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NARS Fall Collection Review

NARS Fall 2013 Collection Review

Today I’ve got three of the eyeshadows from the NARS Fall 2013 Collection for you. Yamal, Namibia, and Bavaria are the 3 shades that I was sent. There is a 4th shade, Kamchatka. Bavaria is the only shimmery shade; the rest are matte.

NARS Fall 2013 Eyeshadows


Website Says
Highly pigmented, velvety-matte, ultra-fine powders for shading, creating depth and lining eyes. Long-wearing, crease-resistant colors glide on smoothly and evenly and blend effortlessly. Can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect.

  • * True color application
  • * Can be applied dry or with a dampened brush for heightened intensity
  • * Multi-function use for shading, lining and brow color
  • * Rich, vivid shade range, with ultra-matte finish

Artist Tips
“I love to use matte eyeshadows as a lid color and then work the other eye colors around it. They also help to soften the look of shimmering shades.” –Lisa Leseur, National Makeup Stylist

NARS Fall 2013 Bavaria NARS Fall 2013 Namibia NARS Fall 2013 Yamal

All colors swatched on Gosh primer.

NARS Namibia, Yamal, Bavaria Swatches

NARS Namibia, Yamal, Bavaria 2 Swatches NARS Namibia, Yamal, Bavaria 1 Swatches NARS Namibia, Yamal, Bavaria, Isolde Swatches

Namibia is officially described as grey moon. It’s a light grey matte. I found the texture sort powdery and I had to work to build it up for a swatch.

Yamal is officially described as maple sugar. To me it’s sort of a neutral brown matte, and it looks good in the crease. I think it’s the sort of color that if you favor pinup girl makeup, you could use this for your crease.

Bavaria is officially described as a deep sea blue. I feel it’s a shimmery teal blue, and I personally love this sort of shade. ALL THE TEALS!

Isolde is not part of the Fall 2013 collection but I purchased it recently and swatched it to see how it looks. The left side is a light copper, while the right is a deeper copper with brown undertones.

I actually found Bavaria and Yamal pretty easy to work with for this look. While I don’t think Bavaria is a deep shade on me I think it’s very flattering with my eye color.

The talented lady who did Genia’s makeup at the Nordstrom Tampa Beauty event was wearing Namibia and Kamchatka. In person, Namibia really opened up her eyes and made them seem huge. She contoured her eyes with Kamchatka and was really in love with that shade. I may go back and pick up Kamchatka because it is really pretty in person.

Overall, I’m really happy with Bavaria and Yamal. I think if you’re a fan of teals, you’ll love Bavaria. I think if you’re looking for a nice neutral, Yamal will make you happy. Since Namibia is a bit tricky to work with, you may not like it as well. I do need to give it a try with a deep blue shade like Kamchatka or China Blue, since it seems to do a good job of opening up the eyes.

What do you think of the NARS Fall 2013 eyeshadows? Which is your favorite?

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