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Hair Obsession: How I got ‘Khaleesi’ Blonde Hair

Hair Obsession: How I got ‘Khaleesi’ Blonde Hair

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Hey all! Erin here! If you don’t know me, I used to have a beauty blog called the Pretty Exclusive, currently write a neglected blog A Lady’s Letters and ran the perfumery Dorian & Dahl. Lately though I have been raising my almost four year old son AND our recent addition, my now almost three month old son. Let me tell ya, it’s a lot of work. But I have carved out some time to share with you how I got my dark brunette hair to be a gorgeous almost-white blonde, aka Khaleesi blonde.

Now, if you watch the HBO show Game of Thrones then you know who I’m talking about. If you don’t, you should. It’s epic.

From the first time Daenarys stepped on screen I have coveted her hair. Sadly, I look better with short hair… but that didn’t stop me from achieving a gorgeous white blonde in just a couple simple steps.

Step One

To go from dark to light, the easiest way is… that’s right, bleaching it. Some people can/are brave enough to do it at home, but since I had dyed dark brown hair before hand, see below, I decided to go to my local Aveda salon to get it professionally done.

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(Side note: this is my hair before; I was 40 weeks pregnant with my youngest. I got my hair done a few weeks later. I needed to change it up!) I recommend Avenda not only because their products are naturally derived but I have found the bleaching process is less damaging to both my hair and my scalp. I had no scalp burn or peeling, no itching during or after, and my hair felt like normal hair when all was said and done.

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Unfortunately, despite the bleaching process, the dyed tips of my hair (which I was growing out) only managed to turn a light rose color.

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While super pretty, it wasn’t the look I was going for. Luckily, I had an awesome stylist and she managed a gorgeous pixie cut. I was super pleased.

Step Two

While this was done at the salon (the process is called a bleach and tone) the color was still too yellow blond for my liking.

photo 3


Luckily, there was a beauty shop near by and I purchased a toner and developer to cool down the warm tones of my blonde locks the next day.

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I used Super Star 20 volume Cream Peroxide developer and Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde Color Charm toner. For the life of me I can’t remember the shop I bought these at, I think it was a Beauty Works, but with some searching online, I bet you can find it. I got both for under $10.

Per the directions I mixed one part toner with two parts developer. This means if you use one tablespoon toner, use two tablespoons of developer; this is also the amount I use when I tone but if you have longer hair, you’ll need more.

If you are toning your hair at home, make sure you WET IT first. Either take a shower or just stick your head under the faucet. The water allows the toner to spread over a larger surface easier than on dry hair. Don’t worry, the water won’t effect the end results. I left this particular toner on for maybe 5 minutes, probably less, but you can leave it on for longer, depending on the length of your hair and the color you want to achieve.

Something to note, toner doesn’t last. It will wash out/fade. Though my hair is still bleached (besides the roots), I do still have to tone it to a cooler, lighter blonde every 3 to 4 weeks to keep the color as white blonde as I can. Personally, I find that the cooler color makes the roots less BAM!HEREAREMYROOTS than the yellower blonde.

And this was the end result:

photo 4

With the right bleach and tone, its really quite easy to get the hair color of the Mother of Dragons! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments! Hope you found this post helpful and don’t be afraid to try something bold… and beautiful!


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