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How To Depot A Flirt! Dreamy Eyes Eye Shadow

I put together a little picture tutorial on how to depot a Flirt! Dreamy Eyes Eye Shadow. Since I’d never tried depotting eye shadows before, I wasn’t sure how hard or easy this would be. I tried watching some videos on youtube but they were hard to find and many had bad lighting, so I figured a picture tutorial would be helpful.

First up, you need the eye shadow and the following tools:
A towel, a pair of scissors, a knife and a candle lighter.

Please make sure that you’re in a well ventilated area, although with this method you’re not really burning plastic, so there shouldn’t be noxious fumes.

You’ll want to lay the towel down on a hard surface. Then place the eye shadow on the towel.

Open the eye shadow case up.

You can easily pop the mirror off, just keep bending it backwards and it will pop off.

Put the mirror off to the side, then lay the eye shadow face down, extended out as far as you can.

You’ll need to pop the bottom part of the case off. Use a knife CAREFULLY to pry the side that held the mirror off of its track inside. The reason you want the eye shadow on the towel is to cushion it, so you don’t break off the eye shadow while you’re forcing the case apart.

You can see below how I’ve forced it open.

Now the other side.

You can see both sides below are off the track.

Now you need to hold the shadow side (right side) down on the towel, while you pull/bend left with the bottom (left side).

Once you have it off, you have the hard part done! However, next you need to use heat. This is where you need the Bic Candle Lighter with the long stem. While the shadow is still facing downward, you take the long lighter (which you can hold down the button and keep it lit, away from your face) and run the flame along the bottom part of the pan for about 20 seconds. Basically you want the glue inside to loosen up.

After you’re done with the flames, you’ll notice a tiny little hole on the back.

Take your knife, again CAREFULLY, and put the tip into that hole and press. You should hear a pop as you’re loosening up the shadow.

Now flip your shadow over! Carefully, put your tip into the side between the pan and the plastic.

Then carefully get your knife under the pan to lift it out.

Then set the shadow to the side. Go to the original bottom of the shadow case, the one that was such a pain to remove. Carefully peel off the sticker with the name.

Then cut the sticker in half. I like to cut it small enough to fit on the bottom of the shadow.

Then you can place the label on the bottom of the shadow pan.

Finally, slip your shadow into a palette. Voilà! You’re done.

It took me three tries to get it done correctly. However, it works quite well. Make sure you start with your least favorite shade first, instead of your favorite!!!

Have you ever depotted shadows? These really were the first I’ve ever depotted. I’ve seen a bunch for depotting MAC but never tried doing it yet.



  • Ive depotted so many eyeshadows, blushes, powders etc! The most annoying by far were Gabriel, and Lancome!

  • thanks for doing this! i’ve got a bunch of flirt eyeshadows that are so freaking bulky, i never thought of depotting them!

  • I have never de-potted any shadows I own; but I really want to get started on my MAC ones because of the excess room they take up. I’ve seen some youtube tutorials, but I like written ones better. This tutorial was great because it was so thorough and easy to read 🙂

    • Thanks Sophie! I’m glad it’s helpful 🙂 I may try to make a video tutorial as a companion for this one. I tend to like written versions as well.

  • I just made a post on depotting! I did MAC shadows and then a couple NYX trios. 😀 I love doing it because it makes me feel like a crafter/organizer!

  • I tried depotting some Wet N Wild color icon shadows, and I won’t be doing that again (do not wish to repeat the time spent repressing them after they broke!).

    I had much better luck with a few others I depotted – PF eyebrightener, the freebie Sephora birthday shadow from last year, and an Elizabeth Arden duo. Depotting can be tricky!

  • When this popped up in my feed all I could see was the first picture and it just looked like a post on torture devices lmao! That’s what I get for watching crime shows 😀 I wanna depot a bunch on my stuff one day to make room

  • I’ve depotted MAC eyeshadows – once I pop the plastic part holding the pan, I fry it! 😀 I put it on a piece of aluminum foil in a frying pan, and put it on low heat for a couple of minutes, until the glue is softened and I can get the pan out with a knife. It’s the same idea as putting it on a straightening iron or holding it over a candle (I don’t have either) – you just need a heat source . I haven’t found there to be noxious fumes with the frying pan.

    What are the little round eyeshadows in your palette? They’re cute!

  • I depot my eyeshadows with rubbing alcohol and I find Mac’s eyeshadows are the easiest to depot with this method. The plastic is so soft you can easily peal it and then it’s easier to get the alcohol between tha pan and the pot.

    Why can’t everybody have Inglot’s magnetic system? It’s so much easier to depot their eyeshadows from the palettes 😀

    • So I should just take rubbing alcohol and carefully deposit it in the crack between the pan and the plastic? then use a nail file to pry it up?

      And yeah, I like the Inglot system.

  • I’ve never depotted before – too scared! I’d probably get shaky hands and ruin the eyeshadow!

    Btw, is that a Z palette? How do you like it?

    • That is a Z Palette 🙂 I do like it.
      I’ll be reviewing it.

      I damaged the first 2 I tried, but was fine with the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

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