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Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection

Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection Review Swatches Comparison

Today I’ve got the Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection swatches to share with you. I’ve also done comparison swatches for my favorite colors, of course. This collection is very nice, formula wise.

Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection

Where to Buy
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$6 for regular eyeshadows
$10 for foiled eyeshadows

Fall 2016 Foiled Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek Take Two swatch

Take Two
olive green metallic
This is a dirty khaki / olive metallic. This is an interesting twist on a neutral that I think will be very popular. You can pair it with a soft crease color like Bake Sale or choose a dark green.

Makeup Geek Epic swatch

emerald green metallic
This is a very pretty emerald green metallic. I think it will look great with most of the existing greens in the collection.

Makeup Geek Limelight swatch

lime green metallic
This is a really gorgeous, multi-dimensional lime green. Limelight would make for a great center of the lid or lid shade and it will work perfectly with greens and blues.

Makeup Geek Sorcery swatch

deep slate metallic
This is my favorite of all the new shades. Sorcery a stunning blue-toned grey metallic. This works well as an outer lid color or lower lid shade on me.

Makeup Geek Hype swatch

Amethyst purple metallic
This is a really pretty purple with a deeper purple base and stronger pinky purple shimmer. I really love this color. Hype works well with pinks, purples and berries, especially as a lid color.

Makeup Geek Plot Twist swatch

Plot Twist
medium periwinkle metallic
Light periwinkle shimmer. This is great to pair with blues or purples as an inner lid color.

Makeup Geek Nostalgic swatch

bubblegum pink metallic
Metallic pale pink. Nostalgic works well as an inner lid shade or a highlight.

Makeup Geek Curtain Call swatch

Curtain Call
cranberry metallic
Such a pretty metallic red. Curtain Call a beautiful color to pair with Legend.

Makeup Geek Legend swatch

warm bronze metallic
This is an absolutely stunning golden bronze metallic. Pop Legend on top of Cherry Cola in a halo eye and you will be blown away by the results.

Fall 2016 Mattes and Shimmers

Makeup Geek Bandwagon swatch

dusty taupe matte
This is a light taupe brown matte. If you’re looking for a soft no-makeup eyeshadow color, I think Bandwagon would make a great natural crease color.

Makeup Geek Faux Fur swatch

Faux Fur
mink brown matte
This is a cool toned taupe brown matte. To me Faux Fur is a deeper version of Bandwagon.

Makeup Geek Bake Sale swatch

Bake Sale
nougat brown matte
This is a light brown with peach undertones matte. Bake Sale would make a great transitional shade. I think it’s flattering on my skintone.

Makeup Geek Pocket Change swatch

Pocket Change
soft bronze shimmer
This is a light bronze shimmer. Pocket Change is a nice daytime lid color for blue eyes.

Makeup Geek Lucky Penny swatch

Lucky Penny
rosy brown shimmer
This is a soft slightly rosy brown shimmer. I think Lucky Penny would work well on brown eyes.

Makeup Geek Sidekick swatch

cinnamon brown matte
This is one of those popular orange-brown matte shades that I see everyone making this year. I think Sidekick is the perfect name for it.

Makeup Geek Early Bird swatch

Early Bird
pumpkin orange matte
This is a pretty soft pumpkin orange matte. I actually think Early Bird would be fun to use with Sugarpill Flamepoint.

Makeup Geek Tan Lines swatch

Tan Lines
fawn brown matte
This is an orangey brown matte.

Makeup Geek Cabin Fever swatch

Cabin Fever
chestnut brown matte
This is an orange-toned brown matte, deeper than Tan Lines.

Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection Swatches and Review

Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection Comparison Swatches

Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection Swatches and Review

Makeup Geek Fall 2016 Collection Swatches and Review

I definitely think you could try the colors that I swatched together as eyeshadow combos if you’re looking for tips on how to pair eyeshadow colors.  I will be doing a look with Kaleidoscope and Sorcery soon, because they’re just so stunning together. I also think that Masquerade, Hype and Caitlin Rose are a beautiful trio, especially with Phantom to highlight.

Between the two sets, I really like the foiled better than the regular eyeshadows. With the foiled, I feel like you’re seeing a lot of new, fun, gorgeous colors being added to the collection. I’m guessing that Curtain Call and Legend are going to be very popular, possibly the most popular out of all the new foiled shades. Limelight is stunning in person, so I hope to see some really creative looks with it.

With the regular eyeshadows, I feel like you’re being drowned in warm tones. I get that warm tones/orangey browns are on trend this year (though it feels like they’ve been on trend my entire life), but I feel like a lot of the new shades are very similar to existing colors. As a blogger, I understand better than most that you can’t please all the people, all the time, but it would be nice to see colors other than brown or orangey brown coming out. I think I’m just burnt out on them. (pun intended)

I honestly hope that we see Makeup Geek make Mars (from the MannyMua palette) permanent. I’d also love to see a deep matte burgundy with no brown tones added, too. I’m always happy to see more purples and greys, too.

My favorites from the Makeup Geek Fall 2016 collection include Sorcery, Hype, Limelight, Curtain Call and Legend. From the mattes I like Bandwagon, Faux Fur, Bake Sale and Early Bird. I do think this is a much better release than the Spring 2016 collection.

Oh, before I forget, Marlena gave an AWESOME sneak peek of a new highlighter that’s coming out soon. I’m really excited by it because it will work on pale skin, as well as people who love duochrome highlighters! Thank you for this Marlena!

What do you think of the Makeup Geek Fall 2016 collection? Let me know below!

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