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What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul #4

What I'm Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul #4

What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul #4

It’s time for another What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul #4. You wanted another one, so I made it! Featuring Too Faced, Pat McGrath, Jouer, Ofra, Unicorn Horns, Tarte, Hourglass, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Lipstick Queen. I was looking at a lot of Holiday Sets and Kits when I made this, so most of these are from Sephora and Ulta’s gift section. This video is for entertainment purposes only. It’s not a brand bashing video. I’m promoting smarter consumerism.

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1. Pat McGrath Lip Kits – $60 to $10
2. Too Faced Sweet Peach Cheek Palette – $ unknown
3. Jouer Eyeshadow Essentials Palette – $40
4. Ofra Sculpting Set – $59.95
5. Unicorn Horn Brushes – $60
6. Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe – $49
7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette – $44
8. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette – $80
9. Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit – $45
10. Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Set – $45

I really want to know how you feel about brands marketing products like a blush or highlighter palette towards your average makeup enthusiast that are better suited to a makeup artist’s kit. Do you think it’s worth it to buy a palette where you can’t use all the items in it? Let me know!

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  • I agree with you Phyrra – I don’t buy blush palette because I know that I will only use one shade. I think I have mentioned before that I currently love the Natio Sunkissed blush mosaic – it has 3 shades of peach and a highlighter shade. I swirl my brush through all of them and it works for me.
    Also, if you buy a lot of makeup in certain eye shadow shades, your tastes may change and then you are left with all the palettes, quads etc that you no longer use.
    I really like the way you discuss why you are not buying the products – in a logical, factual manner. Great video.

  • Yes with the Jouer, I would say for someone who is new to makeup-great. But not for us. I was going to pull the trigger on the Hourglass, you know how much I love the brand-first of all, the Surreal Light is a nice shade, but the other shades, not in love with-I totally agree that I see a lot of palettes where you see a shade range that would be makeup artist perfect-now, the only exception I’m going to pull the trigger on for my bday is the Viseart Edit Sculpting Palette(ltd) with the contour shades-that too-light/medium/deep, but , all the highlight shades are ethereal and lovely and will work on fair skin, and the contours are gorgeous mattes, and the thing with those shades, the darker shade is a beautiful plum that you can use in a variety of ways, as shadow or as a blush with a light hand. And the light contour, and even the med and light mixed together will work. They did the same thing with the blush palettes, but in this case they did one palette that would work for fair, medium, and deep(in my opinion) so gorgeous, but one or the other. And brushes, I totally agree-as much as I love Wayne Goss, I’m not buying the Anniversary Set, I’m going to get the Eye Set-it has five eye brushes, and they are all those that I need, my eye brush collection is lacking in a huge way for eye. If I were to buy the Anniversary, it would be too $$ and what I don’t need. I couldn’t believe the Pat McGrath-they are selling that by name rec only-and it’s sold out I was shocked. When I first went on the page I thought it would have shadows, something! And it’s sad with TF, they do the same darn holiday shadow sets, the carousel, and the small one, and the bigger one-with a different city theme. I saw them at ULTA and I told the two moms with their daughters, I said if you really want to get good shadows, I would buy one of these,-I showed them the Chocolate Bars. And the ABH, I really think that Moonchild is soooo pretty, and this one has so many golds, it just wouldn’t work. I feel like with ABH, all of the shades of the Glow Kits, except for Sweets, are for light/medium. Another thing I’m NOT buying, even if it comes back into stock is the Huda Beauty Palette, the “textured” shades are pretty and pigmented, but the other shades are shades that someone like you would have or most of us beauty lovers would have.

      • Yeah and the same thing that happened with the Peach palette happened with that palette, it basically sold out in 1.5 min and so if it does get restocked at some point, I may buy it and review it because it would be nice to introduce a middle eastern beauty brand that is cruelty free. Same here , I haven’t seen a review of that sort either. When I saw her video going through the shades you can see the pigmentation is nice, so we’ll see 🙂 It was also hard to see a good close up on a lot of the shades, to see how many you’d have etc.

    • I know, isn’t it great?! With the Too Faced it’s such a bummer, because they do make great palettes and their regular shadow palettes are great-the Semi Sweet is one I use a lot, it’s got a great shade range, texture range, it’s neutral/warm. But it’s got shades like blueberry swirl for pops of color. But for holiday the pigmentation/texture is not up to par:( and they do the same thing, except for different cities, ie Christmas in in NY, Christmas in Paris.

  • Love this video! I still want to try that Too Faced Peach Palette (I love warm tones and I love the peach scent!). Your current hair is MY FAVORITE PHYRRA LOOK of all time!

  • Such a great video concept. It’s so easy to get a case of the “must have it all”s. That said, I am really into the unicorn brushes…

  • I love this video, Courtney! I know just what you mean by having unused products that mock you! LOL! There are so many things that I have purchased that I don’t use often enough, or at all, and the wasted money could have been used on something/anything else that would have ben used!

      • I know, me too! If things haven’t been used in a long time, or not at all, then there really is no justification to keep it– unless it can be used for something like comparison swatches. At a certain point between all of the press samples and purchases there ends up being too much stuff to manage. I might do some giveaways for the unused things, but I have also been thinking about donating to women’s shelters instead.

  • I try to avoid palettes and sets with things I’m not intending to use, although sometimes those things are useful for pushing your comfort zone a bit, so you end up trying things you never would’ve chosen otherwise.

  • I really love watching your anti hauls, and have considered doing these since seeing Kimberly Clarks video last year. I think they would totally hold me accountable to not buy.

  • I love these videos. The Pat McGrath is one I’d never buy. I think it might be nice to wear it while watching Rocky Horror Show but that’s about it. I have no cravings for the others either.

  • Heh! Heh! I had to cave on the Tarte blush palette. I am being more selective about my purchases, this year. I’m thinking about it more before I buy. I’m rather proud of myself. lol

  • I have a lip palette from Napoleon Perdis that I love playing with, but I definitely wouldn’t buy a contour palette or even a highlighter palette for instance that would be better suited for a variety of skin tones.

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