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New Colors from Fyrinnae Swatched on Pale Skin

Fyrinnae Summer 2014 Swatches

This is just a real quick post to share the new colors from Fyrinnae that I purchased. Fyrinnae says that they have had these mattes for a while, so they’re not new, per se, but they are new to me. Kraken and Debonair were new for May 2014.

New Colors from Fyrinnae Swatched on Pale Skin

I made a quick video on my Instagram account to show the swatches in action.

Fyrinnae Summer 2014 Eyeshadows

Swatches are on Coastal Scents Step One primer.

Fyrinnae Summer 2014 Eyeshadows

Left to Right – Sexy Nerd Lip Lustre – Arcane Magic Kraken – Drunken Gummy Bears – Admiral Ferret – Snow Leopard (not a new shade) – Fallen Angel Food Cake
Left to Right – Inappropriate Popsicles – Debonair – Vicious Garden Gnome

Sexy Nerd Lip Lustre
Bright magenta, similar to but deeper than our Visual Kei, filled with gold shimmer and highlight. This will leave a stain on the skin and lips.

Inappropriate Popsicles
Bright, rich purple, nearly matte, with a very slight satiny finish. May appear darker over certain bases or primers.

Drunken Gummy Bears
Vibrant lime green, nearly matte but with a barely-there fine shimmer.

Admiral Ferret
Bright cobalt, nearly matte, with a very slight satiny finish. May appear darker over certain bases or primers, and may temporarily stain skin.

Fallen Angel Food Cake
Bright tangerine yellow, nearly matte but with a subtle hint of fine shimmer.

Vicious Garden
Vibrant rose pink, nearly matte with with a slight satiny finish.

Warm, shimmery lilac graced with a glowing coppery highlight. Slightly lighter than it appears here.

Deep teal with a slightly smoky blue cast filled with shimmer and small sparkle which is bronze-gold from a distance, then appears lime green to blue the closer it gets to light or at certain angles.

Snow Leopard
A deep, satiny warm brown-taupe shade that has subtle hues of rose. Very versatile.

$6.25 / $2.25 (full size / mini)
$7 / $2 (full size / mini)


Anyway, I thought you’d appreciate a quick swatch and tell of the new Fyrinnae Colors.
Which are your favorites?

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