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More Hello Waffle Swatches

More Hello Waffle Swatches

I wanted to share some of my Hello Waffle swatches with you. I purchased these quite a while ago. Like I mentioned in my Hello Waffle Gods & Goddesses post, HW has a sale going on for the next few days. All color below are vegan except the ones noted otherwise.

More Hello Waffle Swatches

Hello Waffle is cruelty free and based in Canada.

$4.15 halfling eyeshadow
$7.75 full size eyeshadow
$6.75 halfling highlighter
$10.75 full size highlighter

Where to Buy
Hello Waffle

All of the jars with sifters contained a sticker over the sifter. The half sizes had tape on the side. None of them leaked and they were all quite full. I really adore the company logo with the cat. It’s so cute.

All of these were swatched on Coastal Scents Step 1 primer with bdellium 777 brushes except for the highlighter, Lavender Cream.

Hello Waffle Gene Swatch

Hello Waffle Gene Swatch

Gene (not vegan)
Black base with violet shift and silver sparkles
Awesome black with blue-violet shift and looks like a purple iridescence.

Hello Waffle Edgar Allan Purr Swatch

Hello Waffle Edgar Allan Purr Swatch

Edgar Allan Purr
Matte black base with blue, turquoise, and violet microshimmers.
Black with blue shift and blue, turquoise and violet sparks.

Hello Waffle Timeline Swatch

Hello Waffle Timeline Swatch

Dark navy with teal shift and light aqua sparkle
Rich dark navy with teal iridescence and blue sparks. More blue than green toned.

Hello Waffle Call Me Ishmeow Swatch Hello Waffle Call Me Ishmeow Swatch

Call Me Ishmeow
White with seafoam blue sheen
Iridescent white with pale turquoise blue shift

Hello Waffle 23 Swatch Hello Waffle 23 SwatchHello Waffle 23 Swatch

23 (not vegan)
Rose gold shimmer, more on the rosy side.
Pretty rose gold with a pink base, golden iridescence and gold sparks.

Hello Waffle Asterik Swatch Hello Waffle Asterik Swatch

Matte brown base with magenta shift and sparkles
Deep cool  brown with subtle pink sparks

Hello Waffle The Blind Neighbor Swatch Hello Waffle The Blind Neighbor Swatch

The Blind Neighbour
Dark charcoal brown with subtle pink shift and pink-ish purple sparks
Deep brown with a soft baby pink sheen and pinky and purple sparks

Hello Waffle Angel of the Flower Swatch Hello Waffle Angel of the Flower Swatch

Angel of the Flower
Flowery magenta with violet shift and blue sparks
Soft orchid pink with violet sheen and blue sparks

Hello Waffle The Color Purrple Swatch Hello Waffle The Color Purrple Swatch

The Color Purrple (not vegan)
Medium toned purple with a cool violet glow
Midtone purple with violet, pink and blue sparks

Hello Waffle Lavender Cream SwatchHello Waffle Lavender Cream Swatch

Lavender Cream
Creamy white with lavender sheen. Ethereal.
Soft creamy white with a soft lavender purple sheen

Hello Waffle Eyeshadow Swatches
Asterik – The Blind Neighbor – Angel of the Flower – The Color Purrple – Lavender Cream
Hello Waffle Eyeshadow Swatches
Gene – edgar allan purr – timeline – call me ishmeow – 23

Gene, Edgar Allan Purr and Timeline are so gorgeous. I love them to bits! 23 is really pretty, too.

Call Me Ishmeow makes a great eye highlighter or is fun to layer on top of the deeper shades in a halo look like with Gene, Edgar Allan Purr or Timeline.

Lavender Cream really does have a pretty, etheral glow to it, perfect for the cheek.

Gene, Timeline and Edgar Allan Purr would be great as liners or for smoky looks. 23, Angel of the Flower, and The Color Purrple would make great lid shades. I think Asterik and The Blind Neighbor would make nice crease shades or liner colors.

I keep falling in love with dark shades like Gene, Timeline, and Edgar Allan Purr and I finally figured out a way to wear dark shades like these on Pinterest in a mostly single eyeshadow look. You just need the dark shade and a matte base shade.

How would you wear these shades?



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