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MAC Me Over – Swatches & Thoughts

I thought I’d share swatches with you of the few things I picked up from MAC’s M.A.C. Me Over collection, as well as a few other products you might like. I only purchased a few items from this collection, which is huge! It’s got something like 51 pieces in it.

To begin with, I wanted to show you Blackberry, since that’s what I’ve been using to fill in my brows. I really like Blackberry because it’s got some deep red, violet, and brown tones in it, so it seems to work with my dark hair without feeling too dark. Next to that, I’ve got the highlighter shade, Creamy Bisque (MAC Me Over). Creamy Bisque is a light creamy shade with just a touch of pastel-peach or pink to it.

Blackberry to darken my brows and Creamy Bisque patted under my eyebrows, no primer.

Next, I swatched three fluidlines for you: Midnight Blues (MAC Me Over), Siahi and Waveline. Siahi, as you know, is my favorite deep teal shade. Midnight Blues is more of a navy blue, where as Waveline is a darkened royal blue. I really like gel eyeliner, even if I’ve not been wearing it much lately. These are all nicely pigmented and long-wearing, which is especially great if you have oily lids like I do.

The only lip product of the bunch is Blossom Culture. It’s actually from Seasonally Supreme. To me, it’s a light coral pink and really nice for a more natural lip color.

Stunner (MAC Me Over) is definitely a light blush shade and it gives me a really nice glow. You can see how light it is in comparison to the rest of the blushes I swatched. Fleur Power is definitely a deeper shade that has more coral to it, making it the darkest blush of the bunch. Peachykeen is more peach-orange tone by comparison with lovely shimmer. Dollymix is, of course, pink with shimmer.

Me wearing Stunner on my cheeks.

Shade Descriptions:
Blackberry – muted burgundy-plum brown (matte)
Creamy Bisque – dirty ivory with pearl (frost)(MAC Me Over)
Midnight Blues – blackened blue (MAC Me Over)
Siahi – deep turquoise blue
Waveline – solid flat black
Blossom Culture – soft pink with pearl (sheen supreme)
Stunner – light coral pink (satin)(MAC Me Over)
Fleur Power – soft bright pinkish-coral (satin)
Peachykeen – very baby peach (sheertone shimmer)
Dollymix – pure candy pink (sheertone shimmer)

Hopefully it helps seeing the different blush shades swatched together.

What do you think of the blushes? How do you feel about MAC’s MAC Me Over collection? Did you pick up anything from it?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been needing a new eyebrow color. I have been secretly loving yours! Blackberry looks amazing on you! I haven’t bought a MAC product in over a year (it was a 239 brush, and some firsts for my best friend’s 16 year old: her first makeup brush, black eye liner and one other item). Anyway after seeing this post, Blackberry, Creamy Bisque, Stunner, (& possibly Fleur Power or Dollymix), Blossom Couture, Siahi, Midnight Blues have been on my list. The MAC site says some items are Sold Out, so I’m hoping I can find them in the Mac store or in the counter in Nordstrom.

    Thanks again for sharing these great finds 🙂

  • I bought a few things from the MAC Me Over collection. I love Prince Noir lipstick for example. However, my favorite thing is the 211 eyeliner brush! I used an angled eyeliner brush before, and while it gives me a good thin line, I can never get the winged eyeliner look. I can put on my gel eyeliner much faster now and with a perfect wing with the 211.

    • I looooove Siahi! I’ve had Waveline for forever. Midnight blues is a nice deeper shade 🙂 I’m a big fan of these since they stick around so well. What’s your favorite eyeliner?

  • Looks like you picked up some great colors! I’m still new to MAC. I just got my first order the other day. Still not sure how I feel about the shadows for the price…

    • There are many great indie shadows out there 🙂
      MAC was my first makeup love, thanks to Ray, so I always find myself going back for a few things.

  • I originally thought that the Dollymix would be much darker, but it’s actually very pretty. I like the Blossom Culture gloss a lot- it’s a good everyday color. Can’t wait to see how you use the the blues.

  • Fleur power looks lovely. I need to pick up blackberry to fill in my brows, mine are black and since i changed my hair color to red I think blackberry will do perfectly. I picked three lipsticks, prince noir, rebel and runway red.

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