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My Lipstick swatches

So I decided to swatch just about all of my lipsticks for you. I’m sure there are some stragglers hiding in purses, but this is the majority of my collection. It’s currently organized in a 3 compartment divider thingie (technical term) that I purchased at Target. This fits on the shelf of my vanity. (Check out my new 2013 Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Collection!)

Phyrra's Lipstick Collection 2011

MAC, Urban Decay, Silk Naturals Lipstick Swatches

MAC Myth – Silk Naturals XXX – Revlon Nude Attitude – MAC Shy Girl – Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy
Urban Decay Naked – MAC Bare – Silk Naturals Prelude – Silk Naturals Sparkle

In this group my favorites are Silk Naturals XXX, MAC Shy Girl and Urban Decay Naked.

Best Bright Hot Pink Lipstick Swatches

Urban Decay Trainwreck – Urban Decay Jilted – MAC Show Orchid – MAC Girl About Town – Silk Naturals Hibiscus
Nyx Hot Pink – Morgana Azalea – Morgana Azalea Blue – MAC Fusion Pink = Silk Naturals Azalea
Nyx Chloe – Morgana Blue Roses – MAC Pink Burst – Evil Shades Stiletto – Revlon Pink Velvet

My favorites from these are:
Morgana Azalea Blue, Urban Decay Trainwrecked, Urban Decay Jilted, MAC Show Orchid, MAC Girl About Town, MAC Fusion Pink

Silk Naturals Mango – MAC Ardour – Morgana Shrieking Orange – Evil Shades Ardour – Urban Decay 5150
MAC Vegas Volt – Revlon Strawberry Suede – Revlon Pink About It – Maybelline Peachy Scene – Revlon Peach
Revlon Apricot Fantasy – Maybelline Coral Crush – Maybelline Pink Peony – MAC Sweet Ever After – Nyx Atlas

My favorites are:
Morgana Shrieking Orange, Urban Decay 5150, Revlon Strawberry Suede, Revlon Pink About It, Maybelline Coral Crush

Evil Shades Zirna – Evil Shades Fiendish – Morgana Sub-Zero – Morgana Ice Queen – Morgana Turquoise
Nyx Orchid – MAC Violetta – Maybelline Madison Mauve – Nyx Medusa – Morgana Nightshade
Morgana Coraline’s Kiss – Stargazer 102 – Avon Beach Plum – Nyx Pandora – Nyx Fusion

Best Blue and Purple Lipsticks

My favorites are:
Evil Shades Fiendish, Morgana Sub-Zero, MAC Violetta, Maybelline Madison Mauve, Nyx Medusa, Morgana Nightshade, Morgana Coraline’s Kiss, Nyx Pandora

Best Red Lipsticks

MAC Urgent – MAC So Scarlet – MAC New York Apple – MAC Fresh Moroccan – MAC Hot Tahiti – MAC Odyssey
MAC London Life – MAC Sweet Thing – MAC Naughty You – MAC Snob – MAC Pervette – MAC Miss Moffit
Urban Decay Gash – Urban Decay Oilslick – Nyx Helio – Revlon Cherries in the Snow – MAybelline Very Cherry – Maybelline Red Revival
Avon 24K Gold – Avon Golden Wine – Revlon In the Red – Revlon Really Red – Nyx Eros – Nyx Snow White

My Favorites:
MAC So Scarlet, MAC Hot Tahiti, MAC Sweet Thing, Revlon Cherries in the Snow, Avon 24k Gold, Avon Golden Wine

Evil Shades Primrose Path – Nyx Louisiana – Nyx Peach – Avon Copper Mink – Avon Golden Glow – GeoGrafx Fire Poppy
Silk Naturals Simmer – Silk Naturals Sultry – Silk Naturals Nectar – Silk Naturals Symphony – Silk Naturals Raisin – Silk Naturals Black Dahlia – Silk Naturals Crimson
Evil Shades Diabolical – Mark Whiney – Revlon Pink Pout – Nyx Paris – Evil Shades Reign – Evil Shades Bane – MAC Bing
Revlon Fabulous Fig – Revlon Wine Not – MAC Midnigt Media – Morgana Cauldron – Morgana Valentine – Morgana Metallic Maiden – Morgana Red Licorice – GeoGrafx Rosegold Glow

My Favorites:
Silk Naturals Crimson, Revlon Pink Pout, Evil Shades Bane, MAC Bing, Morgana Cauldron, Morgana Valentine, Morgana Metallic Maiden

See any colors you like? Think there are any colors that I’m missing I should check out?



  • This is so weird because i’ve been on a manic swatch hunt lately to find some day appropriate lipsticks, colors dupes, etc. I almost fell over when I saw this, because it gave me a good idea of some colors want!

    I also came to the realization the Mac Fusion Pink may be THE perfect hot pink for me. Compared to the others it looks a lot less blue which is great for me since blue based pinks//reds make me look like a clown πŸ™

    Also very impressed with Silk Naturals, Morgana and Evil Shades swatches!

    I already knw Morgana was amazing, and I have some of her lipsticks, but this most makes me realize I NEED MORE!!!!!!


    • Hah! I’m glad you find it helpful πŸ™‚

      Fusion Pink is like… a Red-Coral-Hot Pink bright in your face OMGWTF type color. I love it πŸ™‚ It’s definitely not blue.

