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Gothic Style Green Witch Hell Bunny After Death Blouse

Gothic Style Green Witch

Gothic Style Green Witch

I wanted to share my Gothic Style Green Witch Hell Bunny After Death Blouse fashion inspiration with you. I’ve received tons of compliments on the Hell Bunny blouses I’ve been rockin’ lately, so here are all the outfit details you need! This is actually what I wore for Christmas Eve! Hell Bunny says that this top is green, so I considered it festive enough for the holidays. Hell Bunny is such a great brand! They create sophisticated fashion designs with cute, quirky, edgy, gothic style, as well as vintage and retro pieces.

What is Goth?

Need help understanding what is goth? Start with the music. Check out my gothic music playlist. You may find Voltaire’s book, What is Goth? helpful. And there’s always Gothic Charm School! I love Jillian!

Standard Poodles

Nyx the Standard Poodle Phaedra the Standard Poodle

Christmas 2018

You can see both of my girls here 🙂

Modern Goth Witch Fashion

Hell Bunny After Death Blouse Gothic Style Green Witch Modern Goth Witch Outfit Widow Dark Dreaming Mini Backpack Gothic Style Witchy Style Gothic Witch Style Perky Goth Skull Stag Moth Alchemy Blouse Top from Hell Bunny Gothic Witch with her standard poodles Hell Bunny Spin Doctor Alchemy Collection Blouse

Sunglasses – La Femme En Noir Vamp Sunglasses
Top – Hell Bunny After Death Blouse (size L, but I think a M might fit better)
Leggings – Amazon Cemi Ceri Black Plush Velvet Leggings (size M)
Boots – Taos Crave Boots (size 39)
Handbag – Widow Dark Dreaming Mini Backpack (discontinued, similar style, similar style, similar style)
Necklace – Evil Pawn Jewelry Ankh Necklace (discontinued, similar style)
Rings – Amazon Black Ankh Ring (size 8)
Lips – Buxom Shimmer Shock Lipstick in Pyro (my new favorite MLBB)

Taos Crave Boots

What more can I really say about my Taos Crave Boots? You already know that they are ‘the one’ for me. They’re my daily wear boots and they go with everything. They’re so comfortable to wear. Even right now with 2 broken toes they’re still the shoes I prefer to put on. I rave about the boots more in my Girl’s Night Out.

Widow Dark Dreaming Mini Backpack

You already know that I love my Widow Dark Dreaming Mini Backpack and I’m devastated it’s been discontinued because so many of you have reached out to me asking where to get it. My suggestion is to check ebay and poshmark! You may see it pop up there. I wish I could collaborate with a brand to make my own bag like it! You can see more about this handbag in my first Gothic Lookbook.

Amazon Cemi Ceri Black Plush Velvet Leggings

2018 is the year that I ditched my jeans and started living in leggings. I love these black plush velvet leggings because they go with everything! And they’re a steal for the price, only $19.99. I’ve got several pairs in black, because they go with everything, but I also bought a grey and plum, as well.

La Femme En Noir Black Vamp Wing Sunglasses

I adore my La Femme En Noir Black Vamp Wing Sunglasses. They’re a great shape for my face and they look bad ass!

Evil Pawn Jewelry Ankh Necklace

I have always loved ankhs and wearing them. I wanted a really large ankh necklace and saw my friend Dawn wearing it. I bought one of the last ones they had in stock. I did find a similar ankh on Amazon! Amazon is great for accessories like this.

Check out my friend Dawn’s blog, Stygian Siryn. She does gorgeous gothic plus-size fashion.

Amazon Black Ankh Ring

I love having black rings. The Amazon Black Ankh Ring is a nice size and comfortable to wear. It also comes in silver if you prefer.

Buxom Shimmer Shock Lipstick in Pyro

This was a last-minute makeup love of 2018! I bought the Buxom Shimmer Shock Lipstick in Pyro because it looked like it might be the perfect MLBB for me. It’s described as a shimmering light mauve. It really does make my lips look larger and fuller, in my opinion. And I really do think it’s the perfect MLBB for me.

Elomi Sachi Bra

It’s kind of funny, while most people no longer consider me plus size, I still have to buy ‘plus size’ bras. I’m currently 28 inches around my rib cage and 38 inches around the fullest part of my breasts. I did just find what is one of the most comfortable bras for someone my size – 32J / 32GG. It’s the Elomi Sachi Bra. If you are struggling to find bras with large cup sizes and smaller bands, this is a good one.  The Elomi Plunge in 32J / 32GG is also very nice. Read more about bra size changes here!

Hell Bunny After Death Blouse

My Hell Bunny After Death Blouse is part of the Hell Bunny Spin Doctor Alchemy Collection. It’s got a green background (which looks more like a teal blue to me) with a print of skulls, moths, and stags. I love the print so much! Also the black ribbon detailing at the elbows and neck is really cute. The Hell Bunny After Death Blouse is surprisingly soft and comfortable to wear. I normally won’t wear things that are 100% polyester like this but I really adore the print and it’s comfortable against my skin. While I bought a size Large to make sure the top would accommodate my breasts (32J / 32GG currently), I think a Medium would probably fit better. I may see about getting my blouses altered a bit to come in more at the waist for better shaping. The After Death Blouse is a really nice lightweight fabric that makes it ideal for wear nearly year round here in Florida.

I LOVE all of the Hell Bunny blouses I’ve bought so far! I have this After Death Blouse, the Sullen Blouse (which everyone loves & you can see it here), the Death’s Head Blouse, the Spin Doctor Ash Blouse, the Sibyl Blouse (see it here), and the Draco Blouse, which was featured in my Office Professional Gothic Lookbook. Wearing blouses like this is a new thing for me and I love it. I see these blouses as embracing more of a modern goth style.

While I love wearing these blouses with leggings, they really will look nice paired with skirts and other pants if you hate leggings.

What do you think of my Hell Bunny blouse? How would you style it?


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