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My Nail Polish Work Station

My Nail Polish Work Station

My Nail Polish Work Station

Hey friends, I wanted to share my nail polish work station with you. It’s better known as a polish chick battle station! When I first started doing my gel nails at home, I used my dining room table. This weekend, I decided to reclaim the dining room for meals and create a nice space for me to work on my nails. In case it needs to be said, all of the products mentioned in here have been purchased by me except the KBShimmer, which is a PR sample.

Nail Polish Work Station

My Nail Polish Work Station

Let me walk you through my setup. First, we have the iron frame desk. It’s 43.3”L x 16.9”W x 29.1”H and comes with an electric downdraft vent to suck away the filed off gel nail polish dust. It has a cabinet on each side that is lockable with 5 drawers. The desk came with a clip-on LED lamp and wrist rest. It’s the perfect size for me to store all my gel nail polish gear. This desk is currently on sale too, for 5% off. In front of it is my old armless purple chair, which has seen better days and I really need to replace soon.

On the right side of the desk we have my Makartt e-file. It’s an electric file that I have a ton of drill bits for. I use it to remove hard and soft gel nail polish. I currently use Orly Builder in a Bottle to create my nails. There’s also a Cloud LED Clip-On Light that can be turned warm or cool toned.

On the left side of the desk we have my Purple UV Nail Lamp and my mini Gooseneck Directional LED Light. The former I use for when I’m curing all of my hand at once with gel polish. The latter I use when I put on my Apres Natural Short Stiletto Tips. My desk also has a cell phone holder so that I can shoot nail videos.

Above the desk I have this 120 bottle nail polish rack.

The bottom row is Kiara Sky gel nail polish, as well as my Orly Builder in a Bottle, Orly Nail Tip Primer, Orly Gel FX Top Coat, and my Beetles Base and Top Coat set.

The row above that is all of my Baroness X nail polishes. They’re mostly her fluid art nail polishes. I love them! I’ll be doing more fluid nail art soon.

The third row up has Holo Taco nail polish on the left, Live Love Polish nail polish in the middle, Morgan Taylor nail polish on the right, and some random polishes.

The very top row is a mix of Kiara Sky, Orly, and KBShimmer nail polish. The second row down is all KBShimmer nail polish. The third row down is empty.

I have 3 more nail polish racks in my home. Two are these beautiful tree nail polish racks. One is this 100 nail polish rack.

Favorites to Know

In the Mood Mani

I love my Orly Builder in a Bottle and Apres Natural Short Stiletto Tips. They make me feel like my nails are gorgeous!

Orly’s Gel FX Top Coat is the best, shiny top coat for gel nail polish that I’ve found so far. I’m still searching for the perfect matte gel top coat.

My favorite nail polish remover is the Orly Genius Remover.

When I have natural nails, I prefer the KBShimmer Fillin’ Groovy Ridge Filler Base Coat.

My favorite top coat these days is the Holo Taco Super Glossy Taco Top Coat.

While I do have gel nail polish to experiment with, I tend to start with Orly Builder in a Bottle and Apres Natural Short Stiletto Tips. Then, I seal it with Orly’s Gel FX Top Coat. Finally, I apply regular polish and seal that off with Holo Taco Super Glossy Taco Top Coat.

So now you know where I now do my nails at home, as well as many of my favorite nail products. What do you think of my new nail polish work station? Do you have a beauty battlestation?


  1. Love your polish station! I wish I had a bit more space for a dedicated mail space, right now I do my nails on my at home work desk. Also really enjoy your polish rack!

  2. This is terrific. I don’t have a set place to do my nails but I could use one since I often do a little spilling. In my previous home I had 3 big acrylic racks in a walk in closet and that made it so easy to organize polish. I don’t have room for anything like that now but I wish I did. Love your set up!

  3. If we had a bit more space, I would 100% copy you on this nail station – it’s so hard to see what I’m doing when I do my nails on the living room table!

  4. That is so cute and, I would imagine, a huge encouragement to doing nails. Your house is so neat, I am jealous.

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