      You’re quite welcome!

      • Oh, just a few things:

        Thalia (I’ve been using the online handle Laughing Muse since 1992, so I’ll at least look at any cosmetic named “thalia”)
        Indian Pink
        Sparkling Amber
        Sparkling Champagne

        I’m a little concerned about the “FINAL SALE” notices by each item on my invoice – is Nyx discontinuing their Round Lipstick line?

        • I don’t think so. Everything I order from there says final sale. I think it means you can’t return it.

    • Aww thanks Heather! I’m glad you find it helpful πŸ™‚
      I need to try and do my lip glosses and lipstains and lip lusters next!

  • Oooooh so many lipsticks! Coral Crush caught my eye because I keep looking at it when I go in the store and not getting it, haha. I love Vegas Volt too but I returned it… something about it didn’t jive on me. Stiletto looks gorgeous! I can’t even pick a favorite.

  • Ah so many pretty lippies! I finally have Azalea Blue on its way home to me along with some other Morgana lipsticks and samples. I’m also tempted to get Girl About Town but I have to resist for now.

    One of my personal favorites for everyday looks is UD Lovechild, which I think is quite similar to Naked, only more pink.

  • Wow, looks like you’ve got nearly as many lippies as me πŸ˜›
    Now I know I NEED Shrieking Orange and Fiendish, Nightshade looks gorgeous too!

  • I’ve been wearing my only L’oreal Infallible lately, in Teaberry (which is a pretty milky mauve, but really, I bought it for the name :p). It’s one of those won’t-rub-off lipthings. I love lipstick, but it usually ends up on my teeth πŸ™

    Your collection is very impressive πŸ˜€ I always like Reign on you. Too bad it got discontinued. Shrieking Orange looks INSANE!

  • Awesome swatches! I have yet to order anything from Morgana, but I keep telling myself I have GOT to try those lipsticks!

  • I recently took Silk Naturals Nectar to the MAC counter to get a dupe for it. I love the color but it’s so glossy and sheer that it doesn’t show up or stay. I was sent home with MAC Viva Glam VI which is now my favorite lipstick. I wear it every day. It’s that gorgeous brick red without being too dark. If you like Nectar but can’t cope with the formula, definitely try this one!

  • I want to try NYX Snow White! But I haven’t been able to find it in Toronto. I don’t like ordering things online I haven’t tried so I will have to wait for it to come here (if ever) or add it to my list of things to buy in NYC! Have you ever tried NYX Snow White with Fyrinnae Snow White eyeshadow? πŸ˜€

  • I have soooo many lipsticks I pretty much never buy them, but I have decided I MUST have Morgana’s Azalea Blue. Honestly, it’s probably not the best choice for my coloring, but I LURVE it anyway!

    • Azalea Blue is like a more intense version of Blue Roses. Valentine is lovely, but I am betting one of her new pinks will be equally lovely πŸ™‚

  • this is true lippie porn! and your organizational skills are inspiring (also depressing). ;P

    Evil Shades Bane is to die for! i should get this. stat.

    • You’re welcome! There’s a couple recent pictures of me wearing it too, if you want to see it on my lips. My lips aren’t that pigmented, and it’s a really nice natural shade.

  • I really like MAC Bling, NYX Snow White, and NYX Medusa, Evil Shades Stiletto, and MAC Fusion Pink. In fact, I may be picking up Fusion Pink and Stiletto in the near future.

    • Fusion Pink is awesome! I couldn’t capture the almost iridescent pink-violet sheen it has. It’s such an awesome bright coral-red-pink.

  • I have absolutely no idea where I’d wear Helio. But I’ve got to try it!! (Unless it’s been discontinued. In which case, I may try and hit Ebay. πŸ˜€ )

    Revlon Colorburst’s True Red, which I just got last week, looks like the kind of vivid, intense, take-no-prisoners shade that you’d wear.

    • Helio hasn’t been discontinued πŸ™‚
      You can get it on Cherry Culture.
      I’ll have to add True Red to my list πŸ™‚
      I LOVE blue-based reds.
      I actually thought you’d love Miss Moffit, but it’s oooooold and discontinued.

      • I’m not a huge fan of MAC lipsticks because of the scent. It’s too sweet for me!! (That’s why I only have the one, Pervette. And the HK lipsticks don’t seem to have the same depth of scent, thank goodness.)

        Oh, I see Miss Moffit, there on the side next to Pervette.

        You might also want to check out Raspberry from the Colorburst line. It’s more of a berry-red, and it’s a bolder color. True Red is about a fingernail over into “orange red” territory. Think “pinup-vamp” red, and there you go πŸ˜€

  • Morgana makes some awesome lipsticks.
    If I ever get the balls to wear blue lipstick I’m getting Sub- Zero for sure.

    For now my favorite lipstick is MAC’s Dare You.

    • Sub-Zero is awesome πŸ™‚ If you aren’t comfortable wearing it out, you can always wear it around the house πŸ™‚

  • My favorite lipstick is Urban Decay’s Gash. It’s a pretty close dupe for Aromaleigh’s Melancholia, when I held them side by side and swatched them on my hands at the store. It’s nice & smooth, and smells good. I have problems getting lipstick to last on me, though.

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