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Makeup Geek Tropical Palette

Makeup Geek Tropical Palette Review Swatches Dupes
I wanted to share my Makeup Geek Tropical Palette that I put together. This is definitely not a color palette for the meek, it’s for the bold! I think it can sometimes be hard to see color combinations and ways to use your collection when you have a lot of eyeshadow singles, so I hope this helps.

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Makeup Geek Tropical Palette

PR + purchased by me.

This is my 5th installment in my DIY Makeup Geek palette series. Since you’ve asked for more, the upcoming palettes are a Teal palette, Green palette, Grey palette, and Cool-toned palette. If you have requests for a palette be sure to let me know below.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows are cruelty free, talc free and paraben free. They’re also made in the USA.

Where to Buy
Makeup Geek

$6 each for most shades (.064 oz)
$10 for foiled shades

Yes, this is my small holographic z-palette that I adore. Makeup Geek offers small and large z-palettes in other colors too.

Makeup Geek Tropical Palette Review Swatches Dupes

Row 1 – Poolside – Mermaid – Neptune
Row 2 – Pixie Dust – Typhoon – Peacock
Row 3 – Simply Marlena – Mandarine – Creme Brulee

All swatches are on Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer.

Makeup Geek Poolside swatch Makeup Geek Poolside, MAC Cool Heat dupe swatch

Poolside (a MAC Cool Heat dupe)
teal with gold flecks
Bright turquoise blue shimmer with gold flecks. Super pretty and summery. It’s great for a lid shade or as a pop of color on the lower lash line.

Makeup Geek Mermaid swatch Makeup Geek Mermaid, MAC Steamy Dupe swatch

Mermaid (a MAC Steamy dupe)
teal with gold iridescence
Midtone turquoise blue with gold iridescence. This is a fun, complex color that works well on the lid. You can also create a halo eye with it layered on top of Peacock.

Makeup Geek Neptune swatch Makeup Geek Neptune, MAC Atlantic Blue Dupe swatch

Neptune (a MAC Atlantic Blue dupe)
bright blue matte
Bright midtone blue matte. You can use this as a lid or crease color, or to blend out the edges of Peacock.

Makeup Geek Peacock swatch Makeup Geek Peacock, MAC Plumage Dupe swatch

Peacock (a MAC Plumage dupe)
deep teal blue matte
Deep teal blue matte. This is a great crease color or liner color. I also like it as the base for a halo eye.

Makeup Geek Pixie Dust swatch Makeup Geek Pixie Dust, MAC Sweet and Punchy Dupe swatch

Pixie Dust (MAC Sweet & Punchy dupe)
shimmery lime green
Shimmery yellow-toned green. This is a beautiful bright shade. You can use it as a lid shade. You can pair it with Poolside for a super fun look.

Makeup Geek Typhoon swatch Makeup Geek Typhoon swatch

deep teal blue base with green and gold shift
Deep blackened teal blue base with green and gold shift. Complex color. Great for a dramatic look. You could use it on the lid or crease.

Makeup Geek Simply Marlena swatch Makeup Geek Simply Marlena swatch

Simply Marlena
bright pink with gold flecks
Rosy pink with subtle gold flecks. This can be used on the lid or crease. You can pair it with Mandarine or Pixie Dust for a fruity, tropical rainbow type of look. Or make a soft romantic look with it on the lid and a neutral crease.

Makeup Geek Jester swatch Makeup Geek Jester swatch

bright moss green with gold shimmer
Complex mossy green with gold shimmer. This makes a beautiful lid shade. It would look good paired with Pixie Dust on the lid, or as the center of a Halo eye with Typhoon. It will also work with any of the blues.

Makeup Geek Mandarine swatch Makeup Geek Mandarine swatch, Sugarpill Flamepoint dupe

bright orange with gold flecks
Beautiful bright orange with subtle gold flecks. This is a blindingly bright orange. It could be a fun lid color or liner color.
Makeup Geek Creme Brulee swatch Makeup Geek Creme Brulee, MAC Soft Brown Dupe, Jeffree Star Courtney Dupe swatch
Creme Brulee (a MAC Soft Brown dupe, also a good dupe for Jeffree Star Courtney)
sandy beige with peach undertone matte
Peachy beige matte. I picked this so there would be a neutral warm crease color. It can work with all of these shades.

Makeup Geek Tropical Palette swatches review

Row 1 – Mandarine – Simply Marlena – Pixie Dust – Neptune – Poolside
Row 2 – Creme Brulee – Jester – Typhoon – Peacock – Mermaid

Since this is a tropical palette, there are a ton of punches of color here. I was inspired by birds of paradise, both the plant and the animals, the beautiful ocean surrounding Maui, and the lush foliage you can find there. Now, if you don’t like having a bright pink and orange in with the rest of these greens and blues, I suggest swapping for one of the following – Lemon Drop (bright shimmery yellow), Fuji (light apple green matte), Houdini (teal green foil), Center Stage (bright royal blue foil), or Pegasus (bright aqua foil). If you want a cooler-toned neutral for the crease, I would choose Barcelona Beach (sandy taupe matte).

DIY Makeup Geek Series

What do you think of my Makeup Geek Tropical Palette? Let me know!

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  • How do you work these eye colors in when you love a bright lip? I ALWAYS wear a bright and/or deep berry/fuchsia . . . usually matte or semi-matte . . . my HG being NARS “Funny Face,” but I also use some of the more purple-pulling mattes from MAC, or NYX “Sweet Pink” matte with their “Shocking Pink” in a thin layer on top. It’s my trademark, and I am told I’m just not “me” without it. Nude or safe-colored lips don’t do a thing for me!

    I’ve found that the only eyeshadow I can pull off with the hyper-boldness of my lipcolor is a shimmery cream, taupe, or light gray/silver in one simple lid application. I also tightline and waterline my top lashes and apply mascara, excellent brow products, and, with carefully-applied full-coverage (but good! Beauty-Blender!) foundation, it’s and done. Am I missing out on something here? I feel like if I really brought eyeshadow color fun into the mix I’d be clownish (don’t even get me started on blush—I’m not even tempted.) Am I missing something here?

  • Ahh, those colors are so bright and pretty! I don’t think I can pull off most of those colors as my everyday makeup, but Jester is absolutely gorgeous.

  • I think this is my favorite DIY MUG palette you’ve done. I love all the brights. Mandarin looks absolutely stunning. I’m bookmarking all these posts for when I try MUG again. Next time around, I hope to pick better shadows.

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