KBShimmer Moumantai Flames Mani

KBShimmer Moumantai Flames Mani

KBShimmer Moumantai Flames Mani

Hey y’all! I wanted to share this fun KBShimmer Moumantai Flames Mani with you. KBShimmer sent me Moumantai as a PR sample, so thank you KBShimmer. Moumantai is a part of the upcoming October Polish Pickup release. I’ll have the KBShimmer All the Fall Things Collection and Halloween Trio to share with you later this week. For those of you who don’t know, KBShimmer is a cruelty-free indie nail polish brand and almost everything they make is vegan. (AFAIK)

Oh how I love indie brands and Halloween! Indies do Halloween releases and collections the best.

Here’s what KBShimmer says about Moumantai

School can be stressful, even more so when you are finishing up college and working full time. Wanting to be an adult but still clinging to childhood, I woke up on Saturday mornings just to watch cartoons. A cartoon I loved to watch in 2001 was Digimon Tamers. The computers and electronics pumping out data formed a second world, a digital world. Through a computer program and evolution, digital monsters emerged, befriending kids and fighting other Digimon to save both worlds.

Moumantai is catch phrase used by one of the Digimon meaning, “take it easy,” and this polish is very easy on the eyes! A deepened indigo base straddles between navy and purple. Shifty flakes accent the deep color by shifting between a lush lime green and bright turquoise, into cobalt and gold. This nearly jelly polish builds perfectly in 2 coats, but longer nails or those with starker nail lines may prefer 3.

KBShimmer Moumantai Flames Manicure

KBShimmer Moumantai swatch KBShimmer Moumantai Flames Mani KBShimmer Moumantai Flames Manicure

We’ve had lots of rain lately. I haven’t been able to catch any sun for swatching. It was spitting rain when I took these photos, so you don’t see this color in its full glory.

KBShimmer Moumantai is a stunning polish! I see an indigo-navy base packed full of flakies. The flakies shift between green, gold, teal and blue to me. I love this color and just put it on my toes.

To create my KBShimmer Moumantai flames mani I used a one coat black creme polish and nail art stickers. Cult Nails Nevermore has been my favorite one coat black creme polish for years and I bought 5 bottles when Cult Nails went out of business. KBShimmer makes a great one coat black called Eclipse, which I do recommend, if you’re looking for one.

I purchased the holographic flames on Amazon, though the seller I bought them through is gone so I linked you to a new one.

If you like the look of KBShimmer Moumantai, you can pick it up during the October Polish Pickup. I love this color and formula!

Final Thoughts

I’m still practicing my nail art and nail application skills. This week I finally lost my fear of the e-file and was a little too aggressive around my cuticle line, so I’m using the KBShimmer Deep Cashmere cuticle oil to help heal them. I love the roll-on design for easy application to the cuticles.

I’m using the Beetles Base Coat for my initial gel base. Orly Builder in a Bottle works best for me to build up my naturally very flat nail bed shape. I then apply my Apres Natural Short Stiletto Full Coverage Tips. At the recommendation of my friend Maria’s awesome Facebook Group for Nail Art, I picked up this tiny LED Spot Light to make it easier for the step where I apply the tips onto my nail beds. This light has made it so I no longer have spillage / seepage around the cuticle line! It’s so helpful. I just cure it for 5 seconds under this light until I get the entire hand done. Then I switch to my purple nail lamp to cure my hand for 60 seconds. Voila! My nails are on solid and secure.

What’s on your nails right now?


  1. What a beautiful manicure. I love how you adopted the flames with the KBShimmer Moumanti – so unique. I’m addicted to PPU, wearing an August color right now as a matter of fact. As usual KB will tempt me to buy again.

  2. I LOVE KBShimmer and I’ve bought 2 of their recent PPU polishes. I may have to pick this one up too. I love this mani!

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