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Have a Hauntingly Great Time at Cocktails and Screams Orlando

Have a Hauntingly Great Time at Cocktails and Screams Orlando

Have a Hauntingly Great Time at Cocktails and Screams

Recently my bestie Carlye took me to have a hauntingly great time at Cocktails and Screams in Orlando, Florida. I believe it’s the only Halloween themed bar in the area, so of course we wanted to go! Cocktails and Screams is open from 7pm to 2am Tuesday through Thursday, 5pm to 2am Friday and Saturday, and 4pm to midnight on Sundays.

Cocktails and Screams is located at 3 West Pine Street Orlando FL 32801.

What I Wore

Black Moon Sorrow Lipstick Witchy Wednesday Addams

Top – Agashi Melina Short Sleeve Bodysuit
Skirt – Lavender Witch Skirt (on sale for $19!)
Earrings – Open the Cellar Door Medusa Earrings
Handbag – Lux de Ville Elvira Purple Glitter Coffin Handbag (LE, discontinued)
Shoes – Croc Black Heels
Foundation – Milani Foundation Stick in Porcelain
Contour – Rituel de Fille Intuition
Lips – Black Moon Sorrow
Phone Case – Redbubble Pastel Bats Case

Cocktails and Screams

The Addams Family Nook Oogie Boogie Elvira Mistress of the Dark

Oogie Boogie

Inside the club there are lots of cute gathering areas for photos, as well as for chilling with friends and sharing drinks. They did a great job with the decor! The staff was dressed as witches and they were quite friendly!

Ladies Room

Lydia Deets Wednesday Addams Nancy from the Craft Purple Glitter Vampire Sink Wednesday and Courtney

The ladies room is totally bad ass at Cocktails and Screams! Each stall door has a Halloween themed lady on it. The sink and counter are made of a purple glitter material. The sinks are all skulls with vampire fangs. They look awesome!

A Gaggle of Goths


My friend Carlye looks adorable with that big pumpkin drink! We shared it because it was HUGE!

Dementia, Razzy, Svein, Jupiter

I felt so incredibly welcome with all of Carlye’s friends! From top left clockwise we have Dementia, Razzy, Svein, Jupiter, Robby, Carlye, and me.

Razzy Jupiter

Clockwise from me we have Razzy, Jupiter, Robby, & Carlye.

Robby, Courtney, Carlye

Robby, Carlye & I sharing this massive pumpkin!

Courtney, Carlye, Robby

I solemnly swear we’re up to no good!

Courtney, Carlye, Svein

Inky Dark Purple Hair

I had an amazing time with my friend Carlye and loved meeting all her friends. I love getting to spend time with a gaggle of goths! If you love Halloween or gothic themed bars, you’ll adore Cocktails and Screams. Every detail, down to the drinks, is perfection. It’s such a fun atmosphere! Don’t be surprised by the lightning crashing and lights flashing in the bar.

Have you ever been to a Halloween themed bar before? I think the only one I’ve ever been to aside from Cocktails and Screams is the Beetle House NYC.

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