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Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2018

There are many makeup trends that need to die in 2018. Today I'm sharing my top 6 that I'd like to say bye to. This video was inspired by a discussion in the PhyrraNyx Facebook Group. Join us there to talk about makeup and life!Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2018

There are many makeup trends that need to die in 2018. Today I’m sharing my top 6 that I’d like to say bye to. This video was inspired by a discussion in the PhyrraNyx Facebook Group. Join us there to talk about makeup and life!

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Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2018 Look

Wearing Melt Cosmetics She's In Parties Eyeshadow Stack Wearing Black Moon Cosmetics Eternal Liquid Lipstick

Bobbi Boss Yara Purple Wig
Witches Do It Better Shirt (similar style)
Rogue & Wolf Eclipse Necklace
Bellabeat Leaf Urban

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Glitter Glue
Milani Prep Set Go Setting Powder
Colour Pop Say I Do – transition
Melt Last Caress – crease and lower lid
Melt Meanstreat – outer v and outer lower lid
Melt Dark Matter – outer v and smoked out at outer lid and outer lower lid
Melt Skeleton Kiss – lid and inner v
Makeup Geek Celestial – highlight
Colour Pop Jet Set Black brow pencil
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Eylure 05 Accent Lashes 

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer 
Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick in Blanc 
Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten foundation in Porcelain 
Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush in Euphoric Fusion – blush
Urban Decay TMI – blush
Makeup Geek Celestial – highlight
Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray 

Kat Von D Lolita pencil
Black Moon Eternal liquid lipstick

KBShimmer Deck the Claws with a rose gold glitter accent

I am seriously in love with this hair color on me. I think I need to see about switching from my teal blue to this silvery purple. I’ve never had a purple so light before. I normally go bright or dark. However, I really love how this particular shade of purple looks with my skintone. I think it works because the dark roots balance it for me.

Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2018 Video

At the end of this video, I put in clips of Phaedra and Nyx playing. They were noisy AF when I recorded this video. My girls just had to play fight. Seriously though, I love watching the two of them play together.

I had a lot of fun filming my makeup trends that need to die in 2018 video, despite the interruptions from my canine companions. If you would like to see more videos like this, let me know your suggestions in the comments below.

Unrelated to this video, KBShimmer’s Winter collection is live. I’m wearing Deck the Claws in this video and I love this color. It’s been years since I’ve felt like wearing red nails but the amazing shimmer in this polish stole my heart. It makes me think of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

What makeup trends do you think need to die in 2018? What do you want to see become popular?

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  • I can’t stand that Instagram highlighter. Makeup should enhance your looks, not be able to be used to land planes.

  • I couldn’t agree more, no more warm neutral palettes. They are so unflattering for pale redheads like me.

  • Even the people who want to wear a warm neutral palette, how many do they need? Every frigging palette? Thank you for saying this. Every time I go to other blog sites and see yet another warm neutral palette, at least I know that on this site, I will be seeing the purples and all the other cool shades. And the dogs are wonderful– what a pair!

  • YES! Because I am one of the people who missed out on Pastel Goth and I am bitter to this day. Just make stuff that’s awesome and KEEP MAKING IT!

  • Yes, LE everything needs to go. Also, companies hyping up new releases to sell out in 6 seconds. It’s a marketing ploy, we all know it, now knock it off. I agree with more cool toned palettes too. All I want right now is a bomb cool toned neutral palette with a nice mix of shimmers, satin, and mattes.
    I would also like to see brands stop taking beauty influencers on trips around the world and sending them two or three or four of the same items. Instead, invest more in development and new/better products.

  • I’m with you on the coke snort nose, I find it very unflattering on literally everyone. I feel like it’s one of those trends that we will look back at in 20 years and make fun of (like drag brows and way overdone lip injections). But those people genuinely love the look, so I would never say anything to them out loud.

    • Since I can’t edit my comment, I want to note that I think drag brows look totally fab on actual drag queens. The “instagram” brows are a poor appropriation of the sub-culture IMO.

  • Overly done brows, overly contoured face, highlighter that screams “Beam me up Scottie”, false lashes with every look and spritizing what looks like half a bottle of setting spray at the end of the makeup! These just annoy me no end.

  • The one thing I would like to go away which IMO will never happen is over filtered/over photoshopped Instagram makeup selfies. I want to see regular girls enjoying makeup without the unnecessary filters.

  • Just hate that by the time I get a product it’s already gone. Why bother reviewing it then? And I’m so ready for the orange palettes to be gone. Give me some cool tones please.

  • First I am in love with the shade of your hair in this video…. amazing! I agree with all of the trends you listed, and I would include super bold, dark, utterly over done brows! Please, some of them are scaring the children! If not done carefully and with a fair amount of skill they just look harsh and aging. I may just be jealous because,any attempt on my part to do more then tap in a little powder makes me look like Eugene Levy. Lol. But I really don’t think “drawn on with Sharpie” flatters anyone.

  • Hi! Enjoyed your video!
    Two things I hope will go away – first, microblading brows because they all look the same to me. Second, lash that are too long and obvious because they’re pointing in different directions.
    Don’t we all want to look natural but groomed?

  • Great video! The extreme contour is awful. It always has been. What about extreme concealer? For some reason, one day I tried to do concealer like influencers do, with the concealer of choice (Tarte Shape Tape), and after smearing it around for 20 minutes, had to wash my face and start all over. I still never get under eye concealer “right” and end up just using foundation, but this is a trend I’d like to see die … or influencers should have a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer. I wish you could fly to Portland, btw, and use my Pastel Goth palette on me. I love looking at it, but still have not quite figured it out. It has gorgeous purples and grays. I agree that Ltd edition palettes suck, but here’s another reason why: It is so obnoxious to get one right away out of fear it will sell out, then to see it on sale not long after.

  • As much as I don’t care about trends and they have always been irrelevant to me, I loved your rant. I hope cosmetics manufacturers, especially the big ones who have the deep pockets, will expand their color offerings whether in shadow palette colors or foundation shades, to be more inclusive all the time

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