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What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul!

What I'm Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul Video
Happy Teal Thursday! Today I’ve got a what I’m not gonna buy! Anti-Haul! to share with you. I wanted to make a fun and hopefully funny video about eyeshadow and blush palettes that I’m not going to buy, plus my reasoning for not wanting to buy them. This is inspired by Kimberly Clark and her Anti-Haul series. Please check out her series, because it’s awesome.

What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul!

My makeup is a mix of press samples and products purchased by me. I didn’t buy anything in this video. All opinions are my own.

This video does have closed captioning, so you can watch it without sound.

What I'm Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul Video - Too Faced, Violet Voss, Morphe, Tarte and Viseart

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Unicorns for Unity T-Shirt

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Cult Nails Nevermore (black creme base)(discontinued)
GlitterDaze Dancing a Go-Go

Bunny Paige Dragonfly Necklace

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill Tako, Kim Chi, Poison Plum, Bulletproof, Grand Tiara, Lumi
Nyx Microbrow in Black
Glossier Boy Brow in Black
Urban Decay 24/7 Zero Pencil

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly
Lucy Minerals Pressed Foundation in Courtney
NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder
Glamour Doll Eyes Skeletina -- contour
Aromaleigh Minerva, My Pretty Zombie Oxycodone, Femme Fatale Creeping Coffin -- blush
My DIY Purple Swirl Highlighter
Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

Urban Decay 24/7 lip pencil in Pandemonium
Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Heroine
My DIY Purple Swirl Highlighter

What are you planning on not hauling?

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  • I thought I was by myself on the sticker palette. Thought maybe I had missed something. I can buy stickers at Dollar Tree and put on a palette if I had that desire. I thought maybe there was a lot of grown women missed playing with stickers? I really couldn’t figure that one out. I’m not with the all the Neutral palettes. I noticed quite a while back there was a lot of them and now more. I don’t have budget for a lot makeup. But I don’t feel like I missing out. I do enjoy KC videos too. I enjoy ur blogs and videos also. Love u r fellow hooded eye person that is not early 20s. I’m late 40s and would so enjoy more mature women problems than those of so many young. So when I find someone even close to my age I have to watch or read. Because really some of these girls have no idea what under eye crepeness is about. I’m newer to the Beauty World by about 3 urs and I love it and have learned a lot. But after while some of seems to be a lot of the same reviews just different ppl giving them. And that can be important. Thanku so much for all u do.

  • There are SO many products that fly off the shelves and I just don’t get the hype, like at all. Awesome name for the series, I’ll definitely check out Kimberly’s entries!

  • While I love a good neutral palette, all the brands did neutral overload. When the same brands keep pumping out neutral palettes it gets old :/

  • Courtney,
    HI! Given that you do have such an extensive collection of makeup I would love to see a “shop your stash” video. Maybe include some old favorites you haven’t used in a while because you’re always testing new stuff.

  • So much love for this video – I think a bit like disappointing products videos it’s interesting to see some negative opinions along with all the inevitable hype haha. Also, YES there are way too many neutral palettes out there. Plus palettes masquerading as bright palettes that throw in too many neutrals. Xx

  • Thanks for calling out all the neutral nonsense. So many brands just put out one boring neutral palette after another because they know it’s easy and it will sell. Then you see Urban Decay Electric palette getting so much use on the other hand because there’s no one filling that void for bright, fun colors in a palette. I would buy it but since the parent company sells in China it’s not cruelty free and not all the shades are eye/lip safe.

    Here’s to hoping some companies like Kat Von D and others will step up and bring some exciting, fresh colors to the palette game.

    • Hi! Urban Decay is cruelty free and Leaping Bunny certified. Their parent company L’Oreal is not cruelty free. I personally support Urban Decay because I choose to support cruelty free brands, even if they have a non cruelty free parent company. I believe that supporting animal-friendly companies goes a long way toward the eventual elimination of animal testing.

      • Hi, totally understand your approach. I’m just torn with cases like Urban Decay because of the parent company situation. I strongly prefer companies where even the parent company doesn’t test. Also, I’ve discovered that Mehron I-intense palette in Fire and Ben Nye Lumiere palette sort of fill the Urban Decay void in brightly colored looks, though they aren’t as vibrant.

