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New Hair with Christian at iStyleXG

New Hair with Christian at iStyleXG

Today I’ve got fabulous new hair with Christian at iStyleXG. So a few months ago, I was scrolling through the Pravana tag on Instagram and I found this amazing hair stylist doing beautiful work with Pravana right here in Tampa. I couldn’t believe that he was here – in Tampa! And he was using Pravana! I decided to make an appointment and got a consult on my hair. I took my hair inspiration with me and we talked. Christian loved the idea so we set up an appointment for the color.

New Hair with Christian at iStyleXG

While I most certainly love the salon that I’ve been going to for 7+ years, the fact is, they’re a Redken / Pureology Salon and they don’t offer Pravana color. iStyleXG is a Paul Mitchell salon. Paul Mitchell is on Leaping Bunny’s Cruelty Free list. They also pulled out of China when China changed its laws to make companies test in 2012, so I’ve got a lot of respect for Paul Mitchell and their products.

For the before and after photos, I’m wearing the exact same tinted moisturizer – Too Faced Snow Glow (press sample). It’s darker than my skintone but does have a nice finish.

New Hair with Christian at iStyleXG

You can see the pinks and purples here (the pink looks burgundy with the way it’s styled.

New Hair with Christian at iStyleXG

This is my gorgeous teal blue ocean side.

New Hair with Christian at iStyleXGThis has fuchsia and purple.

Pravana Vivids - teal blues, pinks and purples

Pravana Vivids - teal blues, pinks and purples

Pravana Vivids - teal blues, pinks and purples

You can see the pink a little better when it’s styled like this.

Pravana Vivids - teal blues, pinks and purples

Pravana Vivids - teal blues, pinks and purples

I absolutely love this shot.

Pravana Vivids - teal blues, pinks and purples


Pravana Vivids Hair


Pravana Vivids in Tampa

Pravana Vivids in Tampa

Pravana Vivids in Tampa

Yes, I’m in love with my new hair! Christian did an amazing job with it!

I knew I wanted versatility with my hair. What I loved about my old hair was that if I parted it on the right side, it hid most of the teal blue section. If I parted it on the left, it put the teal blue on both sides and really brightened my hair. So I knew I wanted that sort of versatility with my new color. I let Christian know that I wanted black on top with sections of color in teal blue, purple and fuchsia pink. Christian put his own creative spin on things, doing  different ocean colors and purples, as well as the awesome color placement. I didn’t see what my hair looked like during the process because I wanted to be surprised at the end. I had no idea that there would be so many different sections of color at the bottom, all so elegantly placed.

If you’re thinking about changing your hair and you want bold color, definitely give Christian a call.

You can find Christian on InstagramTumblr, Facebook, iStyle XG, and Twitter.

To find hair inspiration, visit my Pinterest!

What do you want to do with your hair?


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  • Do you know if Pravava hair color tests on animals? I’m having a hard time finding a salon that has CF hair color.

      • Thank you sooooo much. We actually have a Beagle Freedom lab beagle Elvis and this was one thing I was having a hard time finding and I do know a salon that uses Pravana. Sweet!!!!

        • No problem! It’s the reason I left my salon of 7 years – they were Redken and would not get any cruelty free products in, so I decided to find a new salon and then found Christian.

  • Sorry for the late comment but I LOVE these hair photos!! I love the contrasting colours against the black! LOVE!

  • So impressed with how you rock these bold colors. I’m too much a scaredy cat to die my hair 😉

  • I love the various colors peaking out from black overall. And the teal looks so fabulous with your eyes. Stunning!

  • I can definitely tell your personality thru your hair. I like this multi-colored streaks on you

  • OK your hair looks great but I wish you would have said something! I highly recommend checking out my friend cassandra, she works at Citrus Park Mall and pretty much only does ‘unnatural’ hair colors and works mostly with Pravana. You can find her on instagram at @hairbycassandra

  • As always, I love your hair! If I could do anything I wanted, I’d do something like your sunset hair. However, I work in an office where brightly colored hair is frowned upon, so I keep the top a respectable brown and have an undercut that I dye all the funky colors. It can only be seen when I put my hair up, so I just leave it down unless I am away from customers and bosses. I just redid it last night, so it’s lime green right now – my fave of all the colors I’ve tried!

  • Wow! Those colors look amazing on you. I love how it looks completely different depending on the angle or how your hair is placed.

  • It looks awesome! I particularly love the blues contrasted with the black.

    Can I ask what colour the teal is? I have a similar colour using Manic Panic, but it bleeds and stains so badly it’s ridiculous. It seems to be the blue – I’ve never had this problem with greens.

    • Christian custom mixed all the different teal blue shades, purples and pinks. So I know he used pravana, but I don’t know exactly how he mixed them.

    • Did you use Rockabilly Blue, by chance? I used that a few years ago and it stained everything from my sheets to my clothes to my mum’s cream sofa (oops!). The Atomic Turquoise isn’t as bad, but I would recommend using the Amplified version as it seems to hold better.

      • It was actually Enchanted Forest. Despite being advertised as green, on me it’s turquoise on freshly bleached hair, through to a teal blue on darker bits. I love the colour, but would wake up every morning with blue on my neck and face, and couldn’t wear any even slightly light coloured tops. I’ve had to go back to Venus Envy, which is the same depth but more green based. I love it, but since the majority of my hair is red it can feel a bit Christmassy…

        • I had a dream my hair that I’d added Enchanted Forest green to my currently brown hair a few nights ago and was seriously considering it, but maybe now I’ll consider Venus Envy!

          • If you want green then yeah, go with Venus Envy. It’s a lovely deep green. It mixes well with other greens too – I mixed it with Amplified Electric Lizard a while back for a great bright green.

      • UGHHH to Rockabilly Blue!! I’ve used it twice and you’re right – it stains everything… EXCEPT MY HAIR!! I used it on freshly bleached hair and after sitting for an hour the first time and two hours the second time, I just barely had a light silvery blue stain. WTH!?! My hands, sink, tub, pillow, towels, and clothes were all bright blue, but it just wouldn’t take on my hair. I’ve had no trouble with any other colors – currently rocking Electric Lizard. Rockabilly Blue is the bane of my existence!! LOL

  • Wow! Very cool. You’ll have to start doing some updos so we can see the beautiful purples and pinks on the bottom too 🙂

  • Oh my GOSH I have been following and drooling over Christian’s hair talent on IG for a while! Love your look, color, and style. I SO WISH I was in the area I would love to get my hair done by him.

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