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Phyrra Says Vol. 20 Life and Gym

Phyrra Says Vol. 20 Life & Gym

I have Phyrra Says Vol. 20 Life and Gym to share with you. I update you on my grandma, road trips with Phaedra, the gym, my Gothic Lolita Wig, and the Paleo Diet.

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While I don’t miss living somewhere that winter and snow (ew!) happens, I do miss living within 4 to 8 hours of a drive of my Grandma.

Yes I really do love Halloween enough that I got married on Halloween. My parents thought it was strange. My inlaws thought it was fun. We had a great time.

Phaedra is great on road trips, long or short. She enjoys riding in the car and will wear her seatbelt without complaining. She’s a perfect companion!

I’ve driven from Indianapolis, IN to San Francisco, CA. I’ve also driven from San Francisco, CA to LA, then to Memphis, TN. A few years ago I took a road trip with my friend Crystal from Kansas to Las Vegas, NV to LA, CA.

What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken? Where did you go?

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  • my dog won’t let us leave home without her now. We took her on vacation a couple of years ago, had her ride along with us, and now she totally thinks she owns the car. Or that there is a hand full of fries coming on the ride. The furthest I’ve driven….Spokane, Wa to LA…..Oralando to DC…Spokane to Mount Rushmore, SD…….oh wait…drove from Anchorage, up thru Fairbanks to what they call the “Haul Road” along the Pipeline. That was for freaking ever!

  • I think the farthest drive I have been in is from San Bernardino, Ca to San francisco, Ca which is only 6 hours and that’s not even me driving I get annoyed driving to LA which is nearly and hour I couldn’t imagine driving for days.

  • I’m seriously in need of shopping in your wig stash. Woohoo for a Halloween wedding… that sounds so fabulous and funky – I love it. Sending wishes to you and your grandma that she feels better soon and lots of love coming your way.

  • Getting married on Halloween? that’s just superb! I hope your grandma feels better soon! Grandmas are the best, I miss mine terribly but I know she’s looking after me from way up…. Hugs!

  • That’s so awesome that you got married on halloween! I got married on the same day my parents did, for good luck. They’ve been together for 37 years now and I’ve yet to see a happier couple 🙂 I hope that September 23rd is a magical day!

  • Glad to hear that your grandma is out of the hospital and doing better! I didn’t know you got married on Halloween. How fun is that! I’m going to be traveling on Halloween this year, and I’m so bummed to be missing out on all the festivities. I’ve never tried Paleo, but Shawn and I have done Atkins. We both lost a little weight, and then Shawn got really sick and weak from the diet. I just couldn’t go without sugar anymore and would binge and gain 5 lbs (not exaggerating) in a weekend because of how the sugar affected me after being on that diet. It took Shawn *forever* to want to eat eggs again after being on Atkins!

  • When we move in the spring it will be the first time I didnt have to move with my Weimaraner, Gus. He was a HUGE dog and road trips were awful! LOL

  • I have driven half-way across the country several times. The furthest is when we moved from Santa Fe, NM to Virginia Beach, VA. But, I have had several jobs were I drove, alone, from location to location. And, mostly to destinations I had never been before. It was an awesome adventure!

  • I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s serious illness. I will keep you all in my thoughts. I’m glad your parents got a person to help with her in the house. Take care

  • The longest road trip I’ve ever taken was New York to Quebec, Canada. I can honestly say I’m not a road trip girl.

  • I think the longest road trip I’ve been on might be…. from southern Indiana to Colorado? maybe? or maybe from southern Indiana to Maine? Not sure which is longer 🙂 haha

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