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Tarte Grav3yardGirl Swamp Queen Palette Swatches

Tarte Grav3yardGirl Swamp Queen Palette Swatches

Tarte Grav3yardGirl Swamp Queen Palette Swatches

I wanted to share a sneak peek of my Tarte Grav3yardGirl Swamp Queen Palette Swatches. This is not a review. This palette arrived yesterday, so these are quick swatches. The palette smells like subtle chocolate to me, but it’s supposed to smell like vanilla. I guess it just smells sweet and tasty to me! I believe this is limited edition. The top part of the swatches are on primer and the bottom part are on bare skin. My skintone is Cover FX N0.

From Left to Right, the first is Does This Thing Really Work? blush – Sippy Sippy – Dogman – Sassy Bun – Uncommon – Haunting – #SFS – Mancat – Natural Peaches – Big Baby – Gator Wings (highlighter). Below Does This Thing Really Work? blush is Sweet Tea bronzer.

Does This Thing Really Work? is a pink with a hint of plum and subtle gold iridescence. Sippy Sippy is a deep brown with gold glitter and fallout. Dogman is a deep orange-toned brown with subtle gold sparkle. Sassy Bun is a peachy brown with golden copper shimmer. Uncommon is a mid-deep brown with hints of lavender and gold iridescence. Haunting is a light-mid brown with hints of lavender. #SFS is a subtle but pretty rose gold with a rosy beige base. Mancat is a deep plum-toned brown matte. Natural Peaches is a light peachy nude satin-matte. Big Baby is a light warm beige matte. Gator Wings highlighter is a light champagne gold. Sweet Tea is a bronzer.

Where to Buy


It’s currently sold out at Tarte but it will be back in stock again soon. I believe it will also be available at Sephora and Ulta.

I feel like there should have been a green in there or something.

I also did a ton of swatching this weekend so you can also see the new

What do you think of the Tarte Grav3yardGirl Swamp Queen Palette?

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  • I’ve seen swatches and demos, I just can’t get excited for another warm leaning brown palette. I really like maybe 3 shades. I was hoping she’d go cool toned. Super cute packaging, and I like that it has a blush, hlight and contour. That’s OK, $45 for another palette! I’m planning on picking up Texas Toast though!

  • I have been trying to buy The Swamp Queen Palette I have search all over where may I get this I am trying to buy before my daughters birthday. This is all she wants her birthday is July 10. Please let me know where and when I can get this. Thank You Doris Rasmussen

    • I’m pretty sure this launches online at Ulta mid-June. A quick Gooogle search will turn it up. It’s releasing (including online/instore) I believe six times! Besides Tarte, Ulta has it next. Good luck!

  • I love all the colours.
    Do you know if they are vegan friendly or if any of them contain carmine?

  • Thanks for the swatches love! I signed up to be notified, I wanted it when you described it and I saw the photo, it just seemed special but now with the swatches, they are really gorgeous tones, and will work with my ever increasing shadow collection(the ones I’m reaching for the most are Semi Sweet, MannyMUA, Viseart Theory in Chrome(I have more photos of that to show you) and ofc Saucebox, the pigmentation looks really lovely and rich, can’t wait for your review! XOXO Is it just me or did anyone notice that Sephora switched to Canadian prices, I tried with signing in and without, maybe I made a mistake????

  • Lovely palette. A swamp green would have been a nice pop of color in the palette, and gone with the theme.

  • Love this i think colour selection is spot on no others needed i personally never use green but would use every colour in this

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