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Phyrra Says Vol. 18 Rants and Raves

Phyrra Says Vol. 18 Rants & Raves

Happy Saturday! Today I’m sharing Phyrra Says Vol. 18 Rants and Raves. I share my feelings on things.

Phyrra Says Vol. 18 Rants and Raves

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If you haven’t checked out Seanan McGuire, you can see her author page on Amazon. She has 4 series:

  • October Daye (urban fantasy with fae, my favorite by Seanan)
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You can also follow Seanan on Tumblr, Twitter, and her site. As always, I love my kindle fire and think they’re fabulous.

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  • That airport security treatment you received is just horrible! I have anxiety disorder, too, so I understand. How scary to have to worry about the prejudiced security thugs. I’m not afraid of flying itself, though. I haven’t flown commercial since 2008. It sounds like I’m not missing much.

  • The last time I flew I got airsick for the first time ever and it was pretty bad. I was just doing whatever I could to take my mind off of it, but there was a good amount of anxiety mixed in that made it even harder. I finally realized the one thing that was different was ALL of the shades were closed on the plane so I could feel we were moving but couldn’t see anything and was getting claustrophobic – which is something that’s never bothered me before. I asked my husband to open the shade on our window and once I could see out, everything started getting easier. I’m going to fly again this November to Phoenix, the longest flight I’ve ever taken at 5.5 hours, and I’ve been secretly feeling anxious about it. Thank you for sharing that you have some issues with flying, too, because it made me feel slightly less alone in my feelings! I might take an anti-anxiety medication with me this time in case I need it. I hadn’t even thought about that (DUH!). Sharing is caring, man! Thank you. I hope you have a MUCH better experience this time and everything goes really well. I will be thinking about you Friday! I’ve never been singled out but my luggage gets “special attention” every single time! OY!
    LOL @ “guru”! I thought a guru was someone who knew EVERYTHING there was to know on a subject, like a master knowledge base on 2 legs. This term would apply to very few people on Earth! Everyone is constantly learning and growing, so guru really doesn’t fit.
    Much love!

  • Urgh, what a horrible airport security experience! It’s one of the reasons that I kind of dread ever having to fly to/through the States – the security is bad enough in Australasia/Europe, but I don’t think it’s that bad! How long is your flight? One of the worst things about being an NZ-Europe traveler is that there’s at least 2 days of flying/waiting in airports, often including one 14 hour flight T_T. Blech.You have my sympathy – I hope everything goes OK!

    In a more pleasant context: yay Cirque! I don’t have anything from them yet, but I have a mile long wishlist. I’m also rather keen te get my hands on several things from that Zoya Ignite ollection!

    • If everything goes smoothly it’s like a 2.5 hour flight to get there. On the way back there was NO direct flights (UG) so I have a layover in Atlanta. with 2 flights that are about 2 hours each 🙁

  • 🙂 love the October Daye series…so glad you mention Seanan McGuire…she is fantastic. Makeup tied in with her books…fabulous!

    How is the IPL going? Are you noticing a big change in the rosacea yet?

    Thanks for all your wonderful insights.


    • I think the iPL is going well! My skin is far less red after I work out, and I feel like, in general, it just looks better / less red and has been less irritated. I can’t wait for my 3rd treatment, even though I know it’s gonna be painful.

      Yes, Seanan McGuire is awesome! I follow her on tumblr.

  • I hate the word “guru” as well!! Usually when I see or hear people refer to themselves as one… they aren’t and it drives me nuts! I cringe at the word

  • I hear you on guru – it does sound pretentious! You do know a lot, though, and that’s what shines through in your videos, photos, and writing!

  • Poor you with airport security – that is just not on! I hear ya about fearing flying, I had panic attack on a flight many years ago and it took a lot of therapy to even go near an airport. I’ll think of you on Friday!! I got married on Halloween too!! I’m so excited that our anniversary is on a Friday this year!!!

    • Ug, I feel your pain. I hate panic attacks. Yay for Halloween weddings 🙂 Our big planned wedding was on Halloween and we had a last minute private ceremony in mid-August, so while we celebrate both dates, we normally make Halloween our bigger event.

      • I just cannot get over how security has treated you – it makes me so angry! Grrrr! The best part about having a Halloween wedding is that everyone involved loves the reason to get into costume!

        • Ray keeps reminding me that the last time I flew the TSA was fine, it was the airline who sucked. Between losing my luggage, stealing stuff out of my luggage, then not returning it in the time frame they stated they would, I had a meltdown.

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