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Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Swatches

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Swatches

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Swatches

I wanted to share a sneak peek of my Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette swatches. This isn’t a review. This palette arrived in the mail yesterday, so these are quick swatches. This palette is 100% vegan. I believe this is limited edition. The upper part of the swatches are on primer, the bottom is on bare skin. My skintone is Cover FX N0.

From left to right we have China White – Vanity – Courtney – Rich Bitch – Confession – Violence – Princess – Star Power – Expensive – Black Rainbow.

China White is a pale creamy matte. Vanity is a deep brown matte. Courtney is a peachy nude matte. Rich Bitch is a metallic gold with gold glitter and it has some fallout. Confession is a cranberry brown metallic. Violence is a plum purple shimmer. Princess is a frosty pale pink. Star Power is a bad ass hot pink matte. Expensive is a balanced metallic teal. Black Rainbow is an ultra pigmented black with rainbow glitter matte.

This palette is very hooded eyes friendly because of all the mattes. Also, I love that there’s a shadow named Courtney.

The Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette is still available at the JSC website. It’s $45.

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I also did a ton of swatching this weekend so you can also see the new

What do you think of the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette?

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  • HAHA I just finished asking you on fb if you had a sneak peek of this and you do, these shades really are killer!!!! This one and Art Nouveau from SB are special!

  • Assuming they still have stock left on Friday, I will be buying it for myself. I wish the purple was swatching more true to color, but other than that I am dying for that neon pink and the teal.

  • I’m hoping stock holds out till I get paid on the first. I wish the purple were more purple, but it’s still a gorgeous palette.

    • I agree with you about the purple. I sort of feel like the cranberry and purple are too close to each other. The formula is excellent in my opinion and I’m impressed that I could travel with just this palette and be able to create looks.

      • Yes, now that I know that the formula is nice I’m really considering it, love that its travel friendly. I’m loving the two new lip Velours coming out!
        OH I haven’t seen that social media stuff, being away and resting up. But I don’t mind at all about them being big pans, and the price point isn’t bad.

  • Your swatches look great! I feel that what makes the palette good is also what ruins the palette. The pans are too big and with the pigmentation being extreme , one would never get through it all, so in the end, it is kind of a waste of money. I have too faced pretty rebel palette and it kind of reminds me of this one.
    On another note, I don’t like how he has been conducting himself on social media. I feel his personality is ruining his brand. He went off on that you tuber for no reason, accusing him of defamation. Come to find out others are having the same problem with the King Tut highlighter. His bragging about buying Loubitons and buying Rolls Royce’s on his snap chat , have really turned me off to him. I won’t be buying from him unless it is something I really want.

    • I believe the pans are .09 oz each, which is definitely a very generous pan size. However, by comparison, Sugarpill pans are .12 oz, Urban Decay .05 oz, Makeup Geek .064 oz, Kat Von D Metal Crush are .10 oz and the big pans in the Kat Von D Shade + Light are .08 oz. As a hooded eye girl I’m pleasantly surprised that I could travel with just this palette and be able to make a complete look since it includes mattes for a base shade, a transition, and contour.

      Yeah I’ve seen some things on social media that are really not what I would call professional.

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