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Phyrra Says Vol. 12

Phyrra says Vol 12

For this edition of Phyrra Says Vol. 12 I talk about my event with Cover FX and other things in my life.

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The types of electronic music that I’ve been listening to the most lately are Dutch House, Trap, and Drum & Base. You can listen at SiriusXM Electric Area or at Soundcloud.

  • Flosstradamus – at Ultra Miami (Trap)
  • Andy C – the amazing Ultra Set (perfect for working out) (Drum & Base)
  • Afrojack – at Ultra (Dutch House)
  • Paul Van Dyk – longtime favorite of mine, at Ultra (trance)
  • Hardwell’s remix of Armin Van Buuren Ping Pong

My favorite teas

I’ve been sticking to tea and water. I haven’t even made bubbly water with my Soda Stream lately. I do miss the bubbles.

The Cover FX Event at Sephora was awesome. Vic Casale was so great to talk to. I loved finding out more about my favorite CFX product, the CC Cream.

My friend had a scavenger hunt for my other friend’s birthday. While I was too tired to drive all over the place, I loved seeing the results as people found the clues and sent in pictures with the right landmarks / people to rack up points during the hunt. Some of my other friends were creative with their pictures and used Photobooth. After that, we went to a tap room (bar / pub) and socialized until we closed the bar down. All in all it was a great night.

How was your weekend? How is your week going? Delurk and say hi 🙂

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  • i love teas too! i used to love teavana teas (moroccan mint tea used to be my favorite) but i’ve stopped buying them because i noticed a lot of their teas use artificial flavorings.

    that’s so fascinating that the time release is achieved by different melting point waxes. i’ve always wondered how they manage that!

    i haven’t accomplished as much this week as i would have liked due to low energy levels and the heat wave but hopefully things will look up next week. on the bright side, i did manage to try 2 different avocado cup salad recipes that were a hit with the boyfriend. they were super easy to make and makes for a great lunch or a veggie side for dinner.

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