looks like her crown.

  • Yep, I have found it very hard in the past to get foundations pale enough for my skin. I was tired of be told by MA in shops that their particular brand SHOULD work on me – but it didn’t because it was all yellow based and I am pink based.
    I often rant about the high costs of makeup here in Australia – it is more than double the price in the US and many brands that you talk about are not even here.
    Another rant – beauty brands such as MAC, now UD and Dior are putting out beautifully packaged products (and let’s face it, we put the packaging in the recycling bin) and yet the product itself is poor. The colours are recycled, they lack pigmentation and are too powdery.
    There – that’s my rant for the day!

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