  • Oh my gosh sorry for the multiple comments-chat more later that Nikkie /TF come on! It’s also packaged somewhat like their Holiday palettes-the quality of all of their Holiday palettes are always so poor I find(just from looking) and And Tarte, I’ve just never liked the look of the shadows-I think I bought one mini one that included a few shades a while back-nononono! I do like other products, like the lip products etc. Now the Grave3yardgirl becauseI loved your swatches,and I do love the warms, but I may go ahead and just get the UD Gwen for $39 vs probably $50 for the T/G that but if I do, that combined with the MannyMUA(which was such a great buy) that’s enough of those! The MANNY was and IS great. but you HAVE and THIS has really helped me—because it just happens in the past few months I HAVE to cut back on buying, And I tell people in general that’s why I dislike buying from Sephora-it’s great to find those gems, with Sbox(that fulfilled my matte neutral needs totally, I did gift it though-tell you the story later-so I will pull the trigger when I have extra and get the Viseart Matte Neutral because I’ve wanted it for so long-and I skip so many highlighters because really, they bring out redness in my skin, so immediately when I saw the Jaclyn Hill madness I said nope! I’d rather save up and buy Kevyn Aucoin’s signature one, because it’s a very light flattering glow. And although I love NARS and the DI and all their color collections I said well I have these shades now, and I have the Steve Klein Palette with 4 smaller dual intensity shadows that I love-Tan Lines for example, do I need a “rich hazlenut shade” , the Di LTD palette I really like and that is something that I don’t have a lot of at all-and at first when I saw the Boheme I said wow I want more color that’s great and thank you SO much for telling me about the shimmers and you are so right. I absolutely LOVE the Theory palette, which was $45 not $80, the mattes-insane-the shimmers are in my opinion and I even wrote that in my comments in IG in a nice way-they aren’t shadows to use on their own-when you press into them with the brush it was like hmmm(and I’m not a big shimmer person) I only use them just with a light touch to add a little bit of “sultry” to the look, to use their term.

  • I agree Cindy, I am thinking about the Grave3yard girl because I DO love the shades not sure yet, after reading Courtney’s post and seeing the swatches-there are WAYYYYYYY too many hyped up collabs/collab palette. And then you get into buying something just “to have it”. If you look on Instagram you see it too much. I would rather buy a single item that I love than buy the newest thing-for example if you are looking for a great matte palette/matte neutral-go for the Saucebox Etude, first of all you get 4 gram pans-so much product-the best mattes I’ve ever used., that was a gem I found via Courtney! They have singles too now, all amazing. And I’d rather skip 5 “okay” things and get one more expensive thing. Because I think there are some things worth investing in-people do know Hourglass but that’s a brand I love, it has gotten hype because of the Ambient line but they have other great products. And that Sticker Palette is a NO for me too! I may re-purchase because I gifted it to a good friend who’s makeup I did for her graduation and she loved it so much. And there are so many finds that are not “the newest thing” but will be great for you. I didn’t buy the Jaclyn Hill Collection at all-it’s not going to work for me, and a good example with BECCA-part of that collection included a shadow palette-and it was a total miss! It didn’t look nice to me and then boom I saw Courtney’s shade swatches-and it was a total blowout-and the BECCA classic palettes, the Ombre Nudes and the Ombre Rouge are wonderful-the Rouge doubles as blush! And I’m going to watch the vid because she’s going to talk about Viseart-which IS an amazing brand, I lived in Paris and saw the store-so I bought one of their Theory palettes a mini sleek palette, a travel easel 3 mattes three shimmers, and I learned that the mattes ARE amazing, but the shimmers aren’t my favorite, they are wonderful as a compliment over the mattes just a teeny bit applied to add a sultry highlight in areas of the eye-and so that leads me to Phyrra’s video! I’m not a shimmer person it’s not my thing anyway, so when I learned that from her I was thinking about investing in the palette she talks about for color, but that’s a skip! 🙂 🙂 So Im a new-er blogger starting out, promoting cruelty free, and so I have more makeup than the average person, well because I love it-and I don’t have an unlimited budget, so that also forces me to think about better choices for me!

  • You look so vibrant. When I looked at the Too Cute palette I was turned off by the stickers. Cute for a young teen, not for an adult though. I’m trying not to haul anything but there are a lot of polishes that are calling my name.

  • I agree, I’m not going to buy the new Too Faced Too Cute–stickers are for pre-teens! I’ve been off of Tarte also, I don’t need one more neutral palette.

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