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How to Apply Lucy Minerals Original Foundation

How to Apply Lucy Minerals Original Foundation
Today I’m sharing a demo video on how to apply Lucy Minerals Original Foundation. This is an organic, cruelty free, gluten free, vegan, anti-aging mineral foundation that is packed with antioxidants. It’s surprisingly creamy, almost like applying a liquid foundation. It does not dry me out or irritate my sensitive skin. At the time I’m posting this, Lucy Minerals is having a 20% off sale.

How to Apply Lucy Minerals Original Foundation

Makeup Geek Contour , Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil, & Vice Lipsticks press samples. Everything else purchased by me.

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Lucy Minerals

$16 in a 30 gram jar with 10 grams net weight.

How to Apply Lucy Minerals Original Foundation

Lucy Minerals Courtney - 55% Snow White, 45% Light

This is my custom mix called Courtney, which is 55% Snow White, 45% Light in the loose version.Lucy Minerals Courtney - 55% Snow White, 45% Light
This is the pressed version I made. It also has a bit of MAC Lightscapade in it, as I was trying to use that up. Lightscapade was purchased when MAC was cruelty free. I think that with the pressed version, I need to add a bit more of Snow White to it.Swatches of Lucy Minerals Courtney, 55% Snow White, 45% Light

Swatches of Lucy Minerals Original Foundation in Courtney, both the pressed and loose.

Wearing Lucy Minerals Pressed Foundation
Wearing Lucy Minerals Pressed Foundation. I really feel like the pressed version melds with my skin.
Wearing Lucy Minerals Loose Foundation
Wearing Lucy Minerals Loose Foundation

Wearing Lucy Minerals Foundation Wearing Lucy Minerals Foundation Wearing Lucy Minerals Foundation


About Lucy Minerals Original Foundation
Lucy Minerals Original Foundation is made in the USA. It’s free of waxes, preservatives, fragrance, talc, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, and bismuth oxychloride. It’s got a creamy texture due to the high percentage of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Zinc is soothing and antimicrobial. Allantoin is anti-irritant. Apple Poly Polyphenols, trans resveratrol, green coffee bean extract and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (a form of Vitamin C) are all antioxidants.

zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, magnesium stearate, iron oxides, allantoin, Apple Poly® polyphenols, trans-resveratrol, green coffee bean extract, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.

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I first ordered this foundation on May 3rd and it arrived on May 7th. I’ve been wearing it for most of the month of May and all of the month of June. I wore it exclusively on my vacation in Traverse City, Michigan. I felt like it made me look good without having a ton of product on my face.

Between the two, I feel like pressing the foundation did make it slightly darker, though I think both look pretty good in photos and in the video. I didn’t retouch the photos above. I wanted you to see the results of the foundation. I really feel like the pressed version of the foundation applies closer to a liquid foundation and melds with my skin, looking like skin. The loose version is very creamy too, and I think it looks pretty good on my skin as well. On the sides of the apples of my cheeks closest to my nose, I feel like I need primer because things don’t look quite right.

I did research a little about the ingredients. Allantoin (usually made from comfrey) is a soothing, protecting, anti-irritant ingredient. Resveratrol (from red grapes) is a potent antioxidant with signifiant anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for rosacea and sensitive skin. Green coffee beans are good sources of fatty acids and esters, to help with moisturizing the skin, as well as being an antioxidant. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is a stable antioxidant to help with moisture and elasticity.

I’ve tried pressing this foundation a few times and mostly failed. We’ll see if my last pressing is successful or not. I did make videos on how to press this foundation and how to press your own highlighter. I’ve had nothing but successes with my highlighters. They’re super easy to press because of the shimmer. Mattes are trickier. This mineral foundation has such a unique ingredients listing, which is why I think it’s hard to get it to press properly.

How would you recommend applying this foundation? How would you apply concealer under the eyes with it? I’m always worried about it getting cakey under there so I often skip it rather than have cakey under eyes. If you have any thoughts on the best way to press this, I’m all ears. I’ve tried both Silk Naturals Pressing Medium and TKB Pressing Medium.

Let me know your thoughts below!

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  • Powder foundations usually look terrible on me, but I love the way it looks on your skin. I didn’t know you could make your own pressed powder thats pretty neat!

  • I’ve had such mixed results with mineral foundations that I tend to just skip them, but this one sounds really promising and your skin looks really great.

  • So glad you did a video on this! I LOVE this foundation. I hope this video gets them some new customers, they truly deserve it. I like the pressed side maybe a bit more! I might press mine, but I’m weary of ruining it. You look so lovely in the last pictures!

    As for concealer, I actually use this as concealer! I find that it gives the most amount of coverage with the least cakey look of all of my concealers. Make sure to set it though, as it might crease (the My Pretty Zombie setting powder keeps it crease-free for me). Just using this as a concealer gives the same amount of coverage as my NYX under eye concealer + normal concealer does. 🙂

  • It’s funny that you posted this since I just got my samples today. And I have the UD brush! Can’t wait to try it!

    • Yeah for me with foundation, I want to cover my redness and blur any imperfections in the skin. I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a heavy mask.

    • I bought 2 jars of foundation – Snow White & Light – and then mixed until I had the right ratio for my skintone, which was around 55% Snow White, 45% Light when it’s loose. For pressed, I think I need a bit more of Snow White.

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