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Long Textured Rainbow Pixie Hair

So Thursday I colored my hair and my friend Corinne’s hair. We had a great time doing it. My color really needed a touch up. If you’re following me on Instagram, you already saw this. But if not, here it is 🙂

I mixed Ion Color Brilliance Fuchsia, Magenta and a touch of purple to make the bright pink shade. I used the Ion Color Brilliance Orange for the orange. For the Purple, I used Ion Color Brilliance Purple, mixed with a tiny bit of Manic Panic Voodoo Blue. The purple faded to a brown base before so I wanted to add some blue to prevent that.

Fuchsia, Magenta, Purple and Orange Fuchsia, Magenta, Purple and Orange

As you probably know, I have a Hair Inspiration board on Pinterest. I pin all the beautiful hair that I see there. Jedi Ana shared a gorgeous hair cut with me that I decided I’d take with me to the salon. 28i41mp

It’s gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. I thought it would be perfect with my multi-colored hair.

I absolutely love how it turned out. To me, it’s like a long textured pixie. I think it frames my face nicely. I keep saying I’m going to grow my hair out, but then I see a short cut and chop it off!

The colors remind me of a Maui sunset – pink, purple, orange.

What do you think of the cut and color?

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