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Hello Waffle Greek Gods and Goddesses

Hello Waffle Greek Gods and Goddesses Review and Swatches -

Not too long ago I won the entire Hello Waffle Greek Gods and Goddesses Collection in a Hello Waffle Facebook Giveaway. Naturally, I was excited by this! Today I’m bringing you my swatches and review of this collection. I was very excited to see Hello Waffle do Greek Gods and Goddesses because I always like gods and goddesses (Iron Druid anyone? Or maybe Lost Girl?) and she chose fun names rather than ones you’d expect. Almost the entire collection is vegan; only The Renowened Artificer is not vegan.

Hello Waffle Greek Gods and Goddesses

For those of you who don’t know, Hello Waffle is a cruelty free company based in Canada. From now until July 4th, get 15% off with code EH in celebration of Happy Canada / Independence Day. All order over $30 before shipping and after discounts get a limited edition lip color called It’s Pronounced Zed.

Where to Buy 
Hello Waffle

$4.15 (halfling)
$7.75 (full size)

Let me just say, after swatching some lackluster eyeshadows that were patchy and lacking pigmentation, it is so nice to swatch some eyeshadows that are highly pigmented. Like most loose eyeshadows, Hello Waffle eyeshadows have good pigmentation, blendability and they’re long wearing on me with primer. With hooded, oily eyes if I try to wear eyeshadow without primer, my eyeshadow is gone in less than an hour. Additionally these have a lot going on. They’re complex colors and they’re pretty!

Because these are multidimensional colors I swatched them on Coastal Scents Step 1 eyeshadow primer, using my bdellium 777 brushes. I tried to capture all the complexities that you can see in these eyeshadows.

Hello Waffle Greek Gods and Goddesses Review and Swatches -
Hello Waffle The Unseen SwatchHello Waffle The Unseen Swatch
The Unseen (Hades)
An inconspicuous brown with silver-green to silver-red to green-gold shift. Some sparkle.
Deep cool brown with silver to green shift. From some angles it looks turquoise blue and gold

Hello Waffle Savior of Sailors SwatchHello Waffle Savior of Sailors Swatch

Savior of Sailors (Poseidon)
Glowing sapphire with turquoise to blue to violet shift.
Deep, glowing blue with blue-violet shift, from some angles I see turquoise in the shift. This is such a cool color.

Hello Waffle Bringer of Storms SwatchHello Waffle Bringer of Storms Swatch

Bringer of Storms (Zeus)
Stormy purple with a barrage of green to blue shift.
Deep, blue-toned purple with turquoise blue to green shift. I really wish there was no green in this because I love the base shade and the turquoise blue shift but I’m less fond of the green. It makes me think Hulk MAD!

Hello Waffle Of the Wildland SwatchHello Waffle Of the Wildland Swatch

Of the Wildland (Artemis)
Light lilac with pink to blue shift and a twinkling of pink and purple shimmer.
Lilac purple with pink, purple and blue sparks. I love this shade so much! It’s perfect for a lid shade to brighten the eyes.

Hello Waffle Goddess of Love SwatchHello Waffle Goddess of Love Swatch

Goddess of Love (Aphrodite)
Pale dusty pink with silver to green to blue shift.
Light dusty pink with fine sparks of silver, blue and green.

Hello Waffle Of The Glinting Helmet Swatch Hello Waffle Of The Glinting Helmet Swatch

Of the Glinting Helmet (Ares)
Dark helmet green with red to orange to pink shift.
Warm army green with yellow undertones and orange to pink sparks.

Hello Waffle Guide into the Underworld Swatch Hello Waffle Guide into the Underworld Swatch

Guide into the Underworld (Hermes)
Dark orange with red to gold to bronze shift.
Rich metallic orange with pink to gold sparks.

Hello Waffle Light of the Sun Swatch Hello Waffle Light of the Sun Swatch

Light of the Sun (Apollo)
Intense metallic gold with a subtle red to blue shift and an explosion of blue and golden green sparkle.
OMFG stunning metallic gold with red, blue, gold and green sparkles.

Hello Waffle The Renowned Artificer Swatch Hello Waffle The Renowned Artificer Swatch

The Renowned Artificer (Hephaestus)
A shimmering golden tan with green to red shift.
Light golden tan with peach undertones, golden shift and green and red sparks.

Hello Waffle Greek Gods and Goddesses Review and Swatches -
Of the Glinting Helmet – Guide into the Underworld – Light of the Sun – The Renowned Artificer
Hello Waffle Greek Gods and Goddesses Review and Swatches -
The Unseen – Savior of Sailors – Bringer of Storms – Of the Wildland – Goddess of Love

My favorites in the collection are Light of the Sun, Savior of Sailors, Of the Wildland and Bringer of Storms. I also think The Unseen is pretty neat for a brown.

Colors like Savior of Sailors and Bringer Of Storms I would use at the outer lid, outer crease, as a smoky cat eye liner shape or as liner. The Unseen and Of the Glinting Helmet would make nice crease colors. Of the Wildland, Light of the Sun and Guide into the Underworld would be beautiful on the lid. The Renowned Artificer and Goddess of Love would make great inner lid shades. Of the Wildland, Goddess of Love and Of the Glinting Helmet might make fun one wash colors, too. See my first Hello Waffle feature! See more Hello Waffle Eyeshadows and Lavender Cream highlighter!

How would you wear these shades?



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