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NARS Brow Perfector Review

I’m in love with the new NARS Brow Perfector in Suriname. NARS recently released a whole new line of Brow Perfector pencils and brow gel for Fall 2013. This oval shaped pencil allows you to fill in, reshape and design brows for a full and flawless look. These pencils have a natural matte finish. The natural ingredients are supposed help to nourish the brows.

$22 each. Available at and NARS boutiques.

Shades Available in the pencils
Salzbourg – blonde
Kalamata – light brown
Caucase – brown
Suriname – black

Shades Available in the brow gel
Oural – clear
Athens – blonde
Piraeus – medium brown
Kinshasa – dark brown

I’ve been using the brow perfector in Suriname and the Oural brow gel for a while and I’ve been very pleased with them. Since my brows are very different, due to scars, I created a tutorial for each of my brows so you can see how I fill them in.

This is actually the way my aesthetician suggests that my brows be filled. She does not do the 3 points in the typical fashion. She goes off of the inner corner of the eye, rather than the nose / nostril because everyone’s nose is shaped differently. For hooded eyes like mine, she does not recommend a sharp arch, so she suggests following the natural curve of the brow along the bottom side. She also recommends ending the brow by following the line from your lower lash line up, the same line you use for a cat eye flick.

NARS Brow Perfector Tutorial1. Naked brows, brushed up.
2. Draw a line along the bottom of your brows.
3. Draw a line along the top of your brows.
4. Fill in the brows the rest of the way. Use a spoolie to blend the brow pencil.
5. Finish with brow gel.

NARS Brow Perfector Tutorial
This is often the brow I don’t fill in enough towards the inner corner because my hairs are so sparse at the inner corner. However, I need to fill in to that point or it doesn’t look right. This is also my side with a scar, and my brow does not grow hair in the scar.
Wearing NARS Suriname, Oural and Sylvana
Wearing Suriname and Oural on the brows and Sylvana blush. Ignore the foundation as I was testing it out and it does not match my skintone.
So as you can see, my brows have a very different shape, but the NARS Suriname brow pencil does a great job at filling in my brows to make them appear fuller. The brow gel really helps to hold them in place.
One minor flaw with the brow gel is that you really have to wipe the wand off before you apply it or you end up with too much gel on your brows.
NARS Artist Tips for the Brow Perfector pencils
“Using small hair-like strokes, follow the natural growth of the eyebrows. Start off lightly on the inner corner and concentrate the color towards the center. After the arch start to soften the strokes again for a perfectly defined looking brow.” –Niko Lopez, National Makeup Stylist
NARS Artist Tips for the Brow Gel
“To make the brow look lifted comb the hairs straight up and then slick the tips back down.” –Jason Hoffman, Lead Trainer

Wearing Suriname and Oural

I definitely agree with the artist tip that you need to use small strokes to fill in your brows. If you try to draw one continuous line it just doesn’t seem to look right. Thankfully that can be fixed by blending with a spoolie or brush.
I would recommend checking out the brow pencils in person to see if you find a shade match. While I like the brow gel, I’m not sold on it being a must have item. However, I definitely like the pencil. I’ve easily gotten 8 to 9 hours of wear with the pencil and gel together.
What do you think of the new NARS Brow Perfector pencils and brow gel? How do you like to fill in your brows?
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