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Fyrinnae Summer Eyeshadows

Fyrinnae Summer Eyeshadows Review swatches -

Happy Tuesday! Today I’ve got Fyrinnae Summer Eyeshadows swatched and reviewed for you. This is not officially known as a summer collection, I’m just calling it summer since the colors were released during the summer.

Fyrinnae Summer Eyeshadows

I’m trying a new way to swatch. I bought 6 bdellium 777 brushes for swatching. These are swatched on primer.

I feel the need to say that there are pros and cons to loose eyeshadows. What appeals to me about loose eyeshadows are the complexity of colors and the pigmentation. What I dislike is the mess. Yet, I think you’ll rarely be disappointed if you try Fyrinnae’s loose formula as it consistently impresses me and it’s impressed me for years.

Fyrinnae Summer Eyeshadows Review swatches -

Fyrinnae Birb of ParadiseFyrinnae Birb of Paradise swatch Fyrinnae Birb of Paradise swatch

Birb of Paradise
Glowing royal blue tops a velvety deep brown base hue. Shown swatched over regular primer, but over a sticky base the blue will be more prominent and metallic. makes a great liner. Not lip-safe.
My Thoughts
Dark navy blue that shifts to glowing royal blue as I tilt my hand. The base looks like a dark warm charcoal to me. The gold sparkles are from  Luxury.

Fyrinnae LuxuryFyrinnae Luxury swatch Fyrinnae Luxury swatch

Luxury (new, my free sample)
Our brightest, most striking gold. Reflective shimmer creates an almost liquid-sparkle appearance. Outshines all our other golds, and makes a great liner, a bold lid color, or used as an effect highlight over lip gloss.
My Take
Bright metallic gold with subtle bronze undertones and gold sparkle. I LOVE this! This one is so stunning in the jar, too. I highly recommend trying this one out with Pixie Epoxy.

Fyrinnae IllusionaryFyrinnae Illusionary swatch Fyrinnae Illusionary swatch

Designed like our popular Serendipity in order to create a complex look with one shadow, this shade looks drab in the jar but upon application is a glowing pink with a hint of green sparkle, which turns pale gold to golden-green with pink sparkle depending on angle and proximity to light.
My Thoughts
Light glowing pink on a sheer light grey-green base with pink and green sparkle. This one is so pretty and delicate!

Fyrinnae Celestial BeautyFyrinnae Celestial Beauty swatch Fyrinnae-Celestial-Beauty-swatch

Celestial Beauty
A rich blend of shimmering violet and blue is enhanced with a touch of bronze sparkle. Pictures don’t begin to do this shade justice. Not lip-safe.
My Thoughts
A sheer royal blue base with violet iridescence and bronze sparkle. Really pretty. In different light I see pink iridescence.

Fyrinnae IncubusFyrinnae Incubus swatch Fyrinnae Incubus swatch

With a transparent brown base, striking golden-green turns green, to turquoise, to violet. Far more vibrant in person than pictures can capture.
My Thoughts
A midtone brown base with beautiful green iridescence. I see hints of gold too. In different light I see a turquoise shift.

Fyrinnae VesuviusFyrinnae Vesuvius swatchFyrinnae Vesuvius swatch

This shadow is lush purple with a hint of charcoal over a transparent base (which may appear dark gray depending on application). Over a sticky base, the shadow will be a vibrant shade, but looks softer over primer or bare skin.
My Take

This is a gorgeous purple with pink undertones that sort of glows. It has a charcoal base.

Fyrinnae CapybaraFyrinnae Capybara swatchFyrinnae Capybara swatch

This shadow is a muted blend of pink and red hues over a transparent base (which may appear dark gray depending on application). Over a sticky base, the shadow will be a more metallic cool pink.
My Take
This is a burgundy red with pink tones that sort of glows on a charcoal base.

Fyrinnae Volcanic Fyrinnae VolcanicFyrinnae Volcanic swatchFyrinnae Volcanic swatch

Wearing Fyrinnae Volcanic
Wearing Fyrinnae Volcanic

Like our popular Wizardry, this lip color’s highlight changes hue depending on angle and/or light. It is a red lipstick, but with a metallic finish which will appear coppery to gold to greenish-gold as it is closer to light or angled. Away from light or directly, it appears light red to dark pink (unlike our Last Kiss Lip Lustre, which is going to be red with gold shimmer no matter how you look at it). Not an extreme change, but definitely not an ordinary red lipstick. Looks similar to Naughty & Nice in the tube.
My Thoughts
This is a beautiful red. I can see hints of gold with it. I also feel it looks a little coppery-gold from an angle. I love the new packaging!

Fyrinnae Summer Eyeshadows Swatches and Review

Vesuvius – Capybara – Volcanic

Fyrinnae Summer Eyeshadows Swatches and Review

Birb of Paradise – Luxury – Illusionary – Celestial Beauty – Incubus

I’m always excited when Fyrinnae releases new shades. This is no exception.

Birb of Paradise would make for a great liner shade, as well as an accent shade. Luxury would  make for a gorgeous liner, as well as a lid shade and inner lid shade. Illusionary would make a great lid shade or center of lid shade. It would also make a great wash of color. Celestial Beauty would make a great lid shade or inner lid shade. It would be gorgeous to create a gradient with it. Incubus would make a great lid and crease wash, as well as a crease color or lid shade. Vesuvius would make an awesome gradient with Celestial Beauty or a crease shade. Capybara would make a great gradient with Illusionary or a crease shade. Honestly, all of these colors would make awesome lid shades because of their complexity. These are just a few ideas.

How would you wear these new shades? What would you pair them with?

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  • These are all so gorgeous. Birb of Paradise is extraordinary. LOVE. Volcanic looks like an incredible lipstick. Just wow.

  • Thank you so much for these gorgeous swatches! I have drooled over your swatches of Fyrinnae for years, but have somehow never purchased. I am more of a lip person than an eye person when it comes to MU, and I totally am ready to pull the trigger on Isis and Ghostly Voice Lip Lustres (though I wish they still made the sample sizes!) which I originally learned about from swatches on your blog (so again, thank you!!) But what I REALLLLY want is Wizardry Liquid Matte. It has been out of stock for SO long. Do you have any idea if it will ever come back? Best to you and your crew…OXOXO-Amy

  • I was waiting for your swatches! Illusionary really jumps out at me, and I think I’ll have to pick up Volcanic as well. I was worried it might be tad too warm/gold but it’s too lovely to pass up.

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