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Mermaid Skeleton Costume

Mermaid Skeleton Costume How to Cosplay and Makeup

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my mermaid skeleton costume with you, or as I like to call it, undead but delicious! I bought this costume a few years ago from Leg Avenue, and for some reason, I had it in two different sizes, so Dave and I wore versions of this on Halloween for our last Halloween party. I’m wearing an S/M, and he’s in an M/L.

Mermaid Skeleton Makeup

Lethal Cosmetics 1UP palette was used to create a black to navy blue to icy teal and green eye a blue hooded eyes makeup look Cordelia used Danessa Myricks Infinite Chrome Flakies in Pixie Dust to mimic iridescent mermaid skin on her face

Wearing a mermaid fin headband, Cordelia looks down to show her icy blue makeup Sugarpill Sub-Zero lipstick, Lethal 1UP palette used to create this makeup look

Mermaid Skeleton Costume

Nyx Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen in Gray Black
Lime Crime Sleek Black Pomade Pencil


Urban Decay Sin Primer
Smashbox Harley Quinn (LE, Smashbox currently has a black just like this called Dracula) – lid and lower lid
Lethal Hit Point – all over the lid and lower lid
Lethal 8-Bit – to blend out edges
Concrete Minerals Glitter primer – edges
Lethal Final Boss – edges
Nabla Black Cupid’s Arrow – waterline
Lethal High Score – lower lid
Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

Auric Glow Lust in Morganite 2.0
Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Blurring Balm in Shade 1
By Mario Softsculpt Transforming Skin Enhancer in Light
Nyx So Taupe Sweet Cheeks Glow blush
Black Moon Jellyfish highlight
Danessa Myricks Pixie Dust iridescent on the high points of my face and neck

KVD Poe pencil (probably discontinued because mainstream edgy brands seem to have lost their edge and gotten rid of their cool colors)
Sugarpill Sub-Zero lipstick

About Face Shaken or Stirred liquid highlighter – all over arms, decollete, neck, hands, and feet


Madam Glam Perfect Black gel polish – the base color
Daily Charme Abracadabra gel polish – top color
Daily Charme Mystic Amethyst holographic glitter mixed with a tiny amount of mermaid scale glitter – accent

How-to: Mermaid Skeleton Makeup

How-to Undead Mermaid Costume and Makeup

Below is how I created this makeup look step-by-step.


  1. I applied Urban Decay Sin Primer (a shimmery champagne beige) to my eye area.
  2. Smashbox Harley Quinn black cream shadow was applied to the lid and lower lid and blended into the crease like I was creating a single eyeshadow look.
  3. I lined the waterlines with Nabla Black Cupid’s Arrow.
  4. With a Sigma E25 brush, I patted Lethal Hit Point on top of Harley Quinn and blended out the edges.
  5. I used Lethal 8-Bit to blend out the edges of the blue Hit Point.
  6. With a flat brush to apply Concrete Minerals Glitter primer to the visible edges of my eye area above the crease and lower lid.
  7. The stunning Lethal Final Boss was blended on top of the Glitter primer.
  8. I smudged Lethal High Score at the lower lash line.
  9. I finished the look with Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara, but I recommend using false lashes for more impact. My favorite are Velour Would I Lie? no-trim lashes.
  10. I used Nyx Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen in Gray Black to sketch in my tail, then beefed up the rest of my brows with Lime Crime Sleek Black Pomade Pencil.


  1. I applied Auric Glow Lust in Morganite 2.0 all over my face and blended it to my neck.
  2. About Face Shaken or Stirred liquid highlighter was applied with a stiff body brush all over my neck, decollete, shoulders, hands, and the tops of my feet. I wanted every visible piece of skin to glow.
  3. Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Blurring Balm in Shade 1 applied by finger tips all over to blur and even out skin tone.
  4. By Mario Softsculpt Transforming Skin Enhancer in Light was applied with an angled blush brush to my cheeks, jawline, and hairline.
  5. Nyx So Taupe Sweet Cheeks Glow blush added a bit of definition to the hollows of my cheeks.
  6. Black Moon Jellyfish was used to highlight the tops of my cheekbones, the center of my forehead, and my clavicle bones.
  7. I used a flat brush to paint Danessa Myricks Pixie Dust onto my forehead, the tops of my cheekbones, neck, and clavicles. I wanted to create an iridescent mermaid-type skin effect without doing scales.


  1. KVD Poe pencil, a deep navy blue like Nyx Jet Set, to line and fill in my lips.
  2. Sugarpill Sub-Zero lipstick completed my look by applying it on top of the pencil.

Mermaid and Merman Skeleton Costumes

Cordelia and Dave dressed as mermaid skeletons

Dave used the arm pieces and headband to create his casual mermaid skeleton costume. Or should I say, merman?

The Last Halloween Party of 2022

Here are a few photos from our last Halloween party of 2022.

Cordelia and Dave are dressed as skeleton mermaids and Carlye is dressed as a candy corn clown in between them

The magical, talented Carlye hosted the party. She created her costume, a candy corn clown.

Tania dressed as Lydia from the Beetlejuice cartoon and Cordelia as a skeleton mermaid stand behind Oogie Boogie

Our friend Tania dressed as Lydia from the Beetlejuice cartoon. She and I are hanging out with Oogie Boogie.

Cordelia has a surprised Pikachu face in front of the sandworm Cordelia stands in front of a life sized sandworm from Beetlejuice, screaming in terror

We had a ton of fun with the life-sized Sandworm inflatable!

Cordelia and Dave, dressed in their skeleton mermaid costumes are in an awkward prom picture pose in front of the sandworm

Carlye asked for an awkward prom skeleton mermaid photo pose in front of the sandworm, and she got it!

Final Thoughts

Cordelia sitting in a chair holding Phobos the sphynx cat

I wound down the evening holding Phobos, the sphynx cat, occasionally giving some sphynx spanks. This was a very comfortable mermaid skeleton costume, I might slightly modify the top before I wear it next time.

We had a wonderful Halloween this year! How did you celebrate? Did you dress up? The other costume I did this year was my Goddess Persephone Cosplay. I also wanted to do a Kuromi cosplay, but I needed more time to complete it.