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Microblading Eyebrows Experience


Microblading Eyebrows Experience in Tampa, Florida

I wanted to share my microblading eyebrows experience with you. This past Saturday I had my eyebrows microbladed at Totally Polished by Thisha. If you’re in the Tampa area, I highly recommend seeing Thisha! You can also find Totally Polished on Instagram.

Microblading Eyebrows Experience

Not sponsored. I received a blogger discount. All opinions my own.

What My Brows Looked Like Naturally

Before Microblading

What my eyebrows looked like before microblading. You can’t easily see, but the eyebrow on the right side has a scar in the front of it.

What the Microblading Tool Looks Like

Microblading Blade

What the Microblading Blade looks like.

What My Brows Looked Like Immediately After the Procedure

Immediately After Microblading

What my brows looked like immediately after the microblading procedure was finished.

Thisha and Courtney

Me with Thisha. She looks great! I have no makeup and you can see my rosacea.

3 Days After the Microblading Procedure

3 Days After Microblading

What my brows look like 3 days after microblading.

3 Days After Microblading

An extreme close up. I can’t wash my brows for 14 days.

3 Days After Microblading

What I’m Wearing Above

  • RCMA Foundatio in KA-2 – foundation
  • Bite Beauty Gelato – blush
  • Aromaleigh Digitalis Purpurea – contour
  • Makeup Geek Starlight – highlighter
  • Notoriously Morbid Osteomancy – highlighter (on top of Starlight)
  • Bite Beauty Gelato + Nectar – lips (I don’t like Nectar & will be returning it)
  • NARS Eye Paint in Transvaal – eyeliner

I’m thrilled with how my brows look! They look better now than they ever have in my entire life.

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Microblading, which is also called eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, eyebrow etching, 3d eyebrows etc is a type of semi-permanent makeup. It creates natural looking, full brows. I found it to be a pretty painless experience, as you could see in the video. I chose to get microblading done because my brows are naturally pretty thin. I’ve never overplucked them or anything like that. In fact, I didn’t even start shaping them until I was 30!

What do you think of microblading?

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  • This is such an interesting technique/procedure. I love how your brows came out.

  • So interesting to watch the process. I think your brows look great! Glad it worked out so well

  • This seems like the perfect solution for me, as I was born with a biotin deficiency and have super sparse brows I fill in with a brow pencil every single day (exhausting!). Unfortunately after some detective work it seems microblading is generally around $800. Time to play lotto.

    • It does vary by city. In Tampa it’s between $500 – $700. In NYC it’s between $700 – $1100. I hope you’re able to find someone that fits your budget!

  • I found a local business that does this. Their website pictures are great. I’d have to call for the price. But how do I check references?

  • Shout out for the Pink Floyd reference in the video! Thank you so much for sharing a video about this entire process and doing a voiceover. You really helped me understand a technique I’d never heard of before. I’ve always had heavy Brooke Shields brows, but I know that won’t last forever and I would definitely look into this when I get to the point where I lose fullness.

    Also, your purple and black nails are absolutely incredible! Did you do those yourself? If so, I would love to know what colors you used!

    • Thank you! And yeah I wasn’t sure if anyone would get the Pink Floyd reference. It just seemed appropriate. I’m very glad that Thisha let me film the experience so that people could see it’s not scary or painful (which is what I thought it would be!) My nails are KBShimmer Orchidding Me? (purple) with a black creme called Cult Nails Nevermore, but they don’t make it anymore. KBShimmer has a black creme called Eclipse that you can use. Eva, my nail tech did the nails 🙂 To recreate you paint the base color of Orchidding Me? and then use a makeup sponge to create a gradient with the black, and go over where the 2 colors meet with Orchidding Me? on the makeup sponge too.

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