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Hacks! Cheats for Blending

I’ve been asked a lot about how to blend eye shadows, so I came up with some cheats for blending! These are tips that I’ve picked up after lots and lots of practice. So in addition to practicing, you can try these tricks to see if they help you.

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1. After you apply your eye shadow primer, apply a sheer eye shadow with subtle shimmer/glow, such as a sheer iridescent like Fyrinnae Crimson Ghost.

So for example, if I thought I would have trouble with blending a matte orange and a gold, before I applied either shade, I’d apply a sheer white with gold iridescence right where that seam (i.e. where the two colors would meet) would be. Then I’d apply the matte, then I’d apply the metallic. Then I’d blend. 99% of the time I’m blending with the MAC 224.

2. You can also try by applying a buttery matte shade that matches your skintone. Lorac’s baked matte satin in Posh works well on me. Sugarpill Tako works well too. I take a big fluffy brush and apply it very lightly where I know my browbone/crease colors will meet. It’s like it gives the other colors more slip.

3. You can try blending just one direction. In this case, I tend to blend inward and upward. Then apply more color if I think it’s necessary. Yes, it takes longer to blend this way, but it seems to work better. I tend to use the MAC 224 brush for this, or my Urban Decay blending brush.

4. For hooded eyes, applying the shimmer/metallic to the lid and the matte/satin to the crease works pretty well. I’ve mentioned that I enjoy mixing finishes before. I really like how it looks to have a glitter or metallic shade on the lid, a matte/satin in the crease and a pearl on the browbone. I love the glow that some pearl shades give off. I tend to use either the ecoTools highlighter brush or the ecoTools smudge brush for the browbone and blending the browbone and upper crease together.

Some of the best mattes that I have for blending are the MAC Matte2 formula. I really really love this formula. The Sugarpill pressed mattes are great, as are Silk Naturals suedes.

5. If you need to go darker, you can blend along the color seam with a good buttery black matte, or another shade that you feel will be complimentary with the two shades. I really like the results from using a fiber optic pointed crease brush for the seams.

6. Another way I cheat is if I don’ t put the sheer down before the metallic or glittery lid and matte crease, I’ll put the sheer at the seam and blend with it, to ease the transition. I do this at the upper crease/browbone too. Again, the ecoTools smudge brush is great for blending the seam line between the browbone and crease color. That’s my trick for keeping the colors separate, but blended, without going muddy.

What are some of your tricks for blending? What are your favorite tools for blending?


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