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Green Concealers: What You Need to Know!

Green Concealers: What You Need to Know! I’ve included options for every budget with drugstore, indie, and department store choices. There are even vegan options. Learnhow to use green concealers, the best tools, and application methods.

Green Concealers: What You Need to Know!

You asked, here it is – Green Concealers: What You Need to Know! I’ve included options for every budget with drugstore, indie, and department store choices. There are even vegan options too.

Now, you may be asking, do I need green concealer? Well, it depends. If you suffer with redness from rosacea like I do, you may want a green concealer in your makeup bag for bad skin days. Alternatively, you may prefer a good full coverage foundation instead. It’s really up to you. I think that green concealers can be very helpful.

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How to Use Green Concealers

First, don’t make the mistake that I used to make! Don’t use it all over your face. You’ll end up look grey. What you want to do is only use the green color corrector on the areas with the most redness. Less is truly more in this case.

If you’re applying a green color correcting primer, only use the green primer on the areas of your face that have redness. Use your favorite primer everywhere else. This means you’ll end up needing to use less foundation.

If you’re using any other type of green color corrector or green concealer, apply your face primer first. Then spot correct with the green concealer. Use a concealer that matches your skintone on top of the green concealer if you plan on applying a sheer foundation. If you’re going to use a medium to full coverage foundation you can skip that step.

The Best Tools for Green Concealers

There are three options when it comes to applying concealer. For makeup, I find that applying the thinnest layer possible gives me the best results. Using a damp makeup sponge lets me apply my green concealer in a nice thin layer on my face. If you don’t like that, you can use your finger tip to apply and blend it out. I’m also a fan of the Urban Decay Pro Concealer brush for softening the edges of my concealer.

My Green Concealers

Green Concealers: What You Need to Know! Urban Decay Mint and LA Girl Green

Green Concealers: What You Need to Know! Urban Decay Mint and LA Girl Green Swatches
Urban Decay Mint vs. L.A. Girl. Green

Top 10 Green Concealers

Essence Say No to Redness Pencil – $2.99 (.10 oz)
The Essence Say No to Redness concealer pencil has a soft texture that makes it easy to apply and blend.

LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Green – $5 (.28 oz)
The LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Green is hands down the best drugstore concealer that I own. It’s the easiest to apply and blend out. So excited to see that L.A. Girl is now available at Ulta! Pro Conceal Green is my favorite drugstore green concealer option.

Silk Naturals Unblush Green Concealer – $6.50 (10 gram jar)
Silk Naturals Unblush is a green tinted Perfecting Powder that helps to reduce redness and set your makeup. (vegan)

Ulta Green Color Correcting Face Stick – $9 (.09 oz)
The Ulta Green Color Correcting Face Stick is easy to apply with a few swipes and blend out with your finger tips.

Meow Cosmetics Camo Cat Green Corrector – $12.95 (10 gram jar)
How can  you not want something called camo cat on your face? Camo Cats C3 (Color Correcting Concealers) are enriched with pure silk powder. It’s supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties and be soothing on the skin.

Cover FX Green Correct Click Stick – $18 (.20 oz)
The Cover FX Green Correct Click Stick is super easy to apply to neutralize redness. (vegan)

Urban Decay Green Color Correcting Fluid – $28 (.21 oz)
The Urban Decay Green Color Correcting Fluid is a lightweight, comfortable concealer that’s a breeze to apply on the worst of my redness to neutralize it. This is my favorite green concealer. See my review & tutorial on how to use green color corrector. (vegan)

Mineral Fusion Green Primer – $28.99 (1 oz)
Mineral Fusion Color Correcting Primer is meant to neutralize redness, help to even out your skintone, and prep your face for foundation.

BECCA Targeted Colour Corrector Pistachio – $30 (.16 oz)
BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Pistachio claims to neutralize redness in fair to medium skintones. You spot conceal with this on top of primer, under your foundation.

PUR Correcting Primer Redness Reducer – $33 (1 oz)
The PUR Correcting Primer Redness Reducer is supposed to be one of the best redness neutralizers on the market. It’s the one that seems to work for people when everything else fails. I still haven’t had a chance to try it. It does have shea butter in it, which is soothing and hydrating.

Bonus Method

Aromaleigh Gypsophillia Finishing Powder – $14 (20 gram jar)
While not technically green, Aromaleigh Gypsophillia Finishing Powder has yellowish hue that diminishes redness and gives you a subtle radiant glow. This is great to use on top of a more sheer, moisturizing foundation if you only have a little bit of redness peeking through and you want to hide it.

Do you use green concealers? What’s your favorite concealer?

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  • I have a color correcting wheel that I got a few months ago by Wet N Wild but I’m scared to use it…Good to know I should apply primer first. I mainly just want to use the orange or yellow one to cancel out the dark circles under my eyes but sometimes I get blemishes so I could use the green one for that. What are your thoughts on orange or yellow color correctors? Thanks

    • I’ve not really used orange or yellow much. I know salmon (pinky-orange) can work for dark circles under the eyes. Yellow is supposed to be for olive or tan skin to counter undereye dark circles.

  • I’ve tried green concealers so many times and I guess I’m just not that good at it because I always end up green! Haha.

  • Thanks So Much for Sharing These Awesome Tips for Using Green Concealer, I Really Appreciate it! I Feel So Idiotic Sometimes b/c I Have a Concealer Set with a Bunch of Different Colors of Concealers but I Don’t Ever Use it b/c I Don’t Know What Color to Use for What! I Have Such Fair Skin So I Guess I’m Just Scared That I Will Not Know How to Apply the Colored Concealer Correctly! I Do Have a Few Red Areas So I Think I Could Benefit From Trying the Green Concealer So Maybe I Will Try it Out! Well Thanks Again Courtney for Sharing, Have an Awesome Day! – Jana

  • Is there a pro or con on which type to use? I need to get one and didn’t consider the choice between primer or concealer so now I’m stumped which to get

    • I haven’t had a lot of luck with the primers, but other people rave about them. I’ve had the best results with concealers. the 2 I love are the UD and the LA Girl. You can get both of them at Ulta. I think the concealers are easier because you’re in the right mindset that you’re just going to use a little bit of green to correct the redness.

  • This is really helpful. I have tried using green before and didn’t love the outcome but that Aromaleigh powder seems like something I would really like!

    • Yeah it sounds like a great option! I’ve used yellow tinted powders before for the same sort of thing – to try to neutralize the redness.

  • I’ve only used the NYX green concealer & it’s a little tricky to use. A small amount goes a long way & you will need a really good regular concealer to layer on top or you’ll see the green spots…

    • Definitely give either the LA Girl or UD a try, they’re both very easy to work with. You don’t need a regular concealer when using them.

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