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What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul 3

What I'm Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul 3

Today I’ve got another What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul 3 video to share with you.  I’m giving you my rationale as to why I’m not buying these things, rather than riding the hype train. I want unique, awesome makeup to add to my collection. This video is for entertainment purposes. I didn’t make it to bash anyone or any brands, but I am sharing my opinion.

What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul 3

If you’re in the mood to watch another anti-haul, check out Eyes On Allison’s 3rd Anti-Haul. Or binge on Kimberly Clark’s videos!

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Products Mentioned

What collaborations between brands and bloggers have you liked? What would you like to see in a collaboration? What products have you bought that have lived up to the hype? What’s been a let down?

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  • To be perfectly honest, I am getting sick of all the (especially) YouTube collabs. I realize that YT is the new, hot advertising platform, but the wat a lot of cosmetic companies are using it reminds me of a group of middle-school-aged girls. “Look what’s HOT and now offered by your BFF Guru! Don’t you want to be like your BFF Guru!? Buy me!” It’s manipulative in a way that advertising has never been in the past. Especially considering that these collabs will cost these girls, or most likely their parents, a lot of hard-earned cash.

  • The NikkieTutorials palette seems disappointing to me. The quality of the shadows just doesn’t seem that good in the swatches I’ve seen. It’s too bad. I don’t have any similar palettes from Too Faced, so I was actually considering that one.

  • I really like the packaging for some of these products, but, as I mentioned in my comment on your YT video, that is not enough justification for me to shell out $$$!

  • You raise many great points in your video: buying palettes when you already have the shades; price per ounce of foundation – cost effectiveness; re-promoted colours in pretty packaging that ultimately you will throw out and generally spending your hard earned money wisely. Well done Phyrra.

  • I love my Holographic stick, but it’s definitely suited to a specific skin type and a specific effect. It makes a pretty great giant-size moonbeam-colored lip balm.

  • haha To be honest, I’d not heard of ANY of the things you mentioned except the Power of Makeup collection, which I bought recently. The other stuff is probably not stuff I’d check out anyway…

  • I love your anti-haul videos. I had just talked myself into buying the Hourglass foundation but now I’m second guessing that. I didn’t realize how little product there was.

  • I really enjoyed this! What a great idea. I’m trying to be a smarter consumer, and your video is very helpful in posing the right kind of questions to ask before buying a product.

  • I love your anti-haul videos! Promoting smart consumerism is very wise! I try not to impulse buy. I have and love the HOURGLASS Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation. Funny enough, I just reviewed it today! It definitely only has a small amount it, but it is very concentrated, and I only use a tiny amount.

  • I love that you’re showing the TF Power of Makeup palette. I was so drawn to it because of the heart-shaped pans, of course, but I do not need it so I will pass too

    • I feel like if you have the Stardust palette, or one of the holiday palettes, you have most of the palette, or even the totally cute palette.

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