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Paint Pots, Fluidlines & Other Gels Swatches

So I have a thing for paint pots, even if I haven’t been using them much lately. I decided to swatch the majority of my paint pots, fluidlines, and other gel products for you to check out. I first started with MAC Paint Pots, picking up Bare Study and Blackground. I used to use Bare Study as a base for my eye shadow looks until I realized how much it muted the color, so I then moved on to eye shadow primer. One of the things I really love about paint pots is how well they hold onto shadows and keep them from creasing on me. Except for Delft. Delft is pretty but that color creases on me more than any other paint pot I’ve owned.

Bare study is more beige than Kitten.
Kitten is lighter, slightly more shimmery and has a brightening effect. I thought Kitten & Bare Study would be a match, but they’re not.
Pink Pearl is a light pink-beige with strong pink iridescence. This reminds me of a seashell pink.
Blackground an awesome black with multi-color shimmer. This color is easy to build up or sheer out.
Delft is a green based teal with gold shimmer.
Delft is smokier and darker and greener than Siahi.
Siahi is darker and more blue than Peacock.
Waveline is a gorgeous dark navy with barely percptible gold pearl. Starry Night is slightly lighter and has lots more sparkly gold shimmer than Waveline.
Eggplant is a blackened eggplant purple.
Violet is a blue-based violet.
Purple Pumps is a red-based purple.
Cobalt Clutch is a bright cobalt blue.
Fathom is a mid-tone blue.
Pomegranate is a great metallic red-burgundy.
21 is a light turquoise.
22 is a midtone grass green.
Indianwood is a metallic bronzey-gold.
12 is brighter than Indianwood and leans slightly more copper.
You can tell how my Bare Study, Pink Pearl, Delft, and Blackground have dried out a bit. Bare Study is the only one I’ve ever come close to hitting ‘pan’ on.  I think it’s actually probably a good idea if you’re someone who likes to use these to split them with someone unless you’re going to use the same color every day for a year.
I really like using using these on top of eye shadow primer, as a colored base to intensify whatever makeup look I’m putting together.
Pomegranate was used as the base color for the lid and lower crease.
Blackground was used as a base on the lid.
Bare Study was applied all over the eye area, Delft to the middle 1/3 of lid, Blackground to the outer 1/3 of lid, with MAC Shimmermoss all over the lid.
L’Oreal Hip in Eggplant was used as a base on the lid & extended out.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 22 used as base.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 12 Applied to middle of lid and crease.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 21 applied to lid & crease with MAC Waveline to line.
I also like using these to line the eyes. Smudge pots work equally well to line, just like paint pots and the private label gel liners.
Waveline was used to line the eyes.
Siahi was used to line the eye.
Maybelline Charcoal was used to line.
L’Oreal Hip in Eggplant was used to line.

Stila Smudge Pots (Kitten, Violet, Purple Pumps, Cobalt Clutch, Starry Night, Pomegranate), MAC Paint Pots (Blackground, Delft, Bare Study, Indianwood), MAC Fluidlines (Waveline, Siahi), Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams (12 copper, 21 turquoise, 22 green), Maybelline Charcoal, L’Oreal Hip Eggplant, and Private label (Fathom, Peacock, Pink Pearl) gels are all pictured above.

MAC Paint Pots – $16.50 for .17 fl. oz.
MAC Flidlines – $15.00 for .08 fl. oz.
Stila Smudge Pots – $20 for .14 fl. oz.
Private Label (varies wildly) – $8.99 for 3 gram jar (can’t find the fl. oz. anywhere for this, but I think it is .07 fl. oz.)
MUFE Aqua Creams – $22 for .21 oz
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner – $9.99 for .106 fl. oz.
Stila Small Smudge Pots – $21 for 4, .07 fl. oz. each
L’Oreal H.I.P. liner – $10.19 for.159 fl. oz.
*Many of these I bought during sales of 15% to 30% off.

So tell me, how do you like to use these products? Do you prefer to use them as primer, liner, base, or shadow? Do you have any of these? Are there any you’d recommend?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • Swatches are helpful. I didn’t think much of pomegranate in the top picture, but seeing it on your eye made me really like it. This is why we need your website

  • I have one MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ochre) that I use over UDPP almost every time I wear makeup. I use it because I have discoloured eyelids and this covers it up so the true colour of the eyeshadow can show. I also have Stila Cobalt Clutch, Purple Pumps, and Little Black Dress….I find they work much better as eyeliners than as a base or eyeshadow….they tend to flake a bit when I use them as such. I do love that Pomegranate one though, I really enjoy that red and gold look you did with it!

  • I really love my MAC Paint Pots – I was really excited when Cham-Pale released some new ones…a little sad that I never got to try the Flammable Paint…it was a gorgeous red, although I am excited to see Pomegranate…what a pretty colour! Thank you for the post 🙂

  • Bare Study was my favorite shadow primer at one time too, when I was just learning :). I didn’t realize it was making my eyeshadows duller, I just figured I needed to pack on more! It was great for making my eyeshadows stay put, and looking at my pot now, I nearly hit the bottom (although there’s lots on the sides) before I started looking at other eye primers. I haven’t used it in ages!

  • My experience with Paintpots can’t be worse. They crease on me, becomes oily and shadows don’t apply evenly on top of it, plus, the colors look washed off and I have a problem to get opacity. I have an almost full jar of painterly I only use when I’m not wearing any makeup to cover the little veins on my eyelids.

    I love Fluidlines though. Can’t live without my Blacktrack!

    • Wow! I’ve had problems with Delft creasing on me, but I used to use Bare Study every day as an eye shadow primer.

  • I totally lust after paint pot and fluidlines. I came really close to buying Siahi but by the time I got there it was sold out. 🙁 After thinking about it I think I’d rather get cheaper imitations of these products because they’re expensive and they’re only going to dry out before I can use them all. I’ve mainly been using my Physician’s Formula gel liner trios and Indelible cream shadows as bases and to line. Love them. 🙂

    • You know, I LOVE the PF gel liners. I didn’t list them because I exclusively use them as liner. Silly me. I just wish I could buy the black with blue glitter gel liner in a 3 pack instead of with other shades.

  • Might you consider doing a mini-price comparison for the different brands and amount of product you get? Can’t help noticing the Stila pots are bigger.

    Also, is it a horrible sign that I immediately knew Starry Night and Siahi on sight, DESPITE OWNING NEITHER OF THEM??

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