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MAC Glitter & Ice

I went to the MAC Glitter & Ice event at International Plaza in Tampa last night. I think it’s the first pre-launch party I’ve been to. The people working at the store were nice, but it was packed. It was actually a little frustrating that it was so crowded, because it made it difficult to look at the products. I only ended up purchasing Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass. It reminded me of Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass, which I love but apparently lost. So I was happy to have a gorgeous replacement for it.

Pleasure Principle has an official description of ‘silver with white pearl’ but to me it’s a sheer silvery white with teal and violet sparks. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

You can see how gorgeous Pleasure Principle looks in its container. It’s got an LE white lid, and it came in a silvery box.

This is Pleasure Principle on my naked lips.

I actually really like how it looks on its own.

(this is me after a day at work, dinner, and the MAC event, without touching up my makeup)

I found the mineralize eye shadows in Fresh Ice and Snow Season to be pretty, but I always end up disappointed with the mineralize eye shadows so I skipped them. I liked Whirls & Twirls (as I like the glaze finish) but I didn’t feel compelled to purchase it. I may need Unconditionally Fabulous nail polish, but I wasn’t sure how close it was to other polishes I have. I couldn’t get ahold of the Glitter & Ice dazzleglass to swatch it to see if I liked it (it was VERY crowded in the store).

Overall, the collection didn’t hold much for me, but I was glad to go to the event and peek at the release. I really love Pleasure Principle and I’m happy I picked it up.

Are you interested in anything from the MAC Glitter & Ice collection? If so, what are you picking up?

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • I ordered Whirls & Twirls lipstick and the Sultry Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette from the Ice Parade collection. They were delivered this morning, and… yeah.

    Not liking Whirls & Twirls at all; need to see if will look better if worn over a stain or maybe a Lip Tar. As for the palette, the colors do not work dry over plain skin. They look patchy and the pigmentation is pretty blah. However, when swatched over Detrivore primer or Pixie Epoxy, the shadows come alive and look really pretty, especially if paired with Dark Diversion Fluidline and My Pretty Zombie’s MDMA Blush.

    • Yeah the eye shadow palettes looked pretty in concept but I saw that the pigmentation was lacking. Really sad over that.

  • hey i like the limited edition lid but thankfully this has already been out in a different collection as i have two princilple pleasure dazzglass already as i love this one so much.. plus i collect them 🙂 so ill get to save my pennies this time

  • Ooh, that lipgloss is SO PRETTY! I think I might have to have that. I’d love to check out the collection, maybe I’ll see it when I’m out shopping with my mom this weekend.

  • The gloss looks lovely but could you please tell me what you are wearing on your eyes? It is a gorgeous combo and incredibly crease-free!